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So close…

Chuck - Red's Army June 17, 2010 Uncategorized 153 Comments on So close…


Credit to the Lakers for winning a hard-fought, hideously played Game 7, 83-79.

Crazy Ron Artest (who thanked his psychiatrist in the post game interview) was the hero for Los Angeles. Ron had 20 points and 5 steals while playing lock down defense on Paul Pierce (18 points, 5-15 FG). His three-pointer with one minute left gave the Lakers a 6-point cushion.

Ray Allen played stellar defense all night long, but he struggled mightily on offense – 13 points on 3-14 FG. With Pierce bottled up, the Celtics needed Ray to make some shots and he couldn't deliver.

The only silver lining – Kobe Bryant (series MVP) shot a very unJordan-like 6-24.

The Celtics deserve some praise. They followed up an injury plagued, mediocre regular season with one helluva run in the playoffs. I didn't expect them to beat Cleveland, nevermind play the Lakers to a nail-biting Game 7.

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  • That picture is bizarre.

  • Travis

    Really think we went away from what was working in the post. KG and Sheed was having their way in the post all first half, and second half we went mostly Pierce ISO / P&R.

  • Thanks for a GREAT season Celtics, and thanks for another great season of Celtics coverage John, Chuck and everyone else at

  • djisinthehall

    Hey Danny Ainge-
    get some fucking rebounding
    Great season- This one stings worse than 87


    Good game Celtics. Should have killed us the way we were playing. Missed opportunities I guess. Again good game, gave me a heart attack.

  • SorryMan


  • Thank you for a classy post and congratulations on your NBA championship.

  • Love this team. this hurts but Love this team.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    They won it, we didn’t lose it.
    Even if at some point we were up by 13 and – yes -we were so close to get it..
    But the C’s made me feel so proud for the hustle and the will they showed through an incredible playoffs run. Almost nobody here thought they could go so far, but they went and in the end we were all so close.
    I still think they are the best team in the NBA, and for all the emotions thy gave they are my World Champions anyway.
    I bleed green. Go Celtics.

  • Josh Herrington

    Thank YOU Celtics for making this a hard-fought series. No matter what happened, I’d be a Laker fan tomorrow and you’d be a Celtic fan tomorrow. No matter what outcome, we’d sinistrally hate each other. As happy as I am, I promise you I would have still congratulated you. “Thanks for letting us have this one” -Tim Duncan to LeBron James. And for that Celtics’ fans, we THANK YOU.



  • PxFunk

    Second that.
    It was one hell of a ride…and as hard as that was to watch…it still beats the hell out of operation oden.

  • Rodger

    Done I will never watch any sports again after this joke fuck you david stern done.The refs deserbe the mvp way to go joey crawford next year this time i will watch a movie the nba refs are a insult to everybody but vince mccmahon fuck you.



  • GuyFromLA

    Grats on a great season Celts fans. You got us in 2008. We got you in 2010. Rivalry for the ages. Respect.

  • Inverse

    In all honesty i respect the celtics soo much, the only reason why i hate them with a passion is because the fans never give the lakers and their fans any props. Anyways it was a good fun series. Lakers 2010 champs!!

  • all the classy posts from lakers fans make this almost tolerable! haha helluva game, hell of a season. I’ll be seeing all of you again on october 26 until then have an excellent summer. (wait who am I kidding I’m gonna be on here every day between now and then!)
    haha thank you for an awesome site and another great season of coverage.
    also congrats to thibs gonna be on edge to see how this doc thing plays out.

  • Lakers4Life

    yeahhhhhh Lakers Repeat Baby Repeat !!!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Celtics fans can still hold their heads held high, we made a great run in the playoffs and almost got it done on the road. I appreciate what this team has done, and I’m still a proud Celtics fan.

  • Lakers4Life

    Nah nah Nah Nah Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy goood Bye !!!!!!!!!! wooooo Lakers Repeat Celtics Bust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christopher

    Fuck yourself. You betray the actual intelligent Lakers fans.

  • FrankF

    I have never seen a harder fought game.
    Congtats to both teams on showing toughness.
    Just wish it had ended differently.
    note; saw PP’s pregame interviw with Mike Gorman, I always liked Paul, but I really admired his attitude going in to tonights game, “one game3 ofr all the marbles, this is a dream come true.” Talk about cool under pressure.

  • Lakers’ fans from Brazil (since the early 90’s)

    Congrats Celts’ fans. You have a hell of a team.
    Fortunatelly, we lived to see this moment.
    Lakers 2010 Champs!

  • starr

    This was as bad a home job by the refs as I have ever seen. 37 to 17 in free throw attempts. Please.

  • FrankF

    pardon the typos…

  • zgum

    @FEARLA – Pls no reason to boast…you are acting nonsense…
    Boston played great.. it a great series… Im happy that my team won…

  • lakers2O1Ochamps

    as much as i hate the celtics, and as much as i wanna smack-talk lol, that was a heck of a game. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Props.

