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Ainge: Search for coach could take months

Here are some excerpts (courtesy ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg) of Danny Ainge's interview on WEEI:

Ainge confirmed that Celtics coach Doc
has not made a decision about his future and Ainge is
encouraging him to take as much time as he needs. Ainge expects a
decision to come as early as next week.

"I don't want him to make a decision too soon," he said. "Doc is one
of the great competitors around. [Losing to the Lakers in Game 7 of the
NBA Finals] was really tough, but he sees the bright side of what this
team accomplished and it's more than he probably thought. Still, it's
really hard, a coach invests so much more than the players. … He left
it on the table. He needs some time to get himself right before he even
makes the decision."

"If [Rivers] chooses to move on, I will take a long time to make that
decision," said Ainge, noting he did have people in the back of his mind
who could potentially coach the Green. "I don't think it needs to be
done quickly, it needs to be done right. I'll take months if we need

Months? I was betting Kevin McHale would be hired within 1 hour of Doc's resignation. One thing to keep in mind; the longer a search drags out, the more likely Ainge is to coach himself. Danny also said the Suns have not contacted him regarding their GM position.

Regarding Ray Allen and Paul Pierce:

Ainge suggested bringing back free agent guard Ray
and keeping the nucleus of the Celtics together would be the
ideal path for his team to navigate, particularly after coming up just
short of a world title this past season.

"I think that is the most likely scenario," Ainge said when asked
about re-signing the soon-to-be 35-year-old Allen. "We love Ray. We know
Ray has basketball left in him. We have to make wise financial
decisions knowing that Ray is going to have other options, but also
knowing that Ray has basketball left in him. He's a difference maker in
us winning or losing."

Ainge said he does not think it's a slam dunk that Paul
declines his option to terminate his contract early. He
thinks Pierce could be lured by another team with one final big
contract, but suggested that Pierce's status is at the top of his
priority list — alongside Rivers' future — once the draft is over

My original position on Pierce's contract was that it would be a long shot for him to opt out. Now I'm starting to think it's likely to happen.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Looking up at the picture of Paul above….he’s not turning his back on us…right? Naaah!! No fuckin way. By the by, join the group Re-sign Ray Allen on facebook. It’s the coolest.

  • Thelaker1

    pathetic…….Thats the only word that comes to mind when I see the articles and user comments on this blog. Is this what the celtic fan base has come to, make excuse for why there team lost. They were out played plain and simple, granted it was for only a few minutes and it sucks that those few minutes were at the end of the fourth quarter in game 7 of the finals. Please do yourself a favor quit grasping at 30 to 35 year old straws.Your team is finished as far as title contention for the forseable future.I know it hurts your team is on the way down and the lakers are ojn the way to multipule more titles and yes the odds are they will pass the celtics as most tiles in the nba 17-16 not for long.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    your an idiot. If you don’t like the blog, it’s articles, or it’s inhabitants than shut your mouth and leave. Last I checked this is a CELTIC BLOG. If you don’t want to hear Celtic news and it’s fans views than don’t come here. My god your a moron.

  • Hey he’s one of the smarter ones. Except he meant 17-11 not 17-16. And he left 9-3 out all together. Seriously this one must have an IQ of close to 10.

  • SorryMan

    And you have how many titles in the last twenty years? Go crawl back into your cave of mediocrity for another twenty years of irrelevanct hibernation.

  • SorryMan


  • Joseph

    the NBA says 17-16, so does the rest of the sensible sports world. Only Boston says 17-11 (they are just so afraid when their franchise no longer has the most championships – it’s just a matter of time. The clock is ticking Boston).

  • I agree. The one word that comes to mind is pathetic. How pathetic is it that A LAKERS fan is on a CELTICS website? Why do you care homie? The Lakers win by only what, 3 or 4 points and now they’re nasty? They were taken to game 7 by a fourth seeded Eastern Conference team. If anything, I think it’s still any teams game. I guaranteed after all these teams saw what the Celtics were able to accomplish in this post season, a lot of teams are going to step up. I don’t see the Lakers getting past the First round next season. When other teams watch the film and how easy it was to shut down the FAKERS, it’s a wrap.

