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Report: Ainge looking to deal pick


According to a source close to Boston Celtics
general manager Danny Ainge, the Celtics have put their first-round
pick in the NBA draft — No. 19 overall — on the market Wednesday,
looking for a suitor.

Ainge hasn't been enamored with anyone at
the spot, according to the source, and is willing to get a return of a
future pick.

The Celtics own the 19th and 52nd picks in
Thursday's draft.

I'd rather the Celtics deal the pick than draft another guy like Giddens. But I was really hoping they could land some young legs

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  • thetitleisours

    Maybe he will get some more second round picks. There is no consensus on late round picks and early second round picks. Depending on the mock many guys are anywhere in that range.
    So the risk factor in moving down may not be all that important, especially if you can gain more picks
    Does this mean a lot of depth, or a lot of mediocrity? I suspect the latter

  • Agreed. They could really use some more speed and explosion off the bench.

  • CoachBo

    I package this thing with the retiring Sheed and see if I can pry Beasley loose in Miami.

  • I like CoachBo’s idea, and no doubt Beasley can ball, but he also seems 1 bad decision away from jail, another rehab or worse. Kid just doesn’t seem mentally stable. (but then again, neither am I) The one kid I haven’t heard mention of here is Dominique Jones. This kid racks of big numbers, plain and simple. He gets buckets. He’s a lefty with an NBA-ready body, NBA range from the 3 and a knack for scoring points. He dropped 47 against Providence, had numerous 20+ games for USF last year. Here’s his profile:

  • thetitleisours

    Would he trade it for Ryan Gomes?

  • CFH

    Can I second the motion for Beasley? A change of scenery might be just the thing for him… his issues seem to come from being very young more than anything else.

  • ducksawce

    Right on the mark CoachBo. Beasley has SUCH an upside…and I think he is one of those guys that needs the right environment (i.e. Boston!) in order to do well. I was glad to read your comments on Celticblog regarding your personal knowledge of him…how do you picture him doing on the Celtics, given the right environment?
    My line of thought (probably similar to yours) is that Beas would fit in well with a Rondo-led Celtic team…very, very well. He’s the exact type of guy that Rondo needs on the fast break…and for the kick out on jump shots.
    I also think it would suit him much better to be almost sort of an apprentice on the Boston bench. He got virtually no guidance in Miami…but a lot of pressure. In Boston, he’ll get guidance and little pressure. Being around KG, Paul, Ray and Rajon will do him well.
    Danny, GO GET THIS GUY! He could prove to be a franchise-type player next to Rondo!

  • CoachBo

    Beasley is a good kid, a little immature and headstrong, and in need of a teammate to kick him in the ass every so often. Sounds an awful lot like KG to me.
    One thing I’m certain of, though, is that he wants to be a star. If Miami’s serious about moving him for cap room, thanks Sheed. Now shut up about retiring until we can send you to Miami.

  • CoachBo

    The idea of putting together a reunion of the 24-win team makes me cringe, frankly. Gomes isn’t going to help us.

  • thetitleisours

    Not even Big Al? But I doubt we would be able to get him back for one pick.

  • G4L

    Beasly really makes no sense right now. Where would he play? He cant play the 4, KG has that for another two years. Big baby is our back up 4 as of now. You could not sign Ray Allen & maybe slide pierce to the 2 & put beasly at the 3 but I’m pretty sure he’s not quick enough to gaurd the 3 & Pierce might not be as quick to gaurd the 2 as well.
    IF you trade Wallace we lose our starting Center (providing he doesn’t retire) for atleast a few months until Perk is back.
    I just dont see this working out Plus like KWAPT said he could go to jail at anytime.

  • I agree with Beasley being a risky take, with a ton of potential. I think that KG and Perk could help focus him… and especially ‘if’ Doc stays that would help. But with Doc in limbo and Beasley’s shaky past I think it’s too much of a risk.

  • Great point.. a ‘tweener’ too big for one position, too small for another, plus he has a history of off court issues, that’s a pass.

  • Yes bantam-Great points. If 'Sheed can be kept in control (for the most part) & Starbury was not an issue, why should Beas be different? But if Doc leaves, it will take an emotional/mental toll on the whole team.

  • Beasley was a head case at KSU.

  • CoachBo

    Chuckle. There’s been a TON of disinformation and ill-informed opinion over at Celtics Blog on the subject of Beasley.
    All I’ll say is that the head case statement would be a terrible shock to Bob Huggins and Frank Martin.
    As for Beasley, you bring him in as a bridge player for the future, to grow up playing the three and four behind Pierce and KG. In a couple of years, once he’s grown up a bit, you’ve got yourself an 18 and 10 player to pair with Rondo.

  • CoachBo

    What exactly are those off-court issues? Care to list them?
    Don’t think you’re going to find anything beyond a hotel room and some weed he wasn’t directly connected to.
    And let’s be honest here: If you want to rule out weed smokers, there would be five people left – in the league.

  • CoachBo

    Here’s a little update from January, which doesn’t take anything beyond substances.

  • All I’ll say is that the head case statement would be a terrible shock to Bob Huggins and Frank Martin.
    I live in Big 12 country (well this used to be big 12 country) and believe me when things were good they were real good when things were bad he was nowhere to be found.
    you bring him in as a bridge player for the future, to grow up playing the three and four behind Pierce and KG. In a couple of years, once he’s grown up a bit, you’ve got yourself an 18 and 10 player to pair with Rondo.
    I don’t disagree that might happen but I miss the days when a Michael Beasley stayed in college and grew up at Kansas State, if he grew up at all, instead of being payed millions while we sit and wait for something that may or may not happen.

  • greenbeand

    take a page from BB and trade the pick for next yr

  • Lakerhater

    I agree with the tweener comment. He’s great in the regular season but as we saw in the first round this year he hasn’t grown into a physical player and folds a bit under pressure. At least not yet. On the other hand, if we manage to keep the big three and Doc he could be a nice compliment off of the bench worth pusuing.

  • One thing is smoking pot, hell it’s decriminalized in Mass, so that would be a good thing for him. I don’t think many have a problem with that.
    It’s a massive error in judgment, and lack of respect of your abilities to do it in a hotel room at your rookie mini-camp, sneak out from the cops, and watch your boys take the fall.
    Then he’s checked himself into rehab in a separate instance and went AWOL.
    Whether or not that’s enough to deter you from signing him to a multi-million dollar contract or not, it’s slightly more than ‘substances’.

  • Yup. If the Big 3 stay together AND Doc comes back, I think it’s a go. Even if Ray leaves and Doc comes back, it’s a go.
    I don’t think the guy should be indicted for life, but a team has to be in a position to work with him to straighten him out. If the C’s are getting used to a new coach and new players, they won’t have the bandwidth to give Beas what he needs.