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The case for one more run

By far the biggest story line of the past few days is the possible implosion of this Celtics team. 

But I just don't see it.  I don't see how it makes sense. 

Next season, the C's have Rondo, Baby, Perk, Sheed, KG and Pierce under contract (if Pierce doesn't opt out) for a total of $63.3 million. 

Let's get the Pierce "opt out" thing out of our heads.  While it's possible the Celtics can pull some salary cap trickery, that's $21 million there for Pierce.  I admit I'm no expert on the cap tricks that can be played… but I don't see many players passing up that kind of cash.

Even if Sheed retires, that brings the C's down to right around the top of the salary cap… not nearly enough to make any significant additions.

If you can convince Doc Rivers to give it one more go, then it makes the most sense to give this team one last roll of the dice. 

Use your Bird rights to re-sign Ray to a palatable deal… bring Tony Allen back since he's finally accepted who he is… and even give Nate Robinson a chance to be part of this for a full season.  Use your mid-level to go after a guy like (here we go) Matt Barnes or Brendan Haywood (or both, if you can split the money the right way).  And then use veteran minimum and rookie scale salaries to fill out the roster. 

The Celtics were a couple of rebounds or a couple of missed shots from being champs.  To so cavalierly say its time to blow the team up is wrong.  You need to bring the right pieces in… and you need to limit the Big 3 more than you have in the past.  But with the right mix of complimentary pieces, you can make one more run.

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  • I totally agree with this. Just get everyone to the postseason healthy, just like last year… and if everyone plays the same hellacious defense like this postseason (along with Doc back)… then they can make one more run at a title.
    If they keep the same core, it’d be foolish to count Boston out of a title. Kinda like how most people did this season.

  • Amy

    I agree with all of this but I just don’t see Doc Rivers coming back (I hope I’m wrong)

  • Filipe

    We can’t resign Nate because we don’t own his Bird rights. Guys that sign one year deals like him lose Bird rights when traded.

  • Filipe

    I’d resign Ray. I’d actually overpay him so he agrees to a 2 yr deal. Most teans will offer Ray 3-4 years in the 6-7m range, I’d say offer him 9-10m in a 2 yr contract. So he expires together with KG and if things don’t workout next year he is a huge EC on year 2.

  • in my opinion the biggest salary cap danny might be able to pull this summer comes into play only if sheed decides to retire
    if sheed does indeed retire before he makes it “official” the celtics could use his 6 mil as an expiring contract via trade
    this could be huge: some options ive come up with that make sense to me would be:
    1. Trade Sheed and Big Baby to New York for David Lee and the knicks 2nd rounder
    2. Trade Sheed and the 19th pick to the Hornets for Posey and the 11th pick
    3. Trade Sheed to miami for Beasley and dequan cook
    4. Sheed to milwaukee for the 15th pick, and take back gadzurichs deal which has 1 year left on it
    5. Sheed to denver for JR Smith
    6. Sheed to Washington or the Clippers in s&t for mike miller or travis outlaw
    7. sheed to charlotte for tyson chandler
    8. Sheed and baby to chicago for hinrich and the 17th pick
    9. this one would be interesting: Sheed and Perkins to minny for Al Jefferson

  • james

    Completely agree. I hate to say it because there is a certain poster here that will never EVER shut the hell up about it, but matt barnes is an awesome fit with this team if they can get him. If you bring back paul, ray, tony, a backup pg, add matt barnes, another big, and get SOMETHING out of the draft, they’re in decent shape. Big 3 should go out together in 2 years, and this team has to be rondo’s right now, but there’s no reason they cant put in another decent playoff run.

  • Bill

    Udonis Haslem!

  • Joseph


  • can we ban nick from talking about matt barnes?
    if not im petitioning that he must change his name from nick to nick barnes

  • greenbeand

    – All set with T Allen, Sheed (retiring), Sheldon, Finley, Scal, and Quis.
    – NR @ 2 yrs= 5 mill
    – RA @ 3 yrs= 25 mill
    – PP and Doc can ask for w/e they want
    – draft aggressive
    – resign baby with short money/long term
    – sign mid level Big
    – and sign 2 scrappy wing players

  • james

    i second that signing…damn, completely forgot about him..rebounding MACHINE

  • booyaka

    blow up the team and start over…because it’s gonna be another 20 years before anything happens.
    Last 30 years of championships Lakers/Celtics:
    Lakers = 10 (five in the last 20)
    Celtics = 4 (one in the last 20)
    History shows Celtics take forever to rebuild so might as well start now…

  • Minderbinder

    Maybe the Celtics took forever to rebuild because they had a second overall draft pick die before he played a game then their best player died a couple of years later. If Kobe had died in 1996 I think it might have taken a little longer for the Lakers to rebuild.

  • nick

    Ya sure, I won’t talk about a guy who boxes out and hits 3’s and plays D off the bench…ALL THINGS THAT QUEEZY doesn’t do so w.e…If you guys wana know how to get over the hump next year then listen up and I’ll hit you with some knowledge…Bring back the starting 5. Sign Travis Outlaw and Brendan Haywood to be what Sheed and Queezy never were. That gives you a top 8 with Baby, Outlaw, and Haywood off the Bench..Then Draft Solomon Alabi from Florida State and train him under Perk K.G and Haywood along with Clifford ray as a robotic killer whose sole mission is to destroy Gasol and Bynum by any means necessary. Ya there have been plenty of 7 foot African busts such as Yinka Dare and Saer Sene, but if we could turn this kid into a Mutumbo type player than thats awesome. then keep replace T.A with Matt Barnes whos a known commodity. I’de then let Lil nate walk and get Earl Watson to be rondo’s backup.. done

  • Yappa

    It’s fun to dream isn’t it?