  • didnt i say something about classy posts? hm thought it was too good to last. oh well thanks for those of you who can keep it classy.

  • I don’t understand how some Celts fans can’t be that pissed? I can deal with my team losing but not like that…I prefer game 6 to that. That being said I will always bleed green but I don’t know if I’ll ever take the NBA any more serious than the WWF.
    Not to be a sore loser and cry about refs, but you have to be brain dead to say it didn’t matter, just wish the Celts could have beat the refs and their opponent one more time.
    Either way congrats to real laker fans, fake laker fans should go back under their rocks until next post season…mostly because you have no other sports.
    Reds Army…good stuff, miles ahead of the typical negative bush league boston sports media. Keep up the good work…just forgive me if I don’t check back in with you for a long while…it’s nothing personal.

  • Sal

    This team could have lost to Miami in 6 and we wouldn’t have batted an eye. They ended up one game short, a couple of baskets short, which hurts a hell of a lot more. But holy god, I’m proud of this team. I was angry at Danny for selling the franchise down the river for a short title window. But now, after having seen my team have 3 legit shots at a title, winning one, I can’t be angry.
    They have a couple more years of Spurs-like seasons, and then they rebuild. I just hope they don’t blow all of Rondo’s prime.

  • mr.laker19

    LAKESHOW!!! LOL, you losers smh

  • Tonight sucked ass with the refs. But why did we play so bad Tuesday and leave it to that? Love this team and I love Red’s Army.

  • baltimoresbest

    Congrats celtic fans. Great postseason run.

  • Amen

  • Dim_dim

    VERY JORDAN like game. in MJs final game in 1998 vs bulls, he shot 13-33. kobe shot 6-24. came out with the championship and a finals MVP trophy. LAKERS 2010 NBA CHAMPS!!!!!

  • Sal

    Absolutely. Now let’s watch these teams get ancient together.

  • totally right…I’m not taken anything away from the Lakers…would have been nice to win it in 6…especially considering that if you learned one thing from this post season it’s that you can get stiches, concusions and bs fouls called against you and get a tech for asking why, so don’t leave it up to the refs.
    But that’s the way the game has evolved apparently..regardless love the Celts and love the site….just upset

  • Sal

    Um. What?

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    One for the ages…
    So many questions to get answered now.

  • DRJ

    Refs certainly helped the Lakers win this game 7 in the 4th quarter. But the Celtics did this to themselves, with terrible offense in this game, and especially by totally blowing off game 6. After planning and executing a great, great season… they were felled in the end by their own failures and stupidities.
    And to the extent the refs helped the Cs lose, the NBA certainly deserves our disgust.
    I believe this series was fixed to go 7 games. I believe the Celtics were involved in that, in at least game 6, and probably game 3 too.
    For all these reasons, I am done with the NBA, and along with it, the Celtics.
    I think Doc is going to leave too — NOT JUST for his family, but also because he too is probably totally DISGUSTED by what he had to do and put up with from the NBA this season. All the lies and scams and more lies….
    Thanks for a great year, fellas — all of you. It has been a great few years we’ve had. Reds Army will of course go on….. but without me.
    Be well… have a great life.

  • Joe A

    It’s hard to be too upset about this. In April, no one thought The C’s would’ve been in the finals. A lot didn’t even see us getting out of the first round. The Celtics took out the 2 best teams in the NBA, and came a few rebounds, missed shots, and missed calls away from taking down the third best. Congrats to all the real Laker fans, your team played great.

  • JD

    Most disappointing thing about this game is that it may be the last this team plays together. Especially after Ray’s stinker of a Finals, save Game 2 of course. And I’m normally not one to to blame officials for a loss, but that fourth quarter officiating was pitiful. And KG gets no respect, whereas Gasol gets every call by screaming, flailing and acting like a pussy in general. The guy is talented, but I lost a lot of respect for him after watching him flop worse than Anderson Varajao for much of this series.

  • JD

    We’ll see you next year.

  • DRJ

    They did NOT play great. They were horrible. The refs helped them, and the Celtics were even more horrible.

  • Rush

    ‘grats lakers. its your year.

  • DRJ

    If you do — absent a total OVERHAUL of the NBA — please shoot me.

  • Stagnant Offense

    What the &*^% was that? They had their chances and they blew it (steal a game, then up 3-2, then up 13 in the game). Whatever, they just lost gas.
    Lakers’ D was stifling, and even though people are complaining about refs, the Lakers, and not the C’s, led the point of attack. Most of those calls were legit (perhaps except for Baby’s foul on Gasol). Doc kept saying “attack, attack,” and no one did. Too much perimeter passing, jumpers, and poor D. 30 points in the fourth?
    Is it pathetic that I’m already looking at Celtic salaries for the next few years?
    Anyways, thanks for a great year, and so sorry to see it end like this. Ugh.

