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A Thank You to our readers

We would just like to take a moment to say thanks to all of you who continue to read Red's Army every day.  It's been a long, tough season with a lot of ups and downs and a lot of disagreements along the way.  But in the end, we're all Celtics fans (well, most of us.  I'm looking at you, trolls) and we're all hoping for the same thing.

This has been our best year yet, with more than two million hits to the site over the course of the season.  That's a mind blowing number, and we appreciate that.  It has made things like trips and sponsorships possible… so we thank you for that.

We are going to continue to try to get bigger and better.  Yes, we will continue to pursue sponsors and partnerships… but we'll do it all with you guys in mind.  The whole goal is to make this site better for you guys.

And be sure to stick with us this summer because this will be a busy one.  We're not taking time off from the site.  Any time the C's make a move, we'll be there to tell you about it.

Keep your heads up, Celtics fans.  We came up short, and that really sucks.  But our team did a lot to be proud of.  Thanks to them, and you, for a great season.

John  & Chuck

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  • Bill

    No Thank You!

  • Mike O

    Thanks guys for a really great site. I check it every day multiple times because im as huge a celts nut and you guys are. This site has really helped me pass the time by at work and school and i appreciate it. Not only the postings, but also the prizes. i won tickets to the rockets game thru you guys and i wanted to thank you again for that. Keep up the good work, and by the way I am devastated and gonna block this from my mind for a few weeks

  • Lorilei

    I’m a Celtics fan living in Hawaii so it’s nice to come here & read the updates. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in. (:

  • SydneyCeltic

    Thank you guys. For all your effort and hard work. Don’t know where I’d be without this place keeping me on an even keel.
    Still haven’t slept yet. Am afraid of that moment when I wake up and rememeber everything. 🙁

  • Phil

    Thanks guys – you do an incredible job- really enjoy your take on everything and all the coverage you provide. Been enjoying it all season.
    Hard to believe the Celts made it as far as they did (I pretty much gave up hope after that Wizards game where they were down 47-19). But they showed a huge amount of heart- it’s just so disappointing to know they did everything they needed to do on defense and just couldn’t hit a few shots to win it all. Tough to take, but it is what it is. Thanks again.

  • thank you guys….I love the site its crazy, it fun, its REAL CELTIC TALK….also thanks to you guys i went to charlotte bobcats game early in the year…..WHATEVER happens from this point in the summer with the celts who knows, BUT IT WAS AN UNEXPLAINABLE, UNFORGETABLE year WOW!! I LOVE THE CELTS FROM THE HEART…..and if it is rebuilding time I WILL NEVER FORGET how the BIG THREE made me feel when they played basketball

  • thetitleisours

    This is ALWAYS the first place I go for Celtics news, because you guys keep it entertaining as well. Perfect blend.
    No time to rest, draft is coming up, right? I need to forget the pain so will concentrate on the off-season moves
    Step one: Draft Anderson, James or Orton

  • NineSevenEight

    Thanks for everything. Look forward to what’s to come however scary it may be.

  • Tim (FD)


  • hey guys thanks for all of your efforts throughout this whole season. last night was absolutely painful. The celtics went through so much fought through more adversity than the lakers. but give credits where its due. the lakers have a lot of talent in gasol. who is probably the best big man in the league right now. Hopefully Yao comes back next year
    Gosh i had nightmares twice and the image of kobe bryant running down the court celebrating’s stuck in my mind. Been sick and still am since watching htat game…it was just so close and everything this year…
    Been checking Redsarmy everyday since last summer where we got so pumped when we got ‘sheed. and signed ‘quis and williams. Primed for a run for the championship. Then when the season started, paul pierce’s speech and the promo video where he said it feels like someone broke into our house and took something from us and we want it back. absolutely destoryed the bobcats and played a great stretch of basketball until Christmas..
    those of us who had faith believed so much in this team and the Celtics playoff run is one of the ages. we’ve come so close i seriously couldn’t even entertain the thought of them losing to the LAKERS in game 7. especially it seems that this is our last window before retooling with ray being a free agent among other superstars that may change the power rankings of the league for years… but we lost. i dont know what will hpapen next year but this is heart breaking after a tough and epic season.
    i dont know how much refs have to do with the celtics losing the series, but no excuses for ray allen after his game two performance. huge chokejob. giving kobe three free thorws in the fourth! seriously… maybe its time to let him go.
    my respect for sheed rocketed after last night he played hard and played smart and he really wanted it. Poor perk
    Rondo’s been my favorite palying since his rookie year. he’s the most entertaining pg to watch. but if he’s gotta to improve his outside shooting and freethrows if he’s gonna take over this teams in the future. the lakers would just foul him and force him to take jumpers. i hate to say this but until then he’s not gonna superior than williams or paul.
    will continue to check redsarmy for the insights and analysis. thank you guys and heres to hope we add a few good pieces and contend again next year!