  • rob

    seriously? kobe dieing? yea i know the loss is hard but come on seesh.

  • booyaka

    I love reggie lewis, but he wasn’t a franchise player….and that’s pretty low to involve death in this conversation.
    and if you want to involve DRAFT PICKS, celtics had 20 years to get a decent draft pick aisde from fat man pierce…how about some smart trades and some smart hiring of coaches. Antoine Walker was really “the guy” to get your over that hump…gimme a break….
    2 deaths in the past 20 years does not equal 20 19 yrs of failures.

  • booyaka

    no comment about len bias …

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Besides the Matt Barnes mention, this was a great write-up that I fully back up.

  • BishopNelson

    Amen. The “blow it up” impulse is just petulance. You don’t “blow up” a team that was four points from an NBA championship.
    Do you know how hard it is to get to the NBA Finals? How many franchises have never done it ever, let alone twice in three years? How hard it is to assemble the right mix of talent (three future HOF’s and an All-Star) to be in position to win an NBA title?
    Saying you’d blow up this team is like saying you’d turn down a guaranteed $50,000 in exchange for a Powerball ticket.

  • Jon with no H

    Sheed has 2 years left. I’m not sure what you mean by if he “retires before making it official”. He just doesn’t play but doesn’t officially retire? He’s still not an expiring contract until next year. If he does retire, he’s still owed the money. They would certainly work out a buy out but at that point he’s bought out and not an expiring contract. Unless you view guys with an extra year after the current one as “expiring contracts”, I don’t follow you. Good ideas though.

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    I dont think he was saying he wanted Kobe to die, he was just implying on the bad luck the Celts went to in the late 80’s early 90’s. Take it easy!!!
    We do not need to blow up anything the team we have is just fine with just a few tweaks the Celtics will be right back in the CF.
    Trust in Danny he is not going to let this team start over after almost winning it all again.

  • you know im just kidding man, we all love having your enthusiasm around,i do think the nick barnes thing would be kind of appropriate though since thats what your kind of known for around here
    i cant say i really disagree with you though,except maybe that im not crazy about switching out nate for watson

  • his money does not count against the cap if he retires, thus if he decides to retire we can trade him before he officially retires as an expiring contract

  • Scott

    Not saying we should blow up the team at all, but I think everyone is overlooking the affect another year will have on the legs of KG, Ray, Paul, and Sheed (if he doesn’t retire). They are getting old, and they showed it in the playoffs.

  • booyaka

    yes, they are a hard nose team and they are ready to compete with anyone in the league. being the eastern conference does help their aging bodies since the east coast is very top heavy on talented teams.
    don’t have to completely blow up the entire team, but you have to start thinking “rebuild.” You don’t want to rebuild if you don’t have any tradeable assets. Rando can be a potential franchise guy if he can develop a consistent mid range shot.
    In any case, the time to start to make some change or some mix up is now especially with so many question marks. if they don’t, they might end up the next San Antonio Spurs.


    How?? They nearly won!!!!!

  • Filipe

    #3 is actually very believable.
    #8 is actually doable but I’d ask for the Bobcats pick the Bulls got in the Tyrus Thomas trade (it’s heavyly protected and it will likely gonna take 3-4 years to collect only the Bobcats are a near sure bet to be picking at worse in the top 10 by then).
    Another potential deals:
    – Sheed to Portland for Rudy Fernandez and filler.
    – Sheed to Phoenix for Leandro Barbosa and a #1 (it might seem like a weird deal but the Suns are the team that traded 2 #1s to Seatle just to dump Kurt Thomas, robert Sarver is cheap enough to waste a #1 like that). It gives us 3pt shooting and a partner for Rondo to run and that pick might be a lottery one.

  • Lakerhater

    I like #2, but I don’t see Hornets going for it.

  • aaron

    maybe you should do some research. reggie lewis, was, in fact a franchise player. although only making one all star appearance, the league was RICH with talent at the 2 guard/small forward spot.
    his career averages for the 5 seasons (he didnt play much his rookie year) were pretty darn good and he was REALLY coming into his own before he died (best statistical season)
    PPG 20.8
    Rebounds per game 4.3
    Assists per game 3.7
    Steals Per game 1.5
    BPG 1.0
    keep in mind, he was being deferential to bird. when bird retired, it was HIS team.
    so say what you want, it impacted us for years. then you add IDIOTS like rick pitino throwing away good players and ML Carr running the freaking franchise in the ground….
    that is what happened.
    now we have danny, and we have a LEGIT Top 15 point guard of all time (yes rondo IS that good), if perkins can get his head out of his ass and learn a couple of post moves, baby will continue to mature, tony allen hopefully wont turn into Mr. Hyde next season, and you sign a couple of decent veterans.
    I am all for trading sheed, and i am sure people are going to flip out— but also Garnett. He actually improved his trade value and there is a nice expiring contract there. it would mean a three team trade and i wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a team try to dump a big salary (like vince carter on the magic) to another team who is looking to sell tickets (vince always draws crowds) and the C’s give up Garnett, pick up a 2nd round pick and two serviceable bench guys….