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Your Morning Dump… Where that might have been it for Sheed

Sheed and doc

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“You know, I don’t know if Rasheed will ever play again,” Rivers said.
“You know, he’s one of them. I think he took that out on the floor with
him. I think he is thinking about retiring, and I thought you could see
that in his play. He was dying out there. When he got the cramps and the
strains, he was just trying to figure out a way of staying on the

WEEI: Doc: Sheed thinking about retiring

As Celtics coach Doc
sat at the podium suggesting Rasheed
might have played his final game of his career on Thursday,
the 15-year veteran stood outside the locker room of the game officials
trying to talk to a group which has been intertwined with much of his

It wasn't clear if he was trying to discuss the calls that
went against Boston in its Game 7 loss to the Lakers in the NBA Finals
or just say goodbye to a couple of veteran officials.

Wallace exited the Boston locker room before it opened to the media and
navigated his way toward the team bus before diverting to the official's
locker room nearby. He managed to open the door and talk with an
unidentified person behind the door, before arena and NBA security
ushered him back out.

Wallace stuck his head into the locker room and appeared to say, "Danny,
I just want to talk," possibly to referee Danny Crawford, but quickly
got removed from the room.  

ESPN Boston: Wallace heads to refs locker room

Say what you want about Sheed and his attitude… he's a proud guy.  His basketball value system might be different than yours… but he has one.  And he sticks by it.  

So when the injuries and fatigue set in and he couldn't do what he had done to start the game, it probably sealed the decision he'd been contemplating for a while.

Yeah, you'd probably be justified in saying "you know, Sheed, if you'd put in a little more effort a little earlier in the season, you might have been in good enough shape to avoid those nagging injuries and make it through a spot start."  But that's how Sheed has rolled for years.  And now he can't even do it that way anymore.

They say you should never believe a player right after the season ends.  But I think this is it for Sheed.  It's like an elephant walking off to die.  It just knows… and so does Sheed.  If his demeanor really is what these guys says it was… then he knows.

On Page 2, A couple other guys who could also be out the door

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

As he has maintained throughout the playoffs, Doc Rivers will take some
time to make a decision about his future. "It's just a tough decision,"
he said outside the Celtics locker room. "I'm just going to get away."

WEEI: Rivers on future:  Tough decision

"I'll deal with that when the times comes, but it's obvious that I don't
want to be anywhere else," said Allen, who labored through 3-of-14
shooting, while scoring 13 points in 45 minutes of action.

…"I'd like to be here," Allen said in February. "There's no reason to
be any other place. I'd love to retire with this organization. [But]
that's up to the team. I want to be here. This team has proven over the
decades to be a winner, one of the best in sports, and that's what this
organization plans to do. I'm committed to it."

ESPN Boston: Uncertain future

This was a tough regular season for Doc, but they all are for NBA coaches.  I'm still trying to figure out if getting the band back together will keep him here or have no effect. 

I wouldn't be shocked if Danny Ainge waits to get word on Doc before deciding what to do with the rest of the team.  If the C's are going to go with one more year of this plan… filling in the gaps around the Big 3 with mid-level and minimum wage guys… then Doc's the perfect coach for that because he knows the personnel. 

But if Doc decides to go, then will the C's really give this another run with the current group?  Is it worth it to a new coach to try to do this with all these personalities?

People don't give Doc the credit he deserves… but he's on a par with Phil Jackson and Joe Torre as great coaches/managers with managing egos.  Doc might not be the right guy for a younger team… but he's perfect for this one.

So if Doc says he's done, then Danny might not waste the year.  He might just start blowing it up now… letting Ray go, dangling Pierce as trade bait for a younger team that could use a veteran leader (ugh, the thought of it makes me sick)… and using KG as that kind of guy as the C's re-tool their roster and give Rondo the team.

Right now, the morning after, I'm an emotional mess.  I want these guys to give it another go because I like them.  I think they've got another run in them with the right pieces around them.  They came this close… why not give it one more go?

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  • SydneyCeltic

    I haven’t had a chance to sleep since the game. I’m still this awful, emotional wreck. I am absolutely dreading waking up tomorrow morning and that instant when it all comes rushing back and I remember…
    I want this group to try again. With some significant changes in the background. I want Doc for another year, but I can understand him wanting to be with his family. I love this team and the idea of seeing PP, or Ray, or KG, or anyone really, in another uniform is enough to make me sick. I’m hoping Danny doesn’t make too many decisions that break my heart in the off season.
    Celtics for life – That’s never going to change, no matter what happens.

  • As badly as I want Doc to come back, it’s a tough argument to be with his kids.
    But what about another ring? If they want one, bringing the team back next year with a few different parts is the best chance at this stage, who knows what happens in FA. At this moment, bringing back this squad is their best chance.
    I agree that Doc is one of the best, by a LONG shot. Even if they hadn’t won a title in ’08 I’d still say that.
    Unfortunately this is the lull, where we are stuck with the pain for a while until any news of any significance comes out.. and chances are we aren’t going to like it. We will always love the C’s, and this season was a rough one. The playoffs came and we really fell in love with this squad. I hope Wyc and Danny are fired up as hell. Get prepped for a long off-season, it’s going to be a tough one early.