  • You guys do a great job here, much better than the typical sports media outlets that are so absurdly negative towards the home teams. (Is that just a Boston thing?)
    But hats off to you guys, you do a great job of being a site for real fans while never being seriously bias. The site is a great resource, particularly for fans who aren’t around Boston because you give the real story and real insight.
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be checking in with redsarmy for all my off season news.

  • Alex

    Thank you for all the Celtics news you’ve provided us for these past years. It’s greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.
    I am still teary eyed from this loss. So damn close… Anyways, I’m going to chill with my friends today and hopefully they cheer me up. haha.
    Take care everyone.

  • Frank K

    Thank you for this great website! This is a place I check in daily for news about the Celtics.
    This season is full of surprise, ups and downs. I’m proud of the Celtics!
    So will TA be put on the banner in the coming days? He should be honoured for his effort this season.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Thank you! and remember that the real Celtic fans are going nowhere. I am still going to come to this site every day like I usually do to hear any news on my beloved Celtics. Thanks for all the hard work!!

  • Yes… Yes… thanks for the reminder.
    Tony Allen will be added to the banner. Of course, In a few months I’ll have to do a new one since half those guys might be gone.

  • Thanks John & Chuck and all the other contributors and commenters. Looking forward to seeing T.A. aka Gucci up on that banner.

  • Amy

    Thanks so much for always posting in the morning so I can read on the way to work. It’s funny because this season was lots of ups and downs and even though at times, I wanted to kill the Celtics for not rebounding or losing yet another game in the 4th quarter, at the end of the season, I can say they tried the hardest they could and it just wasn’t good enough this year but they will be back.
    Can we start draft and free agent talk? I miss basketball already but I’m sure you guys will have entries daily to ease that pain and for that I said, “Thank You”

  • Shawna

    You guys are truly the best, you have no idea…I’m here all day every single day because I absolutely love it here. Thanks to YOU!!

  • ThatGuyOverTheOcean

    WE have to thank you! You guys are always the best.
    Geez, it seems yesterday when I first read this blog and it’s now… three years I guess, time runs fast…

  • This is the best Celtics blog. No offense to other Celtics blogs.

  • Danno

    It is. Hands down.

  • It would be even better if they took out the trash 🙂

  • Rush

    thank you for all the hard work of going through tons of articles and finding the right one. i find your blogs a great read and get a crack at the funny pics.
    best part is interacting and reading views of my brothers-at-arms…and the usual “ in 4-5-6-7″ morons.
    in return, i let other celts fans know about this site in my part of the world, whenever i can.
    Red’s Army ALWAYS completes my day!

  • I would also like to add my grateful thanks to RedsArmy…this is the best oasis of NBA sanity, full of basketball-savvy people, on the ‘net. Celtics fans always manage that perfect combination of both having the highest basketball IQ’s out there, and being the most passionate fans for our boys in Green. I look forward – as much as possible after such a loss – to news from the C’s, and I know it will come from this site…which I check several times a day.

  • Lakerhater

    Thanks for everthing you guys do Redsarmy. After the game I refused to watch or hear any sports news until I had a chance to log on here and get real perspective. Which you guys are great for not only in the season, but this is THE source for all things Celtic in the off season. Keep doing what you do, because there is no other site that even comes close.
    PS: a special thank you to BigMck for the Laker Riots post today, its been therepeutic beating the sh*t out of Laker Trolls. God bless you and go Celtics in 2011!

  • this was my first season as a red’s army reader but it won’t be my last…you guys are great and i really enjoyed the jokes, the analysis, the sarcasm, and everything else you two provided.

  • 17>11

    Thank you. I live in LA so this blog is like taking my meds. I have to read before i get out the door every morning and face laker fans.

  • 17>11

    Thank you. I live in LA so this blog is like taking my meds. I have to read before i get out the door every morning and face laker fans.

  • Robby C

    Thank you John and Chuck (and Mr. TripleDouble)! This is not only the best Celtics blog I have found, but my favorite website period. I’ve been coming to this site since before the big three era because back then there wasn’t much else out there for Celtics news and you guys were able to bring it all to me every day. It was a nice break from all of the Red Sox news that dominates the other Bosotn sports blogs and newspapers (I’m not much of a baseball fan). Its been great to see this site mature over the years, gather more readers and get real sponsorships. The discussions in the comments are just as good to read as the posts sometimes. Thanks again and despite last nights loss, I was surprisingly not in a terrible mood today because I knew we played our asses off last night and didn’t leave anything on the floor (unlike game 6) and for me that made it easier to deal with.
    PS – You guys should try to get that pick up game going organized again like you tried to do a while back

  • james

    im a little late to the party but thanks for making the best c’s blog out there…this is always the first place i go when i get online.