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Is there a need for extra motivation?

While John had some fun with Big Baby's inspirational words, I wanted to take a more serious look at motivational tactics.

I know the argument against motivation – "If these guys can't get up for a Game 7 in the Finals, then something is wrong with

But coaching is more than Xs and Os. It's about getting the most effort from your players (see Herb Brooks – "This is your time" speech).

Some players, like Ray Allen, seek out additional motivation:

"[Perkins' injury is] going to put fuel to the fire," said Allen. "I
want to go out there and play harder just to try to get it for Kendrick,
because Lord knows he wants to be out there. I hope he gets well soon. I
love him like a brother. It's real unfortunate. I'm sure he'll be
cheering us on in Game 7."

There's been a lot of speculation about Doc Rivers' future as head coach of the Celtics. If Doc has already decided that he won't be coaching next season, is there any value to telling the team in the locker room before Game 7?

Or… should he take a broader approach and say some of the guys (Ray, Paul, Thibs, TA, Nate, Quis) might not be around next season?

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  • I agree with Ray that the guys digging into the emotional side with Perk going down could be a big factor, especially if he’s on the sideline. These are the little difference makers in a 7 game series once the teams are pretty familiar with each other’s X’s and O’s.
    As for the ‘next year’ speech, I prefer the ‘here and now’ approach. ‘next year’ feels slightly defeatist

  • NineSevenEight

    I just saw this on Rotoworld:
    Report: Perkins will try to play in Game 7
    Roland Lazenby is reporting Wednesday morning on Twitter that Kendrick Perkins will attempt to play in Game 7, despite his right knee injury.
    This is fantastic news for the Celtics, although it remains to be seen if Perkins will actually be effective. It could also mean that he doesn’t need surgery, although we should get more details on his situation soon. Jun. 16 – 11:03 am et
    Who knows if it ends up happening or what he’ll look like if he does play. But we won’t know for sure until tomorrow night.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Good news at least means we have another big body out there. I am not expecting him to be effective at all but if they found it to be just a strain of the ligament then no surgery should be needed and if they give him some pain killers he can give it a go. We’ll see, I seriously DO NOT feel like waiting around for tomorrow night. HURRY UPPP

  • Atlas Shrugged

    If Perkins plays, it will likely be for motivational purposes. I doubt a one-legged Perkins is better than Candace Parker’s husband. And the motivation would be limited because it is a road game. Not quite Willis Reed entering MSG.
    I am not in the business of giving Boston advice, but I would have Perkins on the bench going crazy and I would start Candace’s husband, see how it goes with him and then keep a semi-normal rotation. Or you can just go with one big man sub and hope foul trouble does not creep in. If you wanto to play Candace’s husband, play him early and get him going, which would be the only reason to start him.
    One other wild card option is Perkins starting the game, fouling Gasol hard and getting a technical foul. It would probably cost a point, but it would be highly motivational. I dont think he would mind missing Game 8 of the Finals.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Good point Atlas; suit up, inspire your team, and drop some elbows. I like it.
    But this team cannot get TOO extra motivated… Do it for Perk, do it for Doc/Thibs, do it cuz it’s the Lakers. Everyone just needs to play their game within the TEAM. Play hard but play smart. This is a team of All-Star (and at points in their career Super-star) Veterans. They know they can get it done and they know they have to now.

  • larry

    you know what you should do, put tony allen on the top of the red’s army one expects us to win tomorrow, right.?he’s been a great inspiration..i would rather us all be represented up there as one, i have a strange feeling he’s going to make a difference in game 7.

  • FrankF

    well, it does show up just how shallow the Cellts bench is compared to 2008, anyone got Posey’s phone number?

  • Danno

    Why would anyone start Shelly Long over Rasheed Wallace? Thats’ just silly.

  • Danno

    You mean the weak Celtics Bench that Won Game 4?
    Yeah, they’re awful. Good Lord you Mexicans are stupid.

  • Section328

    You lost me at Candace. I get chills at the thought of Sheldon “Stone-For-Hands” Williams at the SCORERS TABLE…I don’t want anything to do with him jumping to start the game.

  • FrankF

    I didn’t say they were bad just not as deep.
    I mean the bench that in 08 had PJ Brown, Sam Cassell, Leon Powe, Eddie House and BBD….and now, one guy goes down and people are thinking seriously of starting Sheldon Williams? I’d rather see Scal suit up even if he hasn’t played a game since god knows when.
    and what have you got against Mexicans, you a bigot?

  • FrankF

    True, all he has to do is stay out of foul trouble – in LA. easier said than dome.

  • Allen is sure the Celtics will be on point.
    “We’ve got some ballers on our team, guys that are ready to play,” he said. “You can’t shake a lot of the guys’ characters here on this team. We’re a group of trash-talking guys. We compete at everything we do. Everybody believes they can make the shot or stop the guy from scoring.
    “When it comes to Game 7, it’s like this is what we were born to do. It’s like if we were born, [and] our mothers said we would be in Game 7 of the NBA Finals some day and nobody would blink an eye because we would say that’s where we’re supposed to be.”
    via ESPN
    cant wait.

  • DRJ

    Doc will probably leave after this season. I think he knows how this series was fixed to go the full 7, so he’s probably had enough of that crap for now.
    He can quit now on top, and come back in 2-3 years after his kids are grown and command TWICE what he’s making now. So it makes sense that he would quit now. There’s a push (the fixing) and a pull (being able to come back later with for much more $).

  • Section328

    I think TT wouldn’t have taken the Bulls job if he knew he could have Doc’s – that’s the only reason I think Doc is staying…but who knows.

  • NineSevenEight

    Scratch that. Heard straight from Perk on the radio that he tore his MCL and PCL.

  • if doc leaves the c’s should see if izzo wants a job with a real franchise

  • PeaceSignMoose

    I’m done going the college route for a while. McHale or JVG will get this job if Doc doesn’t come back.

  • oh god please not jeff “ialmostblewkobeonlivetvduringthefirstquarteringamesix” van gundy. what was all that bull about kobe not getting enough credit?! jesus if that man coaches in this city i will cry

  • jeff “ialmostblewkobeonlivetvduringthefirstquarteringamesix” van gundy.
    You mean he is finally showing restraint?