  • in 20 years basketball will be like soccer where you scream bloody murder and flop around like a fish to get a call…not knocking on soccer, I actually like it but that’s what it’s evolved into
    In addition to that the NBA will continue to employ shady refs…the no foul call when Gasol hacked KG was when I knew I was gunna go to bed angry

  • bostoneatsfeces


  • rod

    oh and another thing any boston celtic fan complaining about the refs. kindly read this:
    >Allen – 3/14
    >Pierce – 5/15
    >Bench 2/5
    >Played Scal
    >Let a fucking shooting guard get 15 rebounds
    >Bynum barely even plays
    >Let Gasol get 18 rebounds being the only big in for most of the game
    >Fisher gets injured and is out
    >Artest takes 18 shots
    >Lakers shoot 32%, Kobe just 25%
    All that and you are honestly mad at the refs? How many fucking chances can you have? This should’ve been a BLOWOUT before the 4th.
    Funny how easily you forget the missed call on the Garnett/Gasol out-of-bounds play that the refs even got a review on. Funny how easily you forget the missed call on Allen’s missed three that gave the Celtics a free 24 seconds in the last minute of the game. Funny how you guys are ok with a team fucking taping other teams and blatantly cheating, but this equals I AM NEVER WATCHING THE NBA EVER AGAIN. Never change Boston.

  • DRJ

    One of the worst was when Gasol, going for a rebound, THREW RONDO HARD TO THE GROUND, near the baseline on the right side…. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF. No call. Gasol goes to the line a few seconds later.
    Ridiculous game. Ridiculous league.

  • rondo’s still reaching his prime and will continue to improve. gotta believe that some moves will be made this offseason and I for one cant wait to see what happens.

  • lainok

    Congrats on this season. As a laker fan I was cheering for you throughout the post season so that we could have the stage meant for our rivalry. When everyone wrote you off you stepped up and smacked them down. Orlando gave us a championship last year, you guys made us earn it. Hold your heads high.

  • yeah *cough*gamewinner*cough*

  • @JD haha well played sir

  • lakerman34

    Congrats Celts! In all honesty, I thought we could have had you guys in 5, but you guys should persistence and will to beat the #1 and #2 seeded teams in the NBA, and you were just a couple minutes away from getting the gold. This one must sting, but the better team one.

  • ben

    i think the refs were significantly better in this game than the last few games.


    Crying much? Im just on here to celebrate LAKERS #16. Tough, Tough series, gotta admit that. Much as i despise the celtics, you celtic fans and all, this has to be the toughest series ive seen in a long time.
    Anyway back to Christopher, never mind im gonna go celebrate more while you grab more tissues :).

  • there were bad calls both ways the whole series. no one is disputing that. I think we are just all a bit put off by how lopsided that fourth quarter was but in the end this one is not on the refs at all but on the celts. it was theirs to lose and they couldnt quite hold on. congrats lakers.

  • haha

    Good Game Celtics…I tip my hats off to you guys without giving up even though you guys lost your starting Center. I think i died twice and came back to life because of this game…Hope to see you guys next year again…

  • prefuse

    Quit the complaining about ref.. They suck and real champions play through it, just like we did. It is what it is.

  • also the scal bit is kinda forced by perk’s injury. honestly I’ve seen as much as I can stand out of shelden. your wife can dunk for chrissakes. so i’m just happy we didnt have to witness that atrocity along with a loss tonight.

  • Topper

    I just want to thank the Celtics and you fans for a great season. I had my graduation ceremony today and it was tough not being able to watch such a spectacular game 7.If there’s anything that I could talk good about the Celtics it is that they are so competitive and full of pride. This is how the finals should always be,between the two of the greatest franchises in basketball. LA ALL DAY!

  • who da guy

    u laker fans can go fuck your self….enjoy a cheated championship…its pretty funny what im hearing…if u as a laker fan can honestly say u won that game…ur full of horseshit. Gasol flops like a mop, rasheed got jewed, are who team got jewed, and im jewish so i can say that, i mean come the fuck on, what a bullshit game. Gasol pushed off on rondo, all of the blocks were legit, her shot on his feet after jumping, his flop against pierce in mid court, pierces block on kobe, i can go on and on and on….but it stinks too much.

  • lakerman34

    Your very classy…..reffing was horrible for BOTH sides the ENTIRE series. Stop your crying. I do agree the entire league needs to be reviewed/reffing needs to be re-evaluated, but stop blaming the refs for your loss. Classless and unintelligent.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Respect to the Celtics. Even though they didn’t win the title, they proved that they still have that championship heart in them. They came very close to capping off probably one of the greatest playoff runs with a championship. As much as it is a rivalry between two franchises that hate each other, at the end of the day, both of these teams deserve the respect that they are due.
    Good luck next season, Boston. Your players gave me heart attacks this whole series, I probably stressed away 10 years of my life.

