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This should end some of the conspiracy talk

A lot of people watched Game 7

According to numbers released Tuesday by the Nielson Co., Game 7 of the NBA finals drew an audience of 28.2 million people, ranking it as the most-watched basketball game since Michael Jordan’s last championship-clinching win in 1998.

Not including the Olympics, Thursday’s game between the Celtics and Lakers was the most-watched show on network TV since the finale of the first “Survivor” season in August 2000.

I hope this means people get one thing out of their minds:  The league is not "against" the Boston Celtics.  The Celtics in the Finals means GOOD things for the league.  These massive ratings are the result of two highly popular teams playing in one of the most evenly matched Finals we've seen in a very long time. 

So repeat after me:  the league LIKES when Boston, a big market team, is in the Finals.  It's a good thing for the NBA.  The league is not out to get us.  


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  • BigMck

    Those blockbuster ratings only FUEL the conspiracy theorists, in my opinion.
    While its true, having the Celtics in the Finals is a good thing. This also shows the benefits of extending series.
    Had the officiating been decent in Games 1-3, the Celtics would have likely been up 2-1 and this series never would have sniffed a Game 7.

  • Lakerhater

    Then how do you explain the man on the grassy knoll?
    It’s hard not to believe that the series was not extended, or more to the point encouraged to extend. Just my 2 cents.

  • thetitleisours

    Think of it this way, the Lakers only won by a few points and a wing and a prayer (and a zebra or two).
    We destroyed them in 2008. Our championship is still superior to theirs

  • Pretty soon, there are just going to be robot referees. They will be like terminators with no human feelings. “The call is travelling-step back or you will be vaporized.” The Cyberdyne R-1000. For example, when stopping play to review a call:

  • So 3 Joey Crawfords instead of 1?

  • Champ

    Holy Sh*t, that is just too much right there. Hold on I need to compose myself and clean up my keyboard because I just spit Stone IPA all over it due to the sheer ridiculousness of the above statement.
    O.K. much better…
    Keep thinking that buddy. Whatever you need to say to yourself to keep from jumping off that bridge.
    LAKERS = World Champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • baltimoresbest

    Please excuse my ignorance, but does this stat take the Super Bowl into consideration? I always thought that it had higher ratings.

  • thetitleisours

    What did I say that was not true?
    You barely beat us in 2010 and we creamed you to win the title in 2008.
    Conclusion is we were much better than LA in 2008 and you were equal or slightly better than the Celtics in 2010
    Roll the dice again on the last game and it could easily be the Celtics ring.
    Not ready to do any bridge jumping. When the Big Three were brought together they said they had a two-three year window. They won one during that window. Every other team who brought in aging stars from other teams failed, where we succeeded. That says a lot about the character of these guys, putting team ahead of themselves.
    The challenge now is to try and keep the core, knowing that we need some young legs to start carrying more of the load. I hope guys like RA and PP want to keep things together and will accept a little less $$ to provide a slid bench

  • thetitleisours

    P.S. Just my opinion but I think the last two games did not have enough days in between games for rest. That also could have been the slight difference. Who knows?
    But now time to finish crying in ones beer and move to an exciting off-season to start the whole process over again in hope 2011 will be different.
    “If it’s the ultimate game, how come they’re playing it again next year?” – Duane Thomas

  • greenbeand

    if perk was able t go game 7 we’d be singing a different

  • Scott

    The conspiracy theories weren’t about the Celtics being in the finals…they were about the refs controlling the outcome in that ridiculous 4th quarter. I’m not sure the point of this post.

  • Noooooooooooo….!

  • First off they aren’t conspiracy theories…they are evident truths that games throughout the playoffs were officiated in a disputable manner to increase games and thus ratings.
    The NBA likes Boston in the finals they just don’t like them winning it. There is more money to be made nationally and internationally in Lakers merchandise.
    I’ve lived in Europe and Latin America and I can tell you that Lakers (like the Yankess) are as American as McDonalds and Coca Cola. People want to be cool and and wear apparel and root for teams from the 2 biggest cities in the US representing the 2 most interntionally loved US sports.
    I don’t care, because I prefer it that way…less fair weather fans..and it’s fun to laugh at ignorant haters who think that LA has more than 11 titles.

