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We’re gaining momentum!

Sports nation

When we showed you this sports nation poll yesterday, Vermont, Connecticut and the rest of the country were showing Lakers.  

But New Englanders have stepped up… as have the Rondo-lovers in Kentucky and the Derek Fisher-haters in Utah.  

So thanks, New England, for showing up to the party.  I'll just randomly assume Red's Army had something to do with it.  The rest of the country in red can suck it. 

Thanks to all our commenters who alerted us to the change.

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  • Gotta be some Kobe Haters in Colorado!

  • Andrew

    Sucks that the ocean is against us as well

  • G4L

    This is how its been all playoffs long.. I wouldn’t want it anyother way!

  • sam

    this is some bull how can just about everyone like the lakers. makes me sick. oh well… lets go Celtics prove em haters wrong!!!!

  • even 17% of cali’s 23,000 votes likes the celts tonight. I LIKE!

  • also vermont only has 153 votes so even if you reached a few vermont readers who voted, the switch over totally could be because of it!

  • LOL of course you had something to do with this!

  • 90% of people who live in Colorado are from the state of California. Denver is LA east.

  • LOL… that’s pretty funny.
    Fucking Fish…

  • DRJ

    Too bad. The probability of the Celtics winning is INVERSELY proportional to the percentage of the general population that believes they will.
    Still… I like the odds :))

  • dionisia pacquiao

    We here in the Philippines got the Celtics’ Back too. Though there’s a dumb small niche here who roots for the lakers, they call themselves the “jejemons”.