  • CelticsWearAGreenThong

    Blaming the Refs hmmmmmmm, typical celtic fans lol

  • Pot…Kettle…

  • Joseph

    To all Boston Suckdic fans,
    You guys don’t deserve respect nor to be shown any class. You guys are the most classless fans in all of sports. When you guys won in 2008, what did you guys do? Instead of celebrating amongst yourselves, you threw bottles and rocks at the Lakers bus. F*CK YOU GUYS. You guys don’t deserve any respect. And for you Laker fans that are showing this undeserving class to Boston fans, ask yourself why? They wouldn’t have shown Laker fans this respect, so f*ck them. F*ck Boston and f*ck your overrated team.
    I am now glad that you beat Cleveland, Orlando and took the greatest franchise to Game 7 and LOST. F*CK YOU GUYS, you guys deserve this!!! I hope this humiliating loss is with you for months. Your team is DONE!! The Boston Suckdics are done. 22 years until your next championship and everytime the Lakers beat you guys, may you realize that the Lakers are the greatest NBA organization.
    F*CK THE SUCKDICS and f*ck your piece of sh*t city and f*ck every classless Boston fan!!!!
    P.S., its just a few years, the Lakers will have the most NBA championships. Get ready and get ready to get kicked to the curb by true Laker fans that HATE BOSTON!!!

  • Yea it must have been real tough for the lakers to play through that 37 to 17 free throw differential, i dont know how they managed

  • SydneyCeltic

    Definitely seconded.
    It’s not even 4pm here, I’ll be drinking for hours to come yet.

  • hey psycho, pretty much everyone here is being civilized despite their opinions, why dont you get bent and look forward to your non-existent football season…unless your not really from LA and are a typical faker.
    so im guessing your either 12 or that syphilis has degraded your brain down to that level, frankly im impressed that you can navigate the internet

  • Hey He called them the Greatest Franchise even though Boston has 17 Titles LA 11. Oh yeah and there’s that 9-3 record of Boston’s over LA. But hey at least he took time from burning the city down to post that comedy.

  • Yeah Joseph! You tell ’em! For those of you who don’t know Joseph, he has been DYING to say that all season! lmao…But for real Joe, you really do have a narrowminded vision. I was at the ’08 celebration, and those morons who threw rocks at the bus were a handful of drunken idiots. They were about 1% of the people out there celebrating. The rest were pretty rowdy, but NOTHING like Lakers fans. And you really have no argument my man, because as I type this, hundreds of your “true Laker fans” are out in the streets of L.A. setting fires and destroying property that probably belongs to other Laker fans. But I’m glad you got all that off your chest my man! You have been a regular on this site and folks like you keep it lively! So enjoy your championship and hopefully, if you actually live in L.A. (doubt that) you don’t wake up to find your house burned down or parents’ car in charred ruins. Peace Joe. ;D

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Hilarious. Your team just won. You should be on top of the world.
    And yet, ooga booga the Celtics are in your head. Get a life man. Go out, party, enjoy it. Who knows if you’ll ever get to see your team win again.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Never thought at 24 I would be so emotionally involved in the WWE.

  • lets face it, any fan base would complain about shooting 51 less free throws in a seven game series

  • Joseph’s great man-he is like the consumate Lakers troll. The Celtics OWN that kid’s mind man. He REALLY hates them. I will probably be freaking pissed come the morning, but these Laker fans are keeping my spirits up tonight w/their idiocy…lol..Gnite Count.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Glad you enjoyed watching your first NBA game ever. That bandwagon must be getting pretty heavy now.

  • well in addition to the many warm replies you’ve already gotten here, even if the lakers do overtake the celts in championships the celts are still the greatest one town franchise in the NBA. also all this talk about 22 years, um where are you guys post kobe? he has maybe 5 years left in him probably less. come on now. get real.also after this post season (aka the summer of lebron) the entire NBA heirarchy will likely shift especially if you get two superstars on one team. then we’re all screwed haha.
    PS isn’t the phrase true laker fan an oxymoron?

  • so… who wants to talk nba draft with me?

  • CelticsWearAGreenThong

    kobe has about 6-7 years left in him, celtics have 0, you hear that ZERO, dont cry cause you fans deserve ZERO respect from LA, again you cant beat us with Bynum, back TO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Are injuries am excuse or aren’t they? Or is it only Laker injuries that are worth excuses? a laketard just posted that Boston has never beaten LA when Bynum has played. OK Kobe has never beaten Boston when the Celtics have been healthy. See how that works? Would LA have won tonight with Perk playing? Maybe they would have we don’t know. We do know that Bynum would not have scored 40 points in game 6 of the 2008 finals to give LA 133 points.