  • prefuse

    Lakers being the first team in history to come back from a series that is 3-2 is slightly better?

  • prefuse

    “The NBA likes Boston in the finals they just don’t like them winning it” what happened to the 17 champions??? Also, why are you guys so ignorant about L.A. and Minneapolis? OUR team is the L.A. “LAKERS”. Grow the fuck up.

  • Joseph

    “We destroyed them in 2008.” You mean a Laker team without 2 starters? (Cue the mention of Perkins…and when you do that, I’ll cue the mention of the Lakers starting center playing at 50% for the entire series because he needs knee surgery)
    “Our championship is still superior to theirs” HAHA, whatever makes you sleep better at night.
    Your boys are old. Only one championship with three hall of famers???? Another demonstration of Docs inability to coach. A great coach like Phil Jackson, Popavich, Riley, Sloan and they would’ve 3-peated with those guys. But, you Boston guys are content with ONE lowly title in 24 years.

  • Lakerhater

    Why are you here? Why do you care what boston fans think? The finals are over. Congrats. Move on. Agree not to agree. Go back to lakernation and speculate about who you’ll pick up in the draft, free agency, ect. Know when to leave…..

  • Again, LA has won 11, I guess all the California budget cuts have taken away maps from your schools…but let me break down why we own you losers:
    1.Celtics 17 titles – LA Lakers 11 (again, titles from Minnesota don’t count)
    2.Red Sox 7 titles – LA Dodgers 0 (titles from Brooklyn don’t count either…but how are our leftovers? Manny’s looking great!)
    3. Bruins 5 titles – Kings 0 (despite almost a decade with Wayne Gretzky)
    4. Patriots 3 titles – LA___ 0 (you don’t have a team…but USC will be playing glorified exhibition games for the next couple of years…alternatively you could talk Raiders if you want to open that hilarious can of worms)
    …suck on that loser

  • thetitleisours

    And we would have won if we had Perk, using your analogy of missing starters
    Anyway, yes they are old but Boston brought aging stars together and won. Didn’t LA try and do that too (Mailman?) and fail at it?
    Well LA has the advantage of money and the movie pull for players; there is no argument there. Boston has had some very cheap owners in the past and do not discount the death of franchise players and bad lottery draws as well.

  • USC is going to suck for a while as well. That means they’ll go back to getting 10,000 fans who wander in to the coliseum by mistake.

  • According to Laker fan lainok Joseph was on Laker Nation posting a Celtic fan in 2008. So it could be he’s not a genuine Laketard just a lonely troll.

  • PPstillsucks

    LMAAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”we would of wonif we had Perk” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was a good one i laughed quite a bit hahahaha

  • get over it

    You have got to be kidding me… We beat you this year and we’ll tip our hats to 2008. But if you want to call hind sight – we owned the last 10 years of the NBA. Get over it.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have won 5 World Series titles in 50 years. You have to at least remember Gibson. Only the Yankees have more in the last 50 years.
    UCLA Baskebtall is also pretty good. USC Football and UCLA baskebtall are the best of brand.
    Two Summer Olympics, Two World Cup Finals, The Rose Bowl.

  • Sal

    These types of arguments make me cry. Stop it. A douchebag Yankee fan will stumble upon this and go “YEAH? 27 TITLES IN NY BABY, AND DAT’S JUST THE BASEBALL TEAM!” I really don’t know why anybody cares that much how many titles have been won by laundry.
    Here’s an angle on the conspiracy thing that hasn’t been touched yet, aside from the questionable tone of the refereeing: the ESPN announcers were BLATANTLY pro-L.A. JVG, who might be looking for a job, and Mark Jackson, who’s definitely looking for a job. They know as well as we do that Phil Jackson isn’t doing very well and won’t last much longer with the team, and they took every opportunity possible to tout the Lakers during the series. It’s definitely a part of what left a bad taste in the mouths of us Celtics fans.

