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Your Morning Dump… The Need for Sheed has never been greater


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“It’s that know-how,” Wallace said. “There’s certain times when you know
you can shoot crazy shots, and there’s certain times when you know when
you can’t. I don’t think it’s going to be an up-and-down, up-and-down
game like y’all have seen in the previous games. I think it’ll be more
ball control. Every possession counts.”

“Just hoopin’,” he said. “That’s what I came here for. I love the
situation. Honestly it’s not the way that I would want to start. You
never want to try to have good fortune off of someone else’s misfortune.
At least that’s one of the things that I was taught growing up. And it
was an unfortunate thing that happened to my man Perk, but we’ve still
got to play.”

Herald – Wallace, Davis step into Game 7 spotlight

Stay out of foul trouble. This really is the key to Sheed's success in Game 7. Offensively, his presence alone will affect the Lakers defense. Sure, I'd love to see him bang 4 threes and score 18 points, but his ability to draw defenders to the perimeter will open up the paint for Rondo, Pierce and the others.

Staying out of foul trouble is easier said than done. Sheed will play more than 20 minutes. Even if he's able to reign in some of the hacking, he will get tired and then's when players tend to reach rather than move their feet.

Andrew Bynum will attempt to play in Game 7, but its unlikely he will be a factor and that means more Lamar Odom. Who is more likely to wilt in a Game 7 – Rasheed or Odom?

On Page 2, why Doc doesn't want Rondo thinking.

“I don’t need him to be great,” Rivers said. “I just need him to be
him. Obviously, Rondo is important to our team. We have to create some
kind of pace for him and then he has to create a pace. I thought he was
looking for too much stuff instead of being aggressive (in Game 6’s
89-67 loss Tuesday).

“Rondo has the best instincts that I’ve ever coached in the open
court. He has to allow those instincts to take over. I thought he
allowed his thinking to take over. He has great instincts and he has to
let those take over.”

Herald – Relaxed Rondo is the key

Hit the boards and run, baby, run.

The rest of the links:

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I apologize for the abbreviated stack of links. I gotta leave for work with the hope the next 14 hours flies by. The anticipation is killing me…

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  • 13 hours, holy moly.
    ‘Sheed, all eyes on you big fella. Laser like focus, every possession. EVERY SINGLE ONE!!
    Goddamn I’m anxious

  • PLEASE PLAY SCAL INSTEAD OF WILLIAMS………… Williams sucks, sucks, sucks he can really hurt us out there

  • 2010NBAChamps

    I second that motion. I want scal before williams.

  • CFH

    12 hours, 10 minutes.
    Agreed! For all his flaws, Scal is so solid mentally. He isn’t going to be bothered by it being game 7 on the road in the Finals. He isn’t going to try to be a hero. He’ll just avoid screwing up… which is more than we can say for Williams.

  • Orb

    He hasn’t played in forever, but yeah, I’ve got to agree. He generally doesn’t do anything stupid, can defend bigs, and if he floats to the corner they’ve got to cover him for the 3. Can’t say any of that about old Iron Hands. Plus his suits make him look like he’s in the best shape in years.

  • Agreed. Scal could give a lot of problems to Odom on the defensive end. I like that matchup.

  • Jake

    Someone,please mollify my fears.

  • Celtsfan33

    I want this game so much!

  • CFH

    One good omen: No Salvatore and no Kennedy tonight (it’s Crawford, Crawford, and Foster).
    Far better than I expected.
    11 hours, 5 minutes.

  • no offense to sheldon but I actually agree..scals would do less damage and he’s scals….at least suit him up

  • its been true all year and i dont know why it wouldnt be tonight. as goes rondo so go the celtics. heres to a monster game from the best point in the game.

  • watching shelden play basketball is in the NBA is one of the more painful things i’ve endured in my life. for the love of god suit scal. also loving the nickname for shelden (or hating it as the case may be)

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    F#CK YES SCALLY!!!!!

  • DRJ

    The fact that Sheed considers this start as a GOOD thing (to the extent that he even says he’s sorry it had to come at the expense of Perk’s injury, etc.) is GREAT. It means he’s TOTALLY FOCUSED and READY TO ROCK.
    Cs win. And easily.