  • DJ Bento Box

    You know, it’s always funny when Celtic fans talk about Laker fans being bandwagoners when just 4 short seasons ago, Kobe was get serenaded with chants of “MVP, MVP” ON THE CELTICS HOME FLOOR!!
    How many of these current Celtic “fans” showed up when they signed KG & Ray Allen? Most, I’ll bet.
    Live it up, Celtics bandwagoners. You hadn’t even been relevant in the league for 20 YEARS before you caught a perfect storm (a la the Shaq & Wade Heat) and sold your team’s future for that title in 2008.
    Now back to the fringes of NBA playoff contendership general, league irrelevance and “Back in the ancient times we were a dynasty…”, “Remember when those Celtics teams in the 80’s…” blah, blah, blah.
    You’ve always got those ancient memories, Celtic fans. Because right now, you’ve got nuthin’ but Kleenex, referee conspiracy theories & a serious lack of cap space.

  • FrankF

    What happened to Ray was most likely the same thing that happened to Paul when he had to guard LBJ in the Cleavland series.
    Guard one of the best offensive players in the league and you own offense is probably going to suffer. You can wonder if it’s an age thing.
    IMO, what happened to the team is that all season, they weren’t deep enough to give the starters the rest they needed. Even a kid like Rondo hit the wall by the time the finals came around which, in my mind is why he played so inconsistently in the playoffs.

  • lainok

    I’m a laker fan, and the funniest thing about Joseph, was that in the 2008 season, he was on the Lakersnation site as a celtics troll talking shit non stop. Then he jumped ship to whoever was winning at the time. Joseph is a bitch.

  • Joseph

    You obviously can’t count (typical of Boston education), 17 to 16 – It’s called FRANCHISE championships. Do you know what a franchise is? I know you’re still living the 60’s when the Suckdics won the bulk of the championships, but for the past 30 years (since 1980), aside from the Bulls in the 90s, the Lakers have won 10 championships.
    Keep thinking your team is good, LOSERS!!!

  • lainok

    Maybe Lebron cares only about his legacy and doesn’t actually care only about money and fame. Maybe he’ll take a serious pay cut to play alongside Rondo in his prime. Maybe hell freezes over. But I’ll tell you what. As a Laker fan I wanted to strangle Artest all season, and that motherfucker won us the game, and even had a clutch 3. So after that, I believe as KG said, anything is possible.

  • Joseph

    Oh, you’re damn right I live in L.A. Have a good night’s sleep knowing that your Big 3 was a Big disaster. HAHAHAH

  • Joseph

    I am on top of the world. I just got back from the game you f’n moron.

  • Joseph

    Don’t forget, the Lakers didn’t have their starting small forward in 2008 either (it wasn’t just our starting center that was missed). If the Lakers had their full squad, that series might of went 7, we’ll never know. Injuries are part of the game. Go to bed boy, you lost!!!

  • haha damn that cap space bit actually hurt cuz its true =/

  • also lebrondo would be pretty sweet dont even lie

  • Shawn-cvd

    Very well put. What is a city that has won six titles in the last ten years, was six minutes from clinching another, and was part of what will go down as one of the greatest contests in NBA history gonna do? We’ll be alright, the Celtics are more than capable of doing damage in the play offs next year, and we’ll continue sticking it to no class sore sports such as you.

  • frenchBLEEDgreen

    Hi all.
    I’m a “new” green fan: went to game 1 of the 2008 finals. Since then I bleed green. And it will never stop. C’s fans are incredible. Great knowledge of the game. Massive respect for that.
    Lot’s of respect for the players & coaching staff too. The 2nd part of the regular season was really really difficult to handle. and then the playoffs, OMG. quicked Dwade, sent LeQueen James back to school, and SuperfakeMan to high school.
    By the way, Kobe was the only High Schooler we couldnt beat… because he got much help from a very sound basketball player: Gasol. He really killed us at the end of this game, and I hate that feeling cause the guy has been destroying the French national team for years now. He does have my MVP vote for the Finals.
    Looking at the trophy ceremony, it was such a joke to listen to Stern and Buss and Magic and Phil (somehow quite cynical) congrat the “best fans” in the NBA. Come on, that was very very poor acting.
    Please Phil, have a break for a year and do not help Kobe get his 2nd threepeat. Please.
    Anyway, thanks to the guys running this blog.
    And let’s move forward to 2011 and the “get Durant” chase 😉
    1 (green) love.

  • maybe if the nba jobs the salary cap in our favor like they did when yall got shaq we wont ever have to get old

  • Sure thing. If you would have had Bynum and that other guy they didn’t have. They would have scored another points in game 6. Now Go back to burning down the city!

  • Oh so he’s just really lonely.

  • or if ainge can pull off a hijack ala gasol. or lebron takes an mle! im stickin to that one until he does otherwise!