  • This is the last time I will explain this…the Dodgers have never won a title while residing in LA…the Brooklyn Dodgers however have won 6. The same idea applies to the LA Lakers.
    I am mocking LA professional sports teams by sarcastically pointing out that the closest thing LA has to a pro football team is USC, which is now ineligible for bowl games and may even lose some of its past championships and is therefore irrelevant.
    That being said the Olympics and the world cup have nothing to do with the local college or professional sports teams…pointing out the Rose Bowl and UCLA basketball is irrelevant… I might as well state the obvious and say that New England has better NCCA hockey teams than California.
    Bragging rights is one of the great things about sports, but LA fans coming on here unprovoked and dropping f bomb ridden hate posts are getting old…you won one championship in one sport and you start burning your city…if you wanna talk trash understand that you don’t have much ammo

  • prefuse

    Did you not read my post up there?? Is there a team out there name Los Angeles? Face the fact loser, the Lakers has 16 titles.Now that there’s no more Seattle Super Sonic, Ray points should not be counted. Is that what you’re trying to say dumb shit?? Let me tell you how we owned you losers in basketball in the last 24 years. Boston 1??? Lakers hmmmmmmmm ohh boy.

  • prefuse

    Why do you care if I’m here? You live your life and I’ll live mines. The better question is why are you guys in denial??

  • I take it you didn’t read my post and are therefore most likely a fair weather laker fan…probably from outside of california…
    in Boston the city and the teams are closely linked, and it’s a foreign concept to think of a title from another town being our own…you wouldn’t get that because you idiots clearly eat paint chips

  • Anyone with who is capable of thought should realize that this was weighed against our boys…which I should add, does not make it an excuse…REALLY foul someone like Kobe or Fish, put them on the pine, and the fouls don’t matter, they’ll be too scared to TRY and score…make the fouls COUNT. There is also the fact of all of the late starts…why did the NBA cater to the LA fans? NOOOO…the NBA LOVES the Celtics. Ron Ron’s crazy butt is pulling on Pierce’s sweatband, but Ray Allen gets in foul trouble TWICE? Stern liked an extended series, but not one in which the Mean Green Machine won, again…agh…I need to relax, or punch a Lakers fan.

  • prefuse

    Guess Ray Allen points are now officially erased. Well, according to you that is. The city of L.A. are Lakers fan. Stop being an ignorant little bitch. Its like saying that if your team changes city,then someone says your team has no more titles. Don’t you think that sounds stupid?? Didn’t know the city of Boston are full of ignorant people. Rather have illiterate people then bunch of ignorant people that can’t accept the truth. Small things like that goes a long way in life.

  • haha i see i struck a nerve

  • prefuse

    Obviously. I schooled a scrub.

  • Didn’t know the city of Boston are full of ignorant people. Rather have illiterate people then bunch of ignorant people that can’t accept the truth.
    Now now Pussyfuse don’t sell yourself short. You are both Illiterate and ignorant. As for small things I am sure nobody is more of an expert than you. I mean your brain, your pen… well you know.

  • prefuse

    One typo and I’m illiterate?? “THAN”, are you now happy ?? I’m starting to notice that every time a Boston fan cannot respond to my statement, they go and try to find something from my text and change the subject. Also, you’re telling me not to sell myself short?? I remembered a typo on the shout box that was from you. Contradiction my friend.. contradiction.

  • it’s not a matter of not responding it’s a matter of not wanting to be like a 14 year girl on an instant messanger…to prove my point:
    in Boston the fans and players don’t care about individual accomplishments as much as titles…unlike your rapist…you’re obviously upset at the truth that on the basis of sports teams, your city sucks balls and we own you…
    so as hard as it might be with your head stuck up your ass, navigate your way back to your fakers blog where you obviously use the MLA format to express your resentment of Boston while pretending that Minnesota and California are the same place
    consider yourself enlightened…you can stop responding now, you look like a tool

  • prefuse

    We were talking about titles, how did individual accomplishments came across that little brain of yours? You’re obviously upset of losing to the Lakers. To make yourself feel better and get a good night sleep, you tell yourself, and then openly say that the Lakers only have 11 titles. Also make up excuses about the game being rigged and maybe Perkins injury, am I right?
    Whats with the “Fakers”? Doesn’t make sense at all that you’re saying that, because after you fans chanted MVP to Kobe and that wheelchair incident, how can you say that?? Better to look like a tool THAN be a tool.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The Los Angles Dodgers have won 5. Just look it up dude

  • haha

    LMAO prefuse just owned both PasqualeNap43 and Count hahahha LOL…I like how PasqualeNap43 is ignoring the question of Ray Allen having his points erased LOl…Therefore he has to bring up something nonrelated to the subject saying Kobe’s a Rapist…Is there any evidence that proves Kobe’s a rapist?
    Funny how when Boston Fans cant come up with a good comeback they change the subject to Education.