  • I, for one, don’t want a another run by these guys.
    If we are going to have a veteran team, part of what we are signing up for is execution and composure down the stretch. We didn’t have any of that this year – the team that showed up in game 6 and game 7 was the same team that limped into the post-season. On the biggest stage, they crumbled…and badly so. I expect that from 22yr olds where they can learn from that and move on…when it happens to 35yr olds, it is different.
    You also sign up for the fact that with the age, we had less of a chance of winning with every year that went by. It is time now to rebuild in whatever way we can.

  • short-term you are right…next two years our best chance is to keep the team we have now. But I rather that we start thinking medium to long-term and try for a team that are built around younger guys that can get to the finals in 3-4 years and stay at that level for many years to come

  • NineSevenEight

    Excruciating regular season. Exhilarating post season. Amazing hearts, though. Right down to the wire like it should have been. The Green left everything they had out on the court and I can’t be mad at that. I’ll definitely never forget the way they silenced so many people and made good on their word that they would “flip the switch.” Unfortunately, last night the light dimmed out.
    I don’t pin this loss on anyone in particular. They won and lost games together. They gave up their traditional roles at times for the betterment of the team. That’s all you can ask for as a fan.
    I don’t know what happens in the off season; not really looking forward to losing some key veterans despite what happened last night. This team will always have my heart. They accomplished the goal that they sought as individuals and have a championship to show for it. Just hope that they surround Rondo with some great pieces since he’s now the face of the franchise.
    The beat will go on…

  • G4L

    I’m not sure what I want right now! But what ever it is I’m ready for next season!

  • CFH

    Most of us are emotionally/mentally wrecked after last night, and we weren’t the ones playing. So even though Sheed marches to the beat of his own drummer, I don’t credit what he said five minutes after something so completely brutal when he was in all kinds of pain.
    Even though I realize that if anyone would abruptly announce retirement and mean it, it would be Sheed, he’s gonna need to wait a week and say it again before I believe him.
    The rest? I can’t even go there right now.
    Thanks for the great Celtics coverage this season.

  • mr.laker19

    Celtics played a great series cant lie. Im a big Lakers fan and I can honestly say that was the hardest game to watch of my life. It was stressful. All respect for Pierce, Garnett, Allen, Rondo, Sheed, Perkins, and the rest, even though they are arrogant ass holes… oh yea and there fans are GAY! lol LETS GO LAKESHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • We are already rebuilding. We have a dynamite PG, a tough defending C, and an energy bench guy we’ve picked up through drafting. The next step would be to ‘add some key veterans around them and chase a title’.
    So I’m not sure what folks think when talk about rebuilding.. you mean add different veterans?

  • Man the thought of losing any of
    the big 3 sucks but I don’t think I could deal with Pierce playing in any other uniform. That thought alone (especially right now) is WAY too much.

  • I cant speak for everybody else, but what I mean by rebuilding is clearing cap space for 2011 (not resigning Ray and hoping Sheed retires) and trading for younger talent if possible, which to be honest would be very hard given that we dont have the pieces needed

  • Orb

    What are the contract/salary cap ramifications if Sheed pulls a PJ and comes out of “retirement” in March next year? He pretty much took the regular season off last year.

  • thetitleisours

    Other than (maybe) Orton, the draft does not have any big men that could help us.
    Might as well find a replacement for RA
    Damion James?
    James Anderson?

  • James

    I’m sorry to get this started today, but I find it interesting that the refs “let both teams play” until about midway through the 3rd. I’ve been a huge nba fan since I was probably about 8, and I’ve gotten into arguments with friends, family about the nba being rigged. I always said there was no way that it could possibly be THAT set up.
    That said, what happened last night was the most blatant example of a fix i’ve ever seen. Yes, the offensive rebounds killed the c’s, but the fact is they were still up double digits midway through the 3rd. Then it started. Out of bounds off rasheed, even though his arms were down and pau gasol CLEARLY jumped up and tapped it. The and 1 Pau had on glen davis where he not only traveled, but baby was about a foot away with his arms straight in the air, no contact. Paul Pierce got absolutely hammered trying to take it to the basket a few times, by like 3 different lakers. Garnett got his forearm smacked by pau gasol going for a layup. There’s most likely others that i’m not thinking of.
    This is ridiculous and flat out sad for the celtics. This team was doubted all throughout the playoffs, and in my mind they are the champs. They won that game. This is likely ray’s last celtic game, rasheed’s last game period (he played his ass off and he deserved that title).
    But this is the harders for paul pierce. 12 years with this team, he may not be back(i think he stays, but you never know). He went out there, rebounded, hustled, made some big shots, played some CRAZY defense last night, and in the end he had his 2nd title and likely 2nd finals mvp stolen from him. Pathetic.
    This is the first time in my life i’ve actually considered switching strictly to college basketball. I’m sure i’ll be back because i love this team and always will, win or lose, but eventually the nba is going to lose fans because of bullsh*t like this. And before you lakers fans kill me, congrats, ron artest played a great game, and pau gasol is an amazing player (i thought he easily earned the mvp, but his jersey doesnt sell like kobe’s)and i know you’ll bring up past c’s games where they’ve had an advantage, but I DONT WANT ONE! I’ve said in past celtics wins that the officiating sucked, and they got lucky and won.
    Bottom line: the best point i can make about the state of nba officiating is that, in other sports, people dont even really know who the refs are. in the nba, they’re way too much a part of the game.