  • Inverse

    Cmon dude the game was pretty evenly officiated, just gotta admit it sometimes, the lakers deserved it, it was a good series

  • DJ Bento Box

    Or if you had an owner who was willing to continually pay out whatever it takes to field a winner season after season, you wouldn’t ever have to worry about “getting old”.
    It’s easy to hate on and whine about a team and it’s fans when success is the only thing it knows.
    An owner willing to pay out anything (and double it by paying the luxury tax) to get the players and coaches he needs to keep his city and fanbase happy and never put them in a position to ever WANT to cheer someone else is a great thing.
    Plenty of owners and team managements talk a good game, but when it comes right down to it, they’re just not willing to do “whatever it takes” to win. It’s all lip service in a desperate attempt to keep a constantly disappointed fanbase sedated to their “bottom line”.
    God bless Dr. Buss!

  • mikey

    you trolls have talked shit all year. learn to finish. new era. KOBE BRYANT and Lakers era!
    rot in hell everyone! cheers!

  • AMP

    If the 60’s don’t count, then nor do the 90s.

  • paul

    fuck off man

  • Shawn-cvd

    Congrats to the Celtics for one Helluvah ride. I’m fascinated by what happens next. To anyone saying we’re through don’t forget that the C’s owners have deep pockets and are Celtics fans. We’ll reload and will remain competitive for years to come.
    To Reds Army thanks for bring Boston to LA for me re all things Celtics this past season. Kudo to John and Chuck.

  • See how this works is the Minneapolis years only count when it suits Laketard purposes. In reality they throw the late George Mikan a bone but that’s about it from their Minneapolis years. It’s 17-11 and 9-3. No way around those numbers.

  • DJ Bento Box

    Yes, there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY that the Lakers coach, owner and legendary PG could ever think that the Laker fans are the best, right?
    Just like there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY that France gets it’s pastry lovin’, 500 types of cheese and and not nearly enough breath mints, disturbingly hygene deficient, “We surrender Germany!!! We surrender!!!” punk asses kicked by Mexico in the World Cup, right?
    Oh crap…

  • DJ Bento Box

    That’s all you’ve got?
    Is it because everything I wrote is true?
    Does the fact that someone actually knows your teams history better than a whiny bandwagon fan like yourself does?
    Did you forget about the Kobe “MVP” chants in your own house? Did you forget about those pathetic 15 & 19 win seasons in the late 90’s? Or the 33 & 24 win seasons in the years up until ownership sold the team’s future just to get 1 title and try to keep whatever was left of it’s disappearing fanbase?
    Does any of this ring a bell?
    Is this why you want me to “fuck off”?

  • FrankF

    BTW, I don’t ever want to see that picture again.

  • SorryMan


  • frenchBLEEDgreen

    of course there’s such a possible way the French national team get kicked by mexico in the world cup as they couldnt do better during 1st round of the Euro 2008…
    but that is not related to basketball, nor to your opinion about French hygene.

  • LAL 2009 2010 …. Bos – Back to the 90’s

    Based on Game 6 of 2008 Now? Don’t shy away from 2010 – Boston HAVING PERKINS 6/7 games & L.A. Having Bynum 0/6. Slow down fella, Slow down…

  • DRJ

    It was a fixed series… fixed to go 7. Celtics threw game 6, imo. Apparently game 3 too. Refs were HORRIBLE through at least the first 3 games, and CERTAINLY in the last quarter of game 7.
    What about that makes it a “good series”?
    No… I reject it, all of it, as rotten to the core.
    The Celtics were a brief shining light on the hill…. surrounded by the stinking sludge of the NBA. Now these Celtics are gone, never to be replaced… and there’s nothing left but sludge.
    I loved them. And I will miss them.
    But they are gone now. Forever. They live now only in our memory.

  • DRJ

    I have never seen assholes like this among Celtics fans. Interesting how that is…..

  • DRJ

    It’s bad enough to take this loss…. but to have to put up with SO MANY asshole Lakers fans…. man, if I could I would block all of them. This should be family time… not asshole time.

  • Glad you agree. See in Laketard land Bynum hurt matters even if you get your ass kicked bad in the series. Perkins hurt doesn’t matter even in a back and forth series. Officiating matters if Laketards think it favors somebody else but doesn’t matter if Kobe or Gasol are running a conga line to the stripe.

  • He also prostitutes his daughter out to service his coach. He does go that extra mile.

  • TheBulldog

    Yeah, but we have to take into account adjustments and Counter-adjustments.

  • LA Native

    I love this rivalry. See yall C fans again next June.

  • TheBulldog

    Love you Celtic Fans!!!
    Let’s do this again Next year!!!
    Congrats on a Great Season to a Great Coach, a Great bunch of guys, and Awesome Fans. The next best thing to My Lakers winning it — would be You guys winning it all. I mean that.
    The Two Centerpieces of the NBA. May we meet in the finals as often as possible.
    Chin up, and Keep the faith!

  • domz

    T’was a great season for your Celtics, guys.
    I’m just so glad that my team came out as victors. Respect!
    Would love to see Round 3 next year.

