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Mannix dropping bombs on Doc & Ray

He was on WEEI's D&C earlier today… and he says Doc is probably gone.

 “I’ve talked to a few coaching friends of Doc in the last 72 hours, and
every one of them, the consensus is that he’s probably going to walk
away,” Mannix said. “For all the reasons that he enumerated, there’s
nothing remotely surprising about it. They feel like it’s time, they
feel like it makes sense. He’s taken the team or the team has gone as a
current group as far as they possibly can go and now is a great
situation to leave.”

Then he drops this bomb on us:

I think Vinny Del Negro is a name we’re going to hear a lot of. He’s got
a good relationship with Danny and kind of has that head coaching
experience that Danny’s looking for. I don’t think that Vinny is as
personable as Doc, I don’t think he relates to players as Doc. … I think
if the interview process gets drawn out, I think a guy like Sam
Mitchell’s name is going to pop up on the radar. Sam, remember, is a
former Coach of the Year in Toronto. A bit of an abrasive coach at
times, didn’t always play well with others, if you will, but he does
have a good reputation as far as getting the most out of players. One
thing not to forget, Sam Mitchell has maybe the best relationship with
Kevin Garnett of anybody in the NBA. … So I think that’s a distinct
possibility as a coaching candidate down the road.

Shoot me.  Shoot me now.  

Doc… PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEEEE come back.  I'm beggin.  Look at me, I'm on my knees here.  Don't give us these guys.  

In other notes, he says he doesn't see Danny Ainge or Paul Pierce leaving town. 

And then another BOMB from Mannix on Ray Allen 

He’s going to be looking for an astronomical deal when he comes out of
this thing. … I’ll throw a number at you guys and it’s going to sound
ludicrous, but it’s what a GM told me right before the start of the
finals, that Ray Allen was going to start by asking for a five-year, $75
million deal. How ridiculous does that sound? … I think it’s going to
have to start at $10 million per year over three years. I think that’s
the bare minimum that you’re going to have to pay to keep Ray Allen.

3 years, $30 mil. is a bit much, but still on the high end of palatable. 5 years $75 is out of the question.  I'm sorry… if Ray's looking for that kind of cash, then he can keep on looking.  

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ugh…these are some stinky bombs.

  • thetitleisours

    I think it is time for the big three to realize that unless they take a paycut, DA is not going to be able to surround them with talent. They cannot carry the team anymore
    If RA wants that then I would say thank you and goodbye

  • Orb

    Vinny! Springfield, Mass, represent! Having said that, NOOOOOO!
    How about Cousy? He’s been hanging around a lot, loves Rondo, vets like him. He could do two years until Doc doesn’t want to hang out with his kids anymore.

  • If Doc is done and Allen is asking that kind of money then it is in the best interest of the Celtics to rebuild. As much as it pains me to say that…

  • John

    If Doc was going to pull this nonsense, couldn’t he have told Tibs to hang around?
    Please tell me we’re not seriously looking at a downgrade from the Doc-Thibs tagteam to Vinny Del Negro (VINNY DEL NEGRO!) in a single offseason?
    Vinny could have the ghosts of John Wooden and Red Auerbach on his bench, and I’d still immediately call for him to be fired. Ugh.

  • Alex

    If this ever happens, I will just say this.
    R.I.P Boston Celtics

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ray has a “better chance of seeing God” than he does of getting 5 years at 75 mil. If he doesnt want to sign for 2-3 years at something well under 10 mil., then good luck to him in his next city, after Danny works a sign & trade.
    Can u imagine how Rondo would feel if Ray gets 3x what he makes?
    Of course losing Ray leaves them without any real shooters.

  • Cousy is 80-something.

  • Orb

    Right, change Cousy to Cowens and pretend I’m not an idiot.
    I thought of it when he gave out the Eastern Conference trophy, he loves this team. Cousy could do the press conferences.

  • Lakerhater

    Vinny Del Negro? Whose next Jeff van dummy? Hubie Brown? PJ Carlisiemo? Paul Westphall?
    Given these names I think I could live with McHale easier.

  • larry

    geez, i figured we couldn’t give away ray allen right now.!definitely not worth that kind of money.!we have to face it guy’s..we knew this day was comming..

  • CFH

    I certainly hope this is mostly posturing, because the alternative is that all of these experts/agents/general managers are delusional.
    No, Ray is not worth 5/75. Not even close.
    He’s also still extremely valuable to a contender, so he’s not going to play for the minimum, or even mid-level.
    And Vinny Del Negro? Really? The number one thing anyone trying to coach this team needs is the ability to handle a group of strong/stubborn personalities.

  • Travis

    With the money these other teams have to throw around… Ray could get 5/75 from one of them. Ray is an amazing shooter. He usually goes into some sort of slump for a while, it’s happened every year in. This season it didn’t happen until the finals, unfortunately. I’d hate to see Ray go, but the only thing that will keep him here is if he really wants to stay. For that to happen I’m guessing we’re going to need Doc, and everyone else back… but who knows.

  • I don’t think VDN impressed anyone with his coaching stint in Chicago.
    It would be a huge gamble to bring him in. Ownership and Ainge would be skewered for turning this team over to an unproven guy.

  • Cliff Kensington

    That contract demand would go completely against what Ray has been saying. He’s been talking all year about how he’s willing to accept a smaller role and come off the bench. I think Ray is intelligent enough to not have really been saying “I’ll come off the bench as long as you guys pay me like a franchise player.” That doesn’t sound like him.

  • river

    is mannix just completely making things up? or are these sources making things up? the first bit about doc leaving would be a heartbreaker, but he’s talking about the consensus of *other coaches*. so what? then, the bit about vinny is just hard to believe, and harder to stomach. do we really think danny is going to hire vinny to run this team of veteran superstars? or build a new team of youngsters. they’d listen to him why? then, to top it off, he tells us ray is going to ask for a 5-year deal? really? after everything ray has said about staying in boston, and giving pretty clear signals that the money isn’t the thing? sorry, i’m not buying.

  • Brian

    None of this is happening. If Doc leaves, which is likely, Danny isn’t going to bring in anyone that doesn’t get at least indifference from the Big 3 or 2. The only way a ‘player friendly’ coach isn’t going to be named (McHale, Armon) is if Ray leaves for someone throwing stupid $$ at him, Pierce opts out & then leaves, which would almost necessitate the C’s trying to unload KG to get out from under that 2yrs $40+ mill left and reload with younger guys around Rondo/Perk/Baby/TA core.
    Then I could see a Sam Mitchell being placed in charge.

  • realtalk

    Pierce have to opt, and ray should take 3 years 15 millions and coming off the bench. maybe bring a younger joe johnson here or somebody else to be the starter. sheed should retire, garnett should get a pay cut. and lets hope doc comes back. Danny ainge have to bring in a solid scorer and a big rebounder for next season. that’s the only way this is going to work, or were in big trouble.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    Del Negro stinks. And Mitchell shouldn’t be legally
    allowed to call himself “coach”. I just hope those are just rumours.

  • Scott

    I wouldn’t even want to pay Ray $30 mill over 3 years. Give him MLE money.

  • realtalk

    lol lol