  • Schooley

    I’ve read all the way down the existing thread. This is a good discussion topic and it’s unfortunate that it has broken down into mudslinging and ad hominem attacks from both sides.
    I’m a Celtics fan from Minnesota, but I would be inclined to agree with prefuse’s title count if it were not for one thing, not even the Lakers franchise itself counted the five Minneapolis titles or honored the Minneapolis HoF’ers until about Y2K (the year Shaq and Kobe appeared on the cover of SI with Mikan wearing MPLS throwback jerseys). They paid no attention at all to Mikan, Kundla, Mikkelsen, et al. until then. Just look at old game film from the 80s and 90s and you will not see a single banner from the Minneapolis era. In fact, the Timberwolves have had a banner honoring the HoF’ers hanging in Target Center much longer than the Lakers have had one in the Forum or Staples Center.
    I’ve never heard nor read an official explanation for the change, but my guess is that it is some combination of the following: 1) Y2K was the 40th anniversary of the franchise moving to L.A. and therfore an appropriate time for a tip of the cap; 2) the NBA began marketing its “Hardwood Classics” line of apparel including the aforementioned MPLS throwbacks as well as versions with the names and numbers of current players (Shaq & Kobe); 3) Lakers/Celtics is a classic rivalry. Adding the five Minneapolis titles to L.A.’s total brought them much closer to Boston’s total of 16 at the time; 4)Phil Jackson was closing in on Red Auerbach’s record of nine titles as a coach, a record he would surpass. Putting that in tandem with the team total made it that much more intereting.
    Do titles and franchise milestones such as retired number move with a team? Maybe sometimes, but not usually. I can tell you for a fact that there isn’t a 1924 World Series trophy (Washington Senators) in the Minnesota Twins front office next to the ones for 1987 and 1991. The 1979 NBA Championship trophy and banner didn’t move to OKC. The North Stars conference championships (’81 and ’91) and retired numbers didn’t move to Dallas. The Saint Louis Hawks’ 1957 NBA Championship was only retroactively recognized in Atlanta when its 50th anniversary rolled around. I’m also fairly certain that the Kings don’t acknowlege anything they did in Rochester, Cincinnati, Omaha or KC.
    You can count them however you like, but you would have a much stronger case if the franchise itself hadn’t ignored the five Minneapolis titles for forty years.

  • Dead on correct.

  • unbiased

    ENOUGH about the refs. a foul is a foul. refs have to call ’em like they see ’em.
    Refs have the best view in the house. i’m sure that if you were up close to the action, you would see that some of the grabbing/leaning/forearm-shoving of this “tough celtics defense” isn’t and shouldn’t be allowed. (‘Sheed, Tony Allen, Big Baby, Rondo were the best celtic defenders whenever they were on the floor. How many times were they in foul trouble? not many)
    when it was good D, it was good D. But when players start reaching and slapping down at the ball, then refs MUST call that. it’s up to the players to adjust, both individually and as a team.

  • unbiased

    personally i think the late starts help the celtics in terms of crowd participation/obnoxious, i.e. homecourt.
    by 9 EST in boston, i’m sure celtics fans were out of work, had enough time to make their way to the garden, AND get liquored up — ALL BEFORE GAME TIME. whereas, 6PST in LA, people usually get off of work at around 5-5:30, get stuck in traffic, and arrive to the game late

  • Joseph

    Joseph is a popular name stupid sh*t.
    It someone tells you that the sky is red, do you always believe it?
    Typical Suckdic fan. No brains

  • Joseph

    PasquealeNap43 – You lost all credability when you stated “the Dodgers have never won a title while residing in LA”. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG.
    The Dodgers moved to Los Angeles in 1958 and they won the World Series in 1961, 1965, 1981 and 1988 – all while residing in Los Angeles. You obviously know nothing of sports and should keep quiet because what you stated was completely inaccurate.
    The NBA acknowledges that the Lakers have 16 championships. I know Boston gets butt hurt when people state this but it is true. In a few years, the Lakers are going to have the most championships and that obviously bothers Boston and the rest of the Suckdic fans. Boston had one great decade – the 60s where there were like 10 teams in the NBA. Since then, the Lakers have been the dominant NBA franchise. This cannot be denied. Live it with Boston Suckdics!

