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Sixers, Nets might want some veal


Via Yahoo! Sports:

The Nets and Philadelphia 76ers are expected to have interest in Boston Celtics free agent Brian Scalabrine.
The reserve forward prefers to re-sign with the Celtics, but it’s
unclear if they’ll make him an offer.

Looks like LeBron James isn't the only free agent in demand.

As for Scalabrine returning to Boston, he's worth a one-year veteran minimum contract, isn't he?

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  • CFH

    Can there be a reality show where all the teams who want Scal romance him?
    Seriously, yes, Scal staying for the minimum would be good. Not many players have the personality to sit at the end of the bench and never whine, and then be ready to contribute in an emergency while never screwing up.

  • DiP

    No he is not worth any amount of money. I have seen enough bounce passes out of bounds for 6 lifetimes.
    I’ve been waiting for his contact to expire since the first time I saw him take the floor.

  • Dying laughing at the Lebron line.

  • DiP

    I don’t understand why people say he never screws up. Between hitting his head on the floor and throwing the ball out of bounds he doesn’t have time to do anything else.

  • CFH

    OK, “never” is too much to ask from anyone. Rarely, then.
    Look at the way he conducted himself in the Finals versus Williams (who I also want to keep… there just aren’t a lot of big men lying around).
    He doesn’t make mistakes from panic, laziness, or showing off. That’s not what you get from your average 13th man.

  • Lakerhater

    F#ck yes keep scally!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Sure, I’d keep Scal for the Vet min.

  • greenbeand

    the scal ship has sailed

  • For pure entertainment, ball busting practice, and the occasional stand-in starter to keep the bench in rhythm, Scal is the man. Vet min.

  • yes absolutely keep him, that shouldnt even be a question
    are we really gonna get someone with scals versatility and knowledge of our system with the vets minimum? hell no
    scal brings a ton to our team than just being the goofy white guy on the bench, and because he is the goofy white guy on the end of our bench most fans dont realize that

  • Uncle Leo

    There’s another Brian Scalabrine in the league?

  • Lee in Oregon

    The beloved Scal is perhaps Aimge’s worst FA signing while in Boston. I dont see any versatility there other than he can’t shoot, drive, or defend anyone. I’ve been waiting for this contract to expire since halfway through his first year, which seems like forever. Seriously, Sheed gave us more in the single month he actually tried than Scal brought in 5 years.
    Having said all that, I like him in the room, and would welcome him back for a year at the vet-min., where he can spend most of the year on the inactive roster.

  • mrchumpy