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Lawrence Frank to C’s??

(NSFW language in clip)

Via SI… hat tip: Celtics Blog

Things don't have to change. Rivers could be back. Top assistant Tom
, who will be on the Bulls' sideline next season, will
need to be replaced, but there is growing support within the
organization for the candidacy of ex-Nets coach
Lawrence Frank, a
Thibodeau-like workaholic who is respected by both Rivers and Celtics
general manager
Danny Ainge, to fill his seat on the bench.

Could be one of those good, short term moves for the C's and for Frank.  The C's get a capable assistant who will bust his ass for the team.  Frank gets back into the ranks and, if he's an assistant under Doc, essentially auditions for the head coaching job when Doc does leave.  And if the C's have another successful season, everyone rises with them and he could get consideration elsewhere if the Celtics aren't interested.

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  • james

    i like. wish thibs waited for one more year to leave.
    on a seperate note, just did todays poll and most people think rebounding was why we lost.
    whilst i do agree that we were poor at rebounding last night, with perks out what can we expect, we were always going to get outrebounded last night, and sure it was a big factor, but i think that ray’s poor shooting (as much as i love the guy) was equally if not more to blame. you cant say that if ray hit 2 or 3 huge threes in those last four or five mins it wouldnt have deflated the staples crowd and made things a lot harder for the lakers.
    cant believe we let it go, i hope danny keeps everyone together for one more year, i think we’ve still got one more solid run in us before we start to fall apart.

  • greenbeand

    hmm. not a bad belly filler. i got a feeling doc has grown tired of coaching and wants a GM position

  • nick

    Find a way to get Monta Ellis and pair him with Rondo. I dont care how just do itt. We would be unguardable, they complement each other so well.

  • lol you got owned


    by 4 points in game 7? Keep coming back!! You’re quality.
    If Doc goes I wouldn’t be adverse to Franks or JVG…similar defensive coaches…

  • Would like this move, and honestly, thibodeau as a brilliant assistant coach but a slight change of perspective in the system wouldnt hurt, and Frank is a great coach himself