  • I am sorry Joseph. I know it’s not your fault your Mom loved the crack pipe more than you and your Dad was never around.

  • haha i realized it shortly after…but no LA fans corrected me…maybe Atlas did but I didn’t see it til much later…either way that angry capital type and the constant dick references you drop say you’re clearly insecure about allot of things so I won’t argue with you other than to say to get a life. because the world won’t stop revolving because someone misquoted the # of the dodgers titles on a sports blog and some dick finally had the brains to wiki it. as far as the celtics…they are best NBA team ever…including the teams from LA, it’s simple math and simple pride of fact, read what Schooley said…but I’m not gunna go another round repeating myself to you idiots…stop absurdly talking shit or go back to you own sites unless you have something new and relatively intelligent to say about the game of basketball

  • I don’t think these were the stats to find to go against conspiracy theories. Based on conspiracy theories the league wanted this series to come down to seven games and be close in the end. If anything, the huge ratings and viewership for the game prove that David Stern got exactly what he wanted.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Thank you. I posted a few days ago how Los Angeles doesn’t have (soon to be) 16 banners hanging from the Staples Center rafter. They will only have 12. The 11 won in LA and 5 Minneapolis titles sharing real estate on one banner. The Lakers ownership knows that those belong to the franchise (and therefore some howq should be commemorated) but not to the city of LA.
    BTW if the Spurs moved to Hartford, Connecticut you think that on opening day of their first season the citizens there would be thrilled to be four time champions? Now say over the course of thirty years said relocated Spurs franchise won six titles…but 10 titles has a better ring to it yes? It’s a bait and switch as long as I’m concerned…

  • Shawn-cvd

    * as far as I’m concerned

  • Joseph

    And I’m sorry you have that gay looking Count from Sesame street as your icon. Can someone say pedofile?

  • Joseph

    You obviously know very little, if anything, about sports, and to state something as absurd as the Dodgers never having won a title while in L.A. demonstrates three things
    1) You like to state things as fact before looking them. Research, ever hear of it
    2) You don’t own a TV. How many times has MLB showed Kirk Gibson hitting that World Series home run for the Dodgers in 1988 in Game 1?
    3) Any opinions and/or fact you state about sports should ALWAYS be questioned. Again, you apparently know every little.
    And to state no L.A. fans called out this fact prior to myself, is WRONG!!! You just didn’t listen to them.
    Lastly, to comment on your ridiculous comment “as far as the celtics…they are best NBA team ever”
    In the 60s, they were the best team. A whole decade of dominance (and neither of us were probably born), and that can’t be denied. However, in the modern era (the past 30 years), the Lakers have consistently dominated the NBA – 10 championships since 1980 (10 championships over 30 years – 1/3 of all titles), compared to Boston with only 4. These are FACTS that can’t be denied and refuted. So the proper statement is, Boston used to be best team in the NBA, that is until the rise of the Lakers dominance. It’s just a matter of time before the Lakers have the most championships (tick tock, tick tock, tick tock)
    Enjoy your summer Suckdic fan!!

  • Man get a life…I honestly didn’t read much of what you said because I scrolled down and saw more CAPS and dick references…get a girlfriend…or a boy friend if that’s your thing, which I’m thinking it is because you love to talk about sucking dick…anyone who cares that much to talk more none-sense days later is incredibly insecure…you must be a high school internet hero with some other deep issues or something…be happy with your 11th title and come back down to earth tough guy

  • Joseph

    You just can’t get anything right. It’s #16. Can’t you count. I am happy with OUR 16th title. Don’t they teach math in that pathetic city of Boston.