  • Shawn-cvd

    I posted a few days ago how Los Angeles doesn’t have (soon to be) 16 banners hanging from the Staples Center rafter. They will only have 12. The 11 won in LA and 5 Minneapolis titles sharing real estate on one banner. The Lakers ownership knows that those belong to the franchise (and therefore some how should be commemorated) but not to the city of LA…
    BTW if the Spurs moved to Hartford, Connecticut you think that on opening day of their first season the citizens there would be thrilled to be four time champions? Now say over the course of thirty years said relocated Spurs franchise won six titles…but 10 titles has a better ring to it yes? It’s a bait and switch as far as I’m concerned…

  • Shawn-cvd

    Reader Schooley gave the most in depth analysis (read and it may not change your mind, but it will give more insight).
    This is a good discussion topic and it’s unfortunate that it has broken down into mudslinging and ad hominem attacks from both sides.
    I’m a Celtics fan from Minnesota, but I would be inclined to agree with prefuse’s title count if it were not for one thing, not even the Lakers franchise itself counted the five Minneapolis titles or honored the Minneapolis HoF’ers until about Y2K (the year Shaq and Kobe appeared on the cover of SI with Mikan wearing MPLS throwback jerseys). They paid no attention at all to Mikan, Kundla, Mikkelsen, et al. until then. Just look at old game film from the 80s and 90s and you will not see a single banner from the Minneapolis era. In fact, the Timberwolves have had a banner honoring the HoF’ers hanging in Target Center much longer than the Lakers have had one in the Forum or Staples Center.
    I’ve never heard nor read an official explanation for the change, but my guess is that it is some combination of the following: 1) Y2K was the 40th anniversary of the franchise moving to L.A. and therefore an appropriate time for a tip of the cap; 2) the NBA began marketing its “Hardwood Classics” line of apparel including the aforementioned MPLS throwbacks as well as versions with the names and numbers of current players (Shaq & Kobe); 3) Lakers/Celtics is a classic rivalry. Adding the five Minneapolis titles to L.A.’s total brought them much closer to Boston’s total of 16 at the time; 4)Phil Jackson was closing in on Red Auerbach’s record of nine titles as a coach, a record he would surpass. Putting that in tandem with the team total made it that much more interesting.
    Do titles and franchise milestones such as retired number move with a team? Maybe sometimes, but not usually. I can tell you for a fact that there isn’t a 1924 World Series trophy (Washington Senators) in the Minnesota Twins front office next to the ones for 1987 and 1991. The 1979 NBA Championship trophy and banner didn’t move to OKC. The North Stars conference championships (’81 and ’91) and retired numbers didn’t move to Dallas. The Saint Louis Hawks’ 1957 NBA Championship was only retroactively recognized in Atlanta when its 50th anniversary rolled around. I’m also fairly certain that the Kings don’t acknowledge anything they did in Rochester, Cincinnati, Omaha or KC.
    You can count them however you like, but you would have a much stronger case if the franchise itself hadn’t ignored the five Minneapolis titles for forty years.

  • Joseph 17-16

    His second paragraph is a complete falsity. The Lakers did in fact give honor the titles from the Minneapolis days (they were NOT ignored as he stated). They have always done so, even in the days when they played at the forum (I should know because I live in L.A. and went to many many games are the forum).
    Face it guys, the Lakers are one title behind, LIVE WITH IT!

  • Crystal

    You people are all hopeless. It’s pointless trying to talk any sense into each other. Face it. Laker fans will always hate Celtics fans and Celtics fans will always hate Laker fans. So why get all worked up for nothing? Save your words. Some of you Celtics fans are making us all look bad by swearing and cursing at Laker fans. Let the Laker fans look like the stupid ones. When it comes to the point where you are calling the opposing side names or when you start cursing at them, you are losing the argument. So just save it. Its one article. No one has to get all worked up for it. Jeesh.
    Now I am a Celtics fan and I have been with them from the start. I may believe with some of the different opinions on how the refs handed the game over to the Lakers in the fourth quarter. And I may believe the Celtics should have won. But its over. Its done and in the past. Instead of sitting around complaining about everything talk about the good things that happened this season or what the future looks like. (This goes for both Laker AND Celtic fans) I mean look at Rajon Rondo and how he shines now. Look at how in two years he went from being the Celtics quiet, passive, new, underdog to being the Celtic’s power and leader. Now he controls the game. When Rondo gets going, the whole team gets going. He isn’t the only one who has improved. Three people who really deserve a lot of credit for getting the celtics to the finals are not Rondo but Perkins, Tony Allen, and Big Baby. Look at the Celtics overall. They came into the playoffs with none of the favor going towards them. They rose and beat the odds, coming together as a team and made it to the FINALS. In doing so they rose and defeated the Cavaliers and the Magic. Even though they technically didn’t win in the finals, they did in my opinion. Teh Lakers always had everything going for them. They won the championship last year, they are starting to accumulate more and more banners, etc. Whereas who would have thought the Celtics would have made it all the way to the NBA Finals? To be honest, I had my doubts. But they did it and they didn’t go down without a fight. In they end, they completed their season as a team. The chemistry is back. The desire, the “want” is back. The fire is burning again. Honestly? I am feeling pretty good about next season.
    Go Celtics!