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After all that, this is the only game that matters

Some time after 9pm, with millions of people camped in front of televisions all over the world… with millions of people wearing either Green and White or Purple and Gold… a guy in that gray, NBA official's uniform will toss the ball in the air…

… and the last game of this season will begin. 

No matter what happens.  No matter what twists, turns, bounces or calls… the season ends tonight.

82 regular season games.  23 playoff games.  None of them matter.  Not the buzzer beaters.  Not the bad losses.  None of them.  After all the Celtics have been through.  After all the stroke-inducing, inexplicably lackadaisical efforts.  Only one game matters now.

This one. 

Oh, everyone will slobber over Kobe Bryant and how you don't want to face him in a Game 7. 

I say bring him on.  I say shine that spotlight as bright and as long as possible on that court. 

Then I say watch that home team wither under it.  Kobe is the only one with the stones to handle it.  The Celtics can deal with him doing his thing.  We've seen him do it before.  I don't care about Kobe going off. 

I care about Lamar Odom reverting to normal self and crumbling under the pressure.  I care about Sasha Vujacic falling apart after a couple of missed shots.  I care about Pau Gasol being mentally dominated by the old, crazy veteran Rasheed Wallace.

And I care about three Hall of Famers in Green… living up to the tradition that accompanies that uniform.

This is more than just another "Rah Rah" piece from me.  This is all the analysis this game deserves.  Because at this point, there's nothing I, nor anyone else can analyze that makes a damn bit of difference.

Yeah, the talking heads will talk, and the writers will write because that's what they're paid to do and there's a full day of time and space to fill.  But they're just yammering on about nothing.  This game isn't about any adjustments anymore.  This game boils down to one thing: Players playing like themselves. 

This is the game where everyone reverts to what they really are.  When there is nothing to lose, everyone lays it all out on the line, and they become who they've always been.

And when you take a good hard look at these rosters.  When you really, honestly, scrutinize exactly who these guys are and always have been… who would YOU put YOUR money on? 

How many guys on the Lakers would you trust if you had everything riding on the line?  Anyone besides Kobe?  MAYBE Fisher.

And how many guys on the Celtics do you trust?  At least 3.  Rondo is creeping into that realm too.

There's nothing left to analyze, folks.  This just boils down to players playing the game.  And I'll take all of our players over all of theirs in this situation every time.

Every… Damn… Time.

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  • Lakerhater(FD)

    No matter what happens I love this team, the heart, the soul, the toughness. Play with everything you got tonight celtics and the prize will be yours.
    Oh, and I think you’ve misquoted the pundits slobbering Redsarmy, its actually “never turn your back on Kobe in a Colorado hotel”.

  • AMEN

  • GoWyo

    Anybody have any thoughts on what kind of treatment the C’s will get from the refs?

  • I’ll admit to feeling defeated after Game 6, thinking that this is over for us after that lackluster effort, going as so far as to tell a guy at work that I have a bet with on the series that he likely wins and I’d be honestly surprised if the C’s won Game 7.. but damnit, if this post doesn’t get me fired up and a bit more confidence in this team. Bring it on!!

  • G4L

    It all comes down to the Better Team will win. Not the team with the best individual performance.. the Team that best plays together will win the Championship.

  • gun hoe

    i think lake show will win by 7… but i wouldnt if suprised if celtics won by 7…. this is crazy

  • Greg

    Represent the Eastern Conference tonight fellas!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Oh man your getting me pumped! Lets start the game already, I’m nervous and anxious but SO excited to see what team has the grit and gile to pull this one out. Our team has everything stacked against it, all the odds are in the Lakers favor. Momentum, at home, with Kobe. Let’s SHOCK THE WORLD!!!


    Believe in yourselves and your teammates and play together as Doc has been saying. EVERYONE has to rebound tonight. EVERYONE. That means 10 from Pierce (like Kobe got in game 6), 8 from Rondo, 10 from KG…we must win the battle on the boards…..I have us going on a tear in the 3rd and Kobe going into KoMe mode unsuccssfully in the 4th. 89-81 Celtics….

  • who da guy

    whenever they thought we couldn’t do it….we did. Whenever they said we were done…we weren’t.
    Now there saying we cant do it again….we will
    celtic pride
    we will have justice!

  • DRJ

    I love this team… but I will not forgive a loss. Sorry, just can’t. Not after the way they blew game 6.
    BUT… I fully expect a GLORIOUS WIN. 100% agree… I’d take our team over their team ANYTIME. We are the MUCH better team, and should win this one going away.

  • ShawnCVD

    One last game. The greatest rivalry in Basketball got it’s Super Bowl. RA readers in enemy territory come out to Sunny Mcleans ( Wilshire at 26th in Santa Monica). I’ll be in the white ringer T from reds army store with banner 17 on front and “certified 5” on back. The place is gonna be crazy tonight. Guaranteed top bar in LA to watch history be made.
    I like the horses we’ve picked. The. Race. Is. On!


    I love this team. My heart is with you guys – Thanks for a great season. Do it for Perk . . . and for Red . . . and for D.J. And all of the other great Celtics of the past and the present!

  • Rush

    what you said, +1.
    i have faith. i believe. let’s go c’s.
    we’re behind you, all the fcuking way.
    no. matter. the. odds.