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A pick-me-up, courtesy of Doc Funk

RedsArmyAdmin June 18, 2010 Uncategorized 7 Comments

Kg people

Sheed retire

Just two of the always hysterical captions from the genius that is Doc Funk.  Head on over to the Game 7 recap and have a good laugh… cuz we all know we need it.

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f5cd064970c Count Istvan

    Nice. I like the one about Kobe being in the same sentence as MJ.

  • nick

    lets get Monta Ellis, him and rondo in the back-court gets me excited!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0115709edd57970b G4L

    Not the best option… & how do the C’s somehow get Ellis?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    who cares, lets get him. And Dirk too.

  • http://www.lakers.com celticsgotowned

    lol BEAT LA? more like YOU GOT BEAT BY LA lol fags owned

  • http://www.lakers.com celticsgotowned

    eat shit and die

  • bostonfanatheart

    great phone call by scalabrine guys, you gotta listen to this. i hope Reds Army posts this on the front page, its great.