  • Stagnant Offense

    I, too, am an emotional wreck right now, but I take solace in the fact that Lakers fans are grammatically limited.
    What to do, what to do? After reading these posts and looking at the possible free agents, I think we should resign Ray at a low cost (he’s clearly not as effective as he could be), Pierce should opt out, but then we can resign him for 4 years at less than what he makes now (he’ll retire a Celtic and be secure, and everyone will be happy), resign TA (hate to say it, but he’s a great playoff defender), and get the best surgeon in the world to work on Perk. Then we’d have some space to pick up some young talent…we’re not getting Lebron or Wade or anything, but we could get a young, good player. Most importantly, we need defenders, and we need some size in the middle. We need a lot, actually, but when looking at other teams, we’re still one of the top teams in the league. I think they have one more run in them. I’d be interested to see if we resign Nate and get him a chance to really learn our system.

  • James

    I think TA earned his spot on the redsarmy banner, man…

  • I am from Orlando and i read this morning that Doc’s son Austin Rivers made the under 18 USA Basketball team. Not looking good for us.

  • I agree with you, you’ve said just about everything I wanted to. Lakers won, good for them, but they weren’t playing great because the Celtics had them playing their style of high energy defense instead of high energy offense.
    But mainly last night showed that no matter how hard you play,it doesn’t matter in the end. I love this team, they fought til the end but it didnt matter because the refs decided to call it close late in the third and then decided to call primaraly for LA in the 4th…disgusting…I won’t get into the obvious details but we all saw things like this coming after Orlando handed out two concussions and Rondo got a tech for calmly talking to an official.
    So I don’t know how I’ll be able to deal with next year, the league officials clearly don’t have much respect for Boston and unfortunately that now matters in NBA basketball. Maybe a young superstar with more market value will change that, but I think these guys have another run in them, it just pisses me of to think of the bs they will go through this summer with a possible dismantling.

  • If they deal Pierce or dangle him around for a possible deal I’d be upset. And I at least hope to see them try to keep Ray, even not as a starter, which I think he’d go for, what sucks is that you need a name that sells jerseys to get calls (or to not get bs calls against you) and the big three aren’t as popular throughout the country and especially around the world. (probably because their numbers aren’t ridiculous because they play as a team)
    This team proved in every single round of the playoffs that a single superstar won’t beat a sound team. I include last night in that because they did a good job on Kobe until the guys in gray started handing out free shoots.
    So I think this team has another run in it but the NBA might not and what sucks is that you can only play against your opponent and the refs for so long.

  • I never thought I would ever get choked up reading an article about Rasheed Wallace, but you have done it…..

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Thank you guys, this is the best non-porn site on the net.
    #1 Try to get Ray on the cheap, but either way, get one of these all-star free agents. The money will be there if Ray doesn’t resign.
    #2 RONDO, want another ring? GET A JUMPER!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I have never felt so emotionally invested in a single team before in my life. It wasn’t just the agony of defeat in game 7 but knowing what else was at stake with this team that I have completely grown to love. All the ups and downs and tough times in this season I wanted this for the guys in green more than anything and coming so close and basically having the game stolen from you in the 4th is SO hard to swallow. I don’t want to even begin to think about blowing this whole team up now, I mean they were in Game 7 of the NBA Finals for a reason. You don’t get their if your not damn good.
    Danny made a great point last night in his post game interview where he said you really don’t want to make any decisions for at least a week or so give yourself time so you don’t overreact and make poor decisions. We all are down and out this morning and that is not when you want to make crucial decisions for a franchise.

  • FrankF

    What Rondo really needs is a back up PG so he doesn’t have to play 40 mins. a game all year long.

  • Lakerhater

    Your right about rebuilding. This isn’t the end as far as I’m concerned just the end of Quis (Thank god), Scally (tear to my eye) Sheed (it was fun you crazy b#stard) Nate (time to cash in) Sheldon (we shoulda got your wife instead), Re tool and do it again! Yeah it hurts today but the rapist will fade and probably end up like OJ in the end. Danny has some work to do but he’s one of the best and I gotta believe it ain’t over just yet.

  • Lakerhater

    Quincy Pondexter. Are you listening Danny? Quincy Pondexter


    Agreed about Doc – I used to think he was clueless never taking advantage of individual matchups as much as he could. Turns out he was right funnily enough and I’m still a teacher not a coach!!
    I really hope he returns. I’ve hardly double guessed anything he’s done the last 3 rounds. He is pure quality and I’d have him over Jackson 7 days outa 7.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Best. Post. Ever.