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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s get back to business

Pierce and ray
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The team has scheduled a meeting with Pierce’s representatives
following the draft. Though it’s unclear whether it will involve a
restructuring of Pierce’s deal, which has two years remaining, or even
an extension, his camp hasn’t sent a proposal or a plan to management.

The looming free agency of Ray Allen will take longer.

Celtics general manager Danny
and Allen’s agent, Lon Babby, have yet to meet regarding
the veteran guard’s status.

Though both sides want to keep Allen in green, management is said to
be concerned about the length of his next contract demand.

One league official recently placed Allen’s value on the wildly
competitive free agent market at approximately mid-level exception
range, or about $5.6 million. This takes into account the number of
premium players who will be contending for max contract money, the
number of second-tier free agents and even some thought to be max-level
honing in on Rajon
money, or roughly $11 million per season.

Herald: For Celtics, its back to business

That's less than I thought for Ray.  But like we've found out in recent off-seasons with people like Glen Davis, it's not just about what you're worth… it also about what the market will bear. 

It's like the old cliche goes… you're worth whatever someone is willing to pay you.  You can look at what someone like Brian Scalabrine has been making and say "he's not worth that"… but someone gave him that money so in a way… he is.

So when it comes to Ray in this market with wild money being thrown around to a lot of guys… there might not be much left for him when it's his turn to sign somewhere.  Who knows if this will turn into another James Posey situation where someone looking for his skill set will overpay for way too long and force Danny to lay down his cards in a "too rich for my blood" moment.  The "Is Ray Allen the missing piece" stories are already being written in other NBA cities.  But right now, the price seems right.

As for Pierce… he and Doc are the absolute wild cards in all of this.  Either can completely change everything with his decision.  If there's a way that Paul can opt out and take less money per year but extend his deal to beyond $21 million over the next few years, then that changes the salary cap situation significantly. 

On Page 2: Praising Scal

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

He made $ 3.4 million this past season, and he won’t be seeing that kind
of dough again — if he stays in the league. Basketball people know
he’s more than the fans’ mascot. Said one opposing coach, “He is what he is, but he moves his feet and he stays in front of guys
so they have to shoot over him. That sounds so simple, but I’ve been
trying all year to get my clowns to do that.”

Herald: Celtics roster work cut out

That quote is awesome.  I'd kill to find out who said that. 

But he's right.  Scal isnt' going to kill you on the floor.  Yeah, people will joke, but Scal does little things right and he keeps things moving.  In a game where one bad player can derail things, Scal gives you a few minutes here and there that won't kill you. 

I wouldn't be shocked if they brought Scal back as a minimum wage guy to fill out the roster.  Why would he go anywhere else?  When I was in town watching Game 7, the bar ERUPTED when Scal checked in.  Scal belongs here.

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  • CFH

    Wow, mid-level for Ray? Weren’t last insider estimates of what he would get 2 or 3 times that?
    If he’s only mid-level, maybe the Celtics don’t need to worry about making his contract expire alongside the other old guys and they can give him the extra time he’s expected to want. That salary wouldn’t hurt the cap much, and he’s a good personality to have around your young talent even if he’s mostly outlived his usefulness as a player by the time the contract expires.

  • Orb

    I think Scal should be a player/assistant coach. That’s pretty much what he was this season anyway, and it would give us an awesome story line to follow.
    Also, any word on Perk’s recovery time? I was hoping he’d have time over the summer to work on some sort of offensive moves. You know, where he’d put the ball all the way through the rim so that it would drop through the net and count for two points. Just like I assume/hope that Rondo’s shooting free throws right now.


    As much as I like Ray. its time to find some younger legs.
    I don’t understand how but he is wildly inconsistent in the playoffs with his shooting. He played great D, but as one the best shooters ever, you can’t be missing your jumper for 4 games in the finals.
    its very odd how he does that.
    Its is nice to have automatic free throws at the end of games. Also, we have avoided his injury for 3 seasons, not sure how long that will last.
    its a TOUGH call

  • fiorelladad

    You keep Ray for MLE money but have him come from the bench while trying to sign Joe Johnson at the 2. I don’t know how that translates in the cap lingo but if Pierce can rearrange his contract for less money I think it could happen.

  • realtalk

    please danny let scal go. the guy is a waste.

  • Thanks for the link-up fellas’

  • Murphy writes that Pierce has two years left on his contract. That isn’t true. He’s on the books for next year at $21.4 million.
    Where is Murphy getting the two years?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Very highly doubt Ray won’t command more than a MLE type deal on the market. Remains to be seen but I would be VERY surprised if he doesn’t get an offer in the 8-9 mil range for 3 years.