  • 24/8

    Hahahaa, really? Poor Rondo? So, I suppose you must have been demanding that Rondo get a flagrant foul when he punched Brad Miller in the face *or* when he threw Kirk Hinrich into the scorer’s table last year, right? No?
    Ridiculous fan.

  • Jacob

    While i am a lakers fan I have to agree that refereeing was terrible in this series. Sheed was called for a bunch of cheap fouls throughout, referees missed out of bounds calls (some even after reviewing them; game 2 i think) so imho refs missed calls both ways. in 08 i thought the refs had made calls in favor of the celts, but after watching the series again, lakers had twice as many fouls as the celts because the celts were more aggressive, and this is also (IMO) what happened in Game 7. the celts did not lose this game due to poor calls being made by officials, but due to not rebounding and finishing the lakers off when they had the chance to. all in all, not a pretty series, but at least an exciting series in terms of suspense and going down to the wire. as weird as it sounds to myself, thanks to the celts for a great series

  • LAL 2009 2010 …. Bos – Back to the 90’s

    Ahaha Laketard. Really. Laketard? Bynum no games, Perkins 6. BYNUM NO GAMES. PERKINS 6. To the winners. Step your come back game up. (Laketards) I mean really you wouldn’t sy that to a grown man at… I don’t know say a sports bar would you. Please tell me no…Please? Back To the 90’s Count Istvan. Back to the 90’s. On the road to three. The self proclaimed best player in the world (,96670) let Ron Artest drop more points then he did… From Watts with love; thanks for the short run we got a marathon to run. On to the next one. Check the Link

  • LAL 2009 2010 …. Bos – Back to the 90’s

    Ouch good point; Once this guy builds his bridge over his Perk issues and gets slapped with the yellow & purp stick. I’ll bring that SF one into play. Aha hows Vlad Rad doin these days? Oh man.

  • 24/8

    Agreed. This is probably the best rivalry in sports. As a Lakers fan I was hoping for the Celtics in the Finals to avenge 2008 *and* because we’d get home court advantage. Then the Lakers tried to squander that by losing game 2 at home?!@? And then blowing game 5??!!? It was a hard-fought, even series capped off by an ulcer-ridden, heart attack game 7.
    Now Celtics fans know what if feels like to not have a key big man when he’s most needed. We needed Bynum in 2008, the Celtics needed Garnett last year, this year we were missing one each (Bynum & Perkins). It’s amazing how crucial those guys can be.
    I would like to see a rematch next year. I mean a real rematch, meaning the same starting 5s, same coaches. But is it too much to ask that *both* teams have healthy starters? Rasheed’s back goes out, too? All that does it create discussions about “it wasn’t a real victory” because this or that key guy was missing.
    Either way, glad the Celtics wiped out the Magic and the Cavs, haahaha. Let’s see if LeBron is true to his “it’s all about winning” word and signs with the Lakers or Celtics or Bulls for a minimum contract. Probably not, he’ll go for max money, so will the rest of the superstar free agents and it’s back to Lakers vs. Celtics. Greed will be their undoing and fans of the Lakers and Celtics will benefit.

  • Thank you Celtics for a great playoff run and thank you RedsArmy for all your coverage.
    Proud to be wearing my green again today. I’m anxious to start this next season, when’s the draft?

  • I thought I was watching RollerBall

  • Fuck that fucking sucked as a game. Might have been the most tense, toughest sporting event I’ve ever watched. Simply put, nobody really ‘stepped it up’ late to win the game, way too many long droughts without a bucket. (hate to agree with the announcers)
    Credit the Lakers, they held on and brought *just* enough will to win it. Artest was the man.

  • LakeFanPasadena

    It was a helluva series, exciting to the end.
    I think we should appreciate the rivalry more than
    hate each others guts like we do. Congrats on making an impressive playoff run beating Wade, LeGone and Dwight, you should be proud. This time we lakers got the better hand, lakers played impressive D at times and Pau for me was the series MVP… again congrats, who knows what might happen next time?

  • Congrats Lakers. I won’t go into any other emotions I have regarding the Celtics, the Lakers, this series, the NBA, fandom, etc. etc. etc. Despite all that, one team executed down the stretch, another team didn’t. It’s just going to be sad to see the Paul Pierce-Ray Allen-Kevin Garnett-Rajon Rondo-Kendrick Perkins-Doc Rivers core break up. Ah well. It was a hell of a run, but there can only be one winner.
    Thanks guys; I didn’t post much here, but I’ve been reading Red’s’ Army for the past five years. Love this site, love the work you do, and I love your passion. Don’t know if I can muster up the same passion for the NBA after this; I feel pretty squeezed dry, but luckily John and Chuck have enough to spare, God bless them.
    And to the citizens of L.A.: Calm down, would you? Geez! It’s just a game. Methinks there are underlying causes behind sports-related rioting….

