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Perk on Baby: “He’s the most important guy right now”

Via ESPN Boston

"He's an instinctive player and I think he has to get back to playing
with the energy and the instincts instead of thinking what [Davis] need
to do. That happens. We predicted that a little bit for him."

Perkins went so far as to suggest that Davis will be the most
important player in Thursday's Game 7 and has been in his ear for the
past 48 hours.

"I've been talking to Baby all day [Wednesday], all throughout our
film session," said Perkins "I told him, he's the most important guy
right now. Just with his young legs, finishing around the basket, his
defense. I think he's the key guy.

"Rasheed [Wallace] is obviously going to play a huge role. But I
told Baby, if he can get 11 rebounds [tonight], we got a good shot to win
this game."

There's no doubt Baby will have to play a great game.  Everyone will.  But like we said earlier… this comes down to guys being themselves.  If Baby can be the energy guy who comes in and snatches rebounds, draws fouls and gets to the line… then the Celtics will be well on their way to Banner 18.

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  • who da guy

    keep the pride alive, dont be scared, know that we will do this. I love it, everytime they count us out…we bounce back like a bat out of hell, watch out world, were gonna do this thing!

  • Still rolling with the Celtics either anyway.

  • d

    I’m in LA and you’d think the game was over. This city has been acting like winning game 7 is a formality. The C’s can rock this place bigger than any earthquake ever could.

  • How many times have they already given themselves the trophy? It sits right next to their trophies for 1969 and 1984.