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Perk has torn MCL & PCL

Via The Globe

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins walked into Staples Center on
crutches this afternoon, sporting a heavy brace on his right knee.
Celtics coach Doc Rivers said definitively that Perkins will not play in
tomorrow's Game 7.

An MRI this afternoon revealed that Perkins suffered a torn ACL and
PCL in the knee.

That should say MCL.  His ACL was not damaged.

Not only will Perk miss Game 7… I'd be shocked to see him ready for the beginning of next season. 

Get well soon, Perk.  

C's… time to step up.  

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  • DRJ

    Wow… Shocking news. The video looked so benign. Wow… I’m really surprised. Damn. Sheed…. your time has come.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Great season Perk. Hope the surgery and rehab go well, I’m sure having another ring will help in the offseason.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I have a feeling Doc is going to start Big Baby… Have Sheed off the bench to guard Gasol.
    Get well soon Perk

  • HowDoesItFeel

    YES!!!! Just as you guys wanted Bynum to be injured, looks like the tables have turned. HOW DOES IT FEEL!!?!!? HUH!?!! HOW DOES IT FEEL TO HAVE AN INJURED CENTER BOSTON??? YES!!! REPEAT!!!

  • oh flakers trolls you guys have an “injured” center as well. to clear up the title/post is it an MCL or ACL tear?

  • DRJ

    Sorry guys… this is not be. This troll should be banned.

  • DRJ

    Oops… This is not *ME*.

  • DRJ The 2nd

    Whoa what a trip. I didnt know there was another DRJ here. Those are my initials in my name. Didnt mean to clone you. hahahaha. Here, just for you I’ll make a change in my name.

  • DRJ

    Man up Perkins. He’s just a frowning P*ssy.

  • DRJ

    It was reported as ACL at first, in error, then corrected. It’s MCL, apparently.

  • G4L

    As soon as it happend I knew he tore an ACL, It was very similar to TA’s injury.

  • DRJ

    Hey you guys… leave my name alone, willya

  • PeaceSignMoose

    You may be the most miserable person I’ve ever encountered in my life. Enjoy your pathetic existence, and don’t cry too much when Sheed lights the world on fire tomorrow.

  • Clearly you laker ‘fans’ are not real fans of basketball or athletic competition in general. No one who has ever played a sport on a competitive level ever wants an opponent hurt.
    I don’t recall anyone on here wishing ill to Bynum, in fact he’s probably the most respected Laker by Celts fans. People might say that the Cs play better without him on the floor and that’s the truth…but that’s not wishing that he’s hurt.
    I have allot of LA fans who I trash talk back and fourth with and it’s good fun but you people are ridiculous.

  • Uncle Leo

    How fucking devastating can this be to Perkins. It’s the biggest game of his and his teammates career’s and he has to watch it. Working so hard during the playoffs, doing all their dirty work and banging down low for so many hard fought games and now this team’s probable “last dance” has to end without him. Can’t imagine how he’s feeling.

  • No one WANTED Bynum injured. We wanted you to shut the fuck up about him being injured.

  • Uncle Leo

    How devastating must this be to Perkins. This is the most important game of his and his teammates careers and he has to sit and watch it. After doing all the dirty work and banging down low for so many hard fought playoff games and a grueling regular season, he can’t be there for what is most likely this group’s “last dance”. It’s just too sad.

  • He knows The Lakers Can’t beat the Celtics if the Celtics are healthy.

  • Uncle Leo

    obviously the server couldn’t process the saddness.

  • Zauer

    Sheed is starting for sure. To match Bynum’s size. Big Baby comes in when Odom comes in. I don’t expect Shelden to play much, it’s the last game of season, probably last that important game of our vets careers so KG, Sheed and BB will play big minutes. Hope fear of foul trouble deosn’t kill our bigs intensity.

  • Call me Crazy or drunk But I see SCALLIE coming up big

  • Rush

    get well soon, perk.
    and for the morons laughing at the injury, your moms must be so proud of you.
    let’s go c’s.

  • SorryMan

    When he lights us up for 0-7?

  • SorryMan

    In no way would I ever wish harm or injury upon any human, this is above basketball. But as a Laker fan I acknowledge this turn of events that the Gods of Irony have given us, causing your starting center to miss a game of the finals, reminiscent of what happened to us in ’08 causing us to lose the finals.
    There should be no double standard, you guys called us excuse makers when Bynum didn’t play, so don’t cry if you lose and blame it on Perkins not playing. I hope both teams play at 100% and that we see a close game where a true championship mettle comes out.

  • I don’t know about irony, maybe arrogance…but I think it was said perfectly up above, we just don’t like hearing about the excuses with Bynum…that’s the game, people get hurt, that’s why depth matters…that being said I’ll take Sheed over Odom any day and am therefore still confidant and looking forward to game 7.
    Most of you guys just can’t let go of the fact that the better team won in 08…worse yet some Laker fans are happy with Perk’s injury, which is why I question their love of the game because it only hurts the game 7 over all and it is simply disgusting to relish in a player’s injury.
    I personally think the teams are closer to being equal this year but Boston has the intangibles that make it superior. So hold back on the preemptive attack on possible excuses because they won’t be necessary because whatever the outcome, I for one won’t be like the tons of LA fans who cried about injuries in 08.

  • I’m a Laker fan and I’m probably more pissed off than all of you that Perkins is hurt. I can already hear the excuses now… Maybe Bynum will inspire him and KP will rally afterall!

  • PeaceSignMoose

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks that Scal is going to have his Don Nelson moment and haunt Lakers fans dreams for all eternity.

  • larry

    especially since they had a 3-2 game lead with him playing.!!you can’t replace a guy like him..i know laker fans don’t really care, as long as they win. but in the back of there minds they know better..

  • Count Istvan

    Hay guyz. I r a lakker fen nao. Goo Lakers!

  • 1. If the Celtics lose tomorrow is because the Lakers are the better team. No Excuses.
    2. With that being said: Perkins injury might be a blessing in disguise. Even though the Celtics were doing fine with him, I thought that Wallace was not being punked by the Laker big men. I always thought it was intriguing to get Wallace started for Perkins with Garnett.
    3. This is Phil and Doc first game 7 in the finals, coaching is a non-factor. execution will decide who is the champion.
    4. The Celtics needs to attack early and often. They cannot wait until the Laker defense sets in.
    5. control the turnovers. There was a lot of careless passing that became points for the Lakers.
    6. Allen needs to be more aggressive coming out of the screens. I thought he was playing soft last night.
    7. Control other Laker players from going off. Close on them at the three point line. Too many open threes were shot by Artest and the Machine.

  • Rush

    lol at people using other’s nicks. never thought these trolls could get any lower. just wow.

  • who da guy

    just know that there will be justice, no way we go down like this…this team has too much heart. For some odd reason i feel a lot better about this game then i thought i would…everytime people thought we were done, we showed them the truth. I know that is going to happen tommorow, we will have justice. Game winning shot, paul pierce….so nice