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Your Morning Dump… Speculation and more speculation

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But before they can even begin to fathom the details, the Celtics had
to make one huge decision: Do they keep it together or do they blow it

They have decided on the former, according to sources. From that, the
map becomes more clear. The Celtics will try to add to their core with a
mid-level exception free agent and a draft pick, and trades will be
explored, as well.

There is growing confidence that Rivers will stay on and complete his

Herald – Celtics of future could look familar

If you trust the sources of Steve Bulpett, Doc Rivers will be back and the Celtics will reload rather than rebuild. Provided they get the right pieces to supplement the core, I am perfectly fine with that decision.

The future of Doc Rivers will likely be the first question answered.

Paul Pierce comes next, as he needs to decide by June 30th if he will opt-out.

The Celtics will want a definitive answer about retirement from Rasheed Wallace before the free-agency period begins July 1.

Ray and Tony Allen are the team's key free agents. The team owns their Bird Rights which means they can go over the salary cap to resign them.

On Page 2, a quick look at the Celtics salaries and salary cap situation.

Paul Pierce – $21.5 million

Kevin Garnett – $18.8 million

Rajon Rondo – $9 million

Rasheed Wallace – $6.3 million

Kendrick Perkins – $4.9 million

Glen Davis – $3.3 million

Total – $63.8 million

Hoops World

With just six players under contract, the Celtics are already over the cap (in the $58 million range). If they can sign Ray and TA to reasonable contracts ($12 million combined?), that will put them at $75 million and 8 players. Remember, they can go over the cap with those signings because of the Bird Rights rule. If they don't want Ray and TA, there is the option of a sign-and-trade… I think.

Left at their disposal are the mid-level ($5.8 million), the bi-annual ($2 million), and the rookie scale contract for the 1st round pick… which brings the total to 11 players.  

In the end, the owners will probably spend what they spent this season – $84 million. The key contracts will be the MLE, bi-annual and the rookie (#19). Danny Ainge cannot afford to miss on any of these signings.

If Sheed retires, the Celtics will not gain an extra MLE, according to
Chris Forsberg
. If Pierce opts out, then ignore everything you just read because that changes the game significantly.

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  • Kvasek

    I truly hope they will actually give it one last go. This team is great, with some reasonable additions and good draft pick they can be outstanding.
    Oh, the draft pick. Make no mistake, it is extremely important that they make a good decision. I mean, Rondo was picked at #21. Even last year there were some interesting players drafted below #19. Darren Collinson, Omir Cassipi, Taj Gibson, Jonas Jerebko or Marcus Thorton.

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    It has no sense to blow it up right now. The team has to be rebuilt after the lockout season.

  • andrew nelson

    I will be glad if they truly do decide to keep it together. Re-sign ray and TA. Then get a Martell Webster type young back up for Pierce and Ray Allen. Maybe resign Nate for the bi annual. Then get a Channing Frye for the mid level??? to back up PErk and KG that is if sheed retires. Go C’s

  • Ez

    I was just curious if Pierce opts out and Sheed retires then before we sign anyone we would be about 20 million under the cap. In such a situation wouldn’t we be able to sign a top flight free agent and with the birds rights to guys like pierce and the allens just resign them to more reasonable contracts if they agreed to it?

  • andrew nelson

    that would be cool……that sounds like it might work EZ. i just wanted to say we should get mike miller with either our bi annual if he wants a ring and does not care about money or our mid level if he wants money. he would be a great bench option to give pierce and allen breathers.

  • greenbeand

    sheed and TA are gone- everyone else returns and reloads for next year. clearly another center is needed

  • CFH

    If Pierce opts out, his salary slot isn’t automatically freed up. To get all that space the Celtics have to renounce his Bird rights… meaning that he would have to take mid-level money to stay.

  • BRADinLA

    I would say that we need another big man even if Perk WASN’T injured. I mean, if we’re going to set our sights on the Lakers again then we obviously need something to combat their length. They won ONLY because of their 7 footers getting so many offensive rebounds.

  • Kvasek

    True, another big man is essential. A very good rebounder, to be specific. Perk and KG are all right, but Perk is kind of 7 RPG guy and KG can’t get 10 RPG as he used to. If he could get even 8-9 instead of 3 in Game 7 things could have turned out differently.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’m diggin on this speculation. Keep it together!!!!

  • Off topic R.I.P. Manute Bol.

  • paulpiercegotstabbed11timesinhisowncity

    Off topic R.I.P. your team.
    but really, R.I.P. Manute, great philanthropist, great person.

  • Alex

    Very classy, Laker fan. Especially with that name. Pathetic.
    It’s times like this where I can’t believe God himself allowed the Lakers to win the championship to spoil these pathetic fans.

  • Joseph

    Back on Topic…
    RIP Boston Suckdics. It will be a long time before you win another championship.
    P.S. Big 3 = BUST

  • I dunno what this has to do with anything now but I thought several times during the finals “Wouldn’t it have been nice to be able to throw in Bill Walker to reacquaint himself with Ron Artest?” I kinda hope LBJ goes to the knicks just so they would be nice enough to let us have Walker back..

  • CFH

    Things I learned from Lakers fans:
    A young man getting assaulted and almost stabbed to death is funny.
    A man just entering middle age dying a painful death after devoting most of his life/money to trying to give humanitarian aid to his torn country is cause to make dick jokes.
    Sounds about right.
    This really is part of why losing was so awful. At least the Phoenix Suns and their fans really would have appreciated a title, instead of seeing it as an opportunity to continue to make fun of things like the attack on Pierce and Bol’s death.

  • eh…this finals loss doesnt get any easier, and winning it all next year with the same cast wouldnt get any easier either, as a matter of fact it wont happen. we all love our guys, but its pretty much time to start the rebuilding process, and if u can somehow do that and still contend next year, that would be the best way to go

  • Bill walker wouldnt have sniffed a minute in the finals, or the playoffs for that matter.
    In a hypothetical dream green dream land, maybe…but as it turns out Nate accounted for a couple big wins

  • Lol…what makes the big 3 a bust?
    And some lakers fans really are flat out morons.
    We took you to a game 7 and were within 5 pts of winning it all.
    Yeah they suck

  • Lakers fans = scared shitless all Finals series, including game 7 when we were up double digits
    They were shitting themselves, tears were probably starting to form.
    Yet they come out now and say we suck… grow up and realize it was quite the clash and the C’s didnt suck whatsoever…ignorant talk

  • In Bill Walker, we had a guy who was 10 years younger that PP and played the same position and wasn’t a defensive liability and has a great attitude about the game. In his last 2 months with the Knicks (I know, the knicks…) He avg about 30 mins a game, avg over 13 points, shot over 50%, hit 44% 3s, and committed less than 1 turnover per game.
    He may never make the all-star team, but he definitely deserved more playing time than what Doc doled out to him.

  • Im aware of what he did with the Knicks, but that doesnt really change the fact that he didnt and wouldnt have sniffed the floor for us in the playoffs…although I dont disagree he shouldve had more of a shot here, especially considering the way they walked through the regular season, why not?

  • Dead on. I hope douche-bags like Inverse read this.