  • Celtics Girl

    What a bummer the guys in green lost. But what a run this year. I agree with whoever said Danny needs to get some rebounding for next year and I don’t think Ray can continue to start if he stays a Celtics – he looked completely worn out after his lights out game.

  • Shawna

    I’ve got to second this too…for both C’s and I slept off most of my misery and I’m still down but damn this team played their hearts out this post season. I give the team credit.

  • Orb

    Sorry to hear it DRJ. You’ve consistently been the most level-headed and insightful of posters here for years, never rising to the bait, and keeping things classy. I’ve appreciated your commentary and will miss it.

  • Orb

    Thanks John and Chuck, and thanks Cs.
    If you told me 10 weeks ago we’d have a shot to tie a Finals game 7 with 10 seconds left, I would’ve taken it in a second. (Of course if you said Artest would bury a 3 to seal it I wouldn’t have believed that either.) Congrats to Fisher and Gasol on their win.

  • G4L

    Entertaining game.. still sucks but the Lakers mad all the plays they needed to make. Artest was huge.
    Great season C’s!!


    aww poor guy. You hyperventilating still?
    Anyway back to the point, BOTH teams had terrible calls go against them in the entire series. Game 7 the officials did a pretty decent job so quit sobbing, and, well…i dont know how a celtic fan would feel right now so, yeah just keep crying :D.


    This guy probably got to drunk. 11? Nah more like 16….

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Enjoy football season, bahahahahahaha

  • reggiereggie

    no matter how annoying the trolls are. in the back of my mind. i cant help but think theyre justified. we failed. and it hurts. and no matter the facts we throw back to them about our history, really, nobody gives a fuck. they won. and we still lost.
    WE FUCKING LOST. and it sucks. i hate life. damn you ray allen. damn you los angeles lakers. none of you had a great game. AND yea..

  • Joseph

    “No way around those numbers.” … and that’s why the NBA, ESPN, the rest of America (with the exception of you idiots in Boston) acknowledge that the Lakers have 16 championships
    Face it, the Lakers have 16 championships. Keep crying about your loss

  • Joseph

    You’re such a f*ckin idiot, with that stupid icon you have and your ridiculous comments. God, I’m happy your sh*t Boston team LOST!!!
    You are the classic Suckdic fan. You deserve NO RESPECT and your’re not going to get it. You f’n piece of sh*t. YOUR TEAM SUCKS. Break them up. They’re DONE!!! hahahahaha



  • artest is god


  • artest is god

    i second that one pimpin!!!!!!!!!



  • larry

    the celtics were up 3-2 before their starting center went down with a knee injury..would it have made a difference if he had been able to play.?would the lakers have had 23 offensive rebounds.?we will never know..i know deep down inside alot of people will always wonder what, i just want to say congrats to the lakers and their fans..the basketball gods were on your side, this time.!




    Yeah Joseph is kinda a dill hole. Good season Boston

  • So do you think it would only be fair if both teams got to shoot the exact same number of free-throws? Boston prides themselves on being the more physical (some call it dirty) team so of course, it only makes sense that they’d get called for more fouls BECAUSE THEY ARE FOULING MORE OFTEN. Let’s be real, the refs are bound to make mistakes because they are human… and the mistakes went both ways throughout the series.

  • Hate to break it to you… LA is in the process building an incredible football stadium. So enjoy your last year of being able to say “We’re better because we have 1 more NBA championship” and “We’re better because you don’t have a football team!” because those statements won’t apply anymore 🙂

  • “Oh yeah I’m a huge Celtics fan! I mean, I don’t really watch during the season but in the playoffs I really get into it.”
    No joke. I heard someone say that verbatim in Boston before game 7 and I will never forget it.
    Bandwagon fans exist in both cities. Die hard fans exist in both cities. Don’t generalize or you just look like an idiot.

  • Yeah because a stadium constitutes a team…gotta love California, how far in debt are you guys now? Many cities that build stadiums and actually have multiple teams still lose money but clearly you guys know something the rest of us don’t…or maybe you’ll get the Raiders back because they’re a model NFL franchise.
    The only football team you do have will be playing glorified exhibition games the next few years thanks to the NCAA catching onto all the shady recruiting, which you can now throw out the window since you won’t be allowed in any bowl games.
    Truth is loser, we are better than you in everything…your hockey hasn’t won shit despite wasting a decade of Gretzky’s career, you get our left overs in baseball, you don’t even have a football team..and your basketball team (from Minnesota) is the second best team in basketball…so you got that going for ya.
    Even a nearly retired David Beckham was getting paid bank to screw around in Hollywood and he hated it so bad HE paid AC Milan to return to competitive sports.
    Face it you guys suck, so enjoy your little moment in the sun…because it won’t be long before the rapist starts crying about Gasol and has the management show him the door like they did Shaq.