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Mo Williams begging to stay in Cleveland


From the verified Twitter account of Mo Williams.

I wonder if he'll feel the same way when LeBron signs with New York.

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  • thetitleisours

    What a Mo 😉

  • AMP

    I’m thinking…he’s been “pierced”

  • Ajay Virk

    Listen guys big new rumor on the block that is the hottest rumor on the NBA Block
    Paul Pierce + Pick for Chris Paul would you guys do it?
    Here’s the link

  • rondo-is-love

    LOL, and he’s the one who tweeted on April 4th: “Boston don’t wanna see us though”

  • rondo-is-love

    No! That doesn’t make sense because what do they do with Rondo then?

  • BigMck

    That Pierce for CP3 blog post is a joke. It’s not even a rumor. It’s something the author created.
    It doesn’t make sense on so many levels.

  • Ajay

    Could be a set up trade. New Orleans know’s Paul Pierce wouldn’t stay so Pierce would opt out and come back to Boston who knows maybe for the mid level. And Celtics weakness in the Finals against my Lakers was Rondo’s jump shooting against us. Celtics could address this and have a team of CP3, Paul Pierce, KG and perhaps Ray Allen, & Rondo could be dealt somewhere.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    That trade could actually make sense guys. I know a lot of you might not wanna hear this but think about the possibilities. You get a guy like Chris Paul which then makes Rondo trade bait. You could then look into something like a sign and trade for a guy like Joe Johnson, Dwyane Wade for Rondo and sign back Ray Allen. Then you have:
    CP3, Ray Allen, Joe Johnson, KG, Perk…
    I would give some merit to this because it opens up some options for us as a team to compete for the now as well as the future

  • Double P Reppin the B

    There Is also the possibility for a sign and trade with Rondo and Ray going to Cleveland to bring in Lebron James. There are so many possibilities if you can do this trade I would be so tempted to do it. Gotta make a push for the future of this franchise and Danny IS willing to do it, and why wouldn’t Cleveland want Rondo and Ray when they are tryin dump Mo williams??

  • Kvasek

    I wouldn’t like it at all. If Rondo improves his mid-range jump shoot and FT% he will be the 4th Celtic, who won the 2008 Championship and who is going to the Hall of Fame. He is a potential franchise player. Trading him makes no sense.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    For Chris Paul?? Which gives you an opportunity to get Lebron James??? You wouldn’t take that trade?? It’s a no brainer to me, and I’m sure the same for Danny.
    If Rondo does this, If Rondo does that. We don’t need Ifs

  • Double P Reppin the B

    With an opportunity to play for Doc Rivers who Lebron said he would love to play for, as well as Chris Paul who Lebron said he would love to play with. I think Danny is trying for this

  • Brian Doo, Oliver LaFayette and Kristine Leahy for Williams. Pull the trigger Danny.

  • Lakerhater

    Chris paul is too fragile to trade for rondo. But it is interesting if they throw in James Posey and you utilize Paul as a 2 guard. Don’t know how the money would match up though. God I love being an armchair GM.

  • rav

    No way we part with Kristine Leahy. Brian Doo has sentimental value because of that weird picture where he was stretching Sam Cassell’s thighs

  • That is superb. Not just the joke, but the fact that my humor made sense to anyone. Bravo!