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Elbowing people in the jaw is now apparently legal

I'm not asking for much here, I don't think.  All I want is when a guy puts an elbow up and it connects with a guy's jaw… that a whistle be blown. 

Just a thought.

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  • Rodger

    All the lakers are dirty players artest fits in nicely.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    Looked inadvertant to me. Those types of plays happen often in the lane with big guys boxing out, it just looks bad when it involves a guard flying through the lane.
    If Rondo had not airballed his previous shot, he would not have been injured in the next play.
    And if Rondo had not missed an easy 10 footer, Perkins would have had no reason to jump for that fateful rebound.
    And the dirtiest play of the game was Pierce intentionally tripping Gasol on Shannon Brown’s first space flight.

  • Rodger

    Just a little payback for all the shoves in the backs elbows ect the lakers have been doing all series long.

  • Andrew

    Mark Jackson’s comment afterward is ridiculous.

  • John

    Anyone else see Bryan sweeping out Perk’s leg when Perk was in the air for the rebound when he got injured?

  • Danno

    Inadvertant isn’t a measure by which fouls are called.
    Contact is contact.
    An elbow to the head that caused bleeding and requires medical attention and bandages is SUPPOSED to be an automatic ejection. Intentional or otherwise.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    That must be a new rule I did not hear about. The blood and bandages auto ejection. I think intention is pretty important for ejections, but again, I have not been keeping up with the rule book. Maybe blood and bandages is enough.
    Foul, fine. That would not have been a shock. And it came at a key time when the Celtics could have cut the lead to 23.

  • Champ

    You have got to be F’ing kidding me. That’s soft talk, Charmin Celtics.
    Waaahhhh! The big bully Lakers are mean and hurt us. Gimme a break, you’re embarrassing yourselves and your soft-ass team.

  • bizdady

    You guys are funny. Paul Pierce trips Pau Gasol on the open floor and you guys cry over Rondo falling into inadvertant contact?? How about the shove Rondo gave to Kobe away from the ball right in front of the ball? You guys get away with so much and cry when the big mean lakers take it to you.

  • John

    How about the crying and flailing Kobe does every time someone plays defense or rips the ball out of his hands. Last night, for example, where the refs called TA for a foul that was just good defense.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Whose calling them the “big, mean lakers” ?haha don’t flatter yourselves the Lakers aren’t considered that and no team considers them “big and mean” rather your a bunch of tall softies who are going to piss down their legs in a game 7 at home. Cannot wait!!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This Laker team makes me laugh. The biggest bunch of faux tough guys I’ve ever seen. The true measure of a tough team is how they are on the road and the ONLY guy on the team who can be looked at as mentally and physically tough is Kobe Bean Bryant. All these other chumps lose their balls on the road it’s hilarious. Everyone on the Lakers with the exception of Kobe is going to wilt in a Game 7 at the first sign of adversity, which is why a good start is KEY

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    Ignore the laketard trolls. You had to know going into this they were going to call the celtics tight and the fakers loose. DRJ outlines the underlying motivation of stern very well a couple of threads back. Give the lakers credit, they took full advantage of it a got a big home win. Congrats, you forced a game 7. But don’t come in here acting like that huge collection of p#ssies fittingly outfitted in yellow are now somehow the badasses of the NBA. Artest is the ONLY one on that roster with tough cred, period. Boston has already outlasted much more physical teams in Orlando and Cleveland. It was one game live it up. Thursday brings a new game and hopefully no agenda from stern and stu. It was nice to see Ray finding his touch again, keep it going thursday ray ray.

  • A foul call wouldn’t have fixed a flaccid offense and an anemic defense.

  • haha

    I still dont see how you call that a foul. Rondo Jumped in the air and landed on Artest’s elbow. Artest was just blocking out rondo so he wouldnt be able to sneak in and get an offensive rebound. If you call that a foul, then the play where Pau gets tripped by Paul Pierce is also a foul which they did not call so it cancels out.

  • PPsucks

    wow, you guys are the big bad tought Celtics and youre complaining that Kobe did that to Perkins? youre full of shiit

  • PPsucks

    waaaaaaaaahh waaaaaahhh!!STFU!

  • Jaime

    Fine. Let’s play it your game.
    Pierce punched a ref in the face! A ref… in the face. He should be suspended for the entire Finals, and all 82 games next season!
    Contact is contact!

  • DRJ

    Of course it was a foul. But it happened so fast no one saw it. And of course it was inadvertent. No ref is going to call a flagrant on that one, even if they did see it.
    Anyway… it’s irrelevant.

  • lakerfan13

    kobe getting pushed by rondo, and you guys are callin the lakers soft, you guys make me laugh. you guys are a bunch of media hogs who read what the media says, plain and simple you smeltics got your butt kicked, one stopid little play aint gonna do anything, they never call that ball swipe that garnett does to everyone after they call the play dead i liked how odom got the ball and dunked it and how funny garnett pushed him. u guys are lame, have a nice quiet flight to boston where u savages belong. this year its gonna be fisher at the podium at the espys saying “Another Blowout in LA” and all of LA is gonna laugh at the little baby celtics, i mean what other team in the nba refers to there player as a baby come on now.

  • IronEagle

    Actually, I did see that, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. Kobe undercuts Perk while he’s in the air, and that’s what caused him to land awkwardly. Kobe’s a dirty little bitch… just like Artest and his “accidental” elbow.
    BTW, nice screen name, moron.

  • Iron Eagle

    Way to keep it real… real dumb.
    The avg IQ on these posting boards seems to be about a 55. Stop worrying about blogging, and go back to school.

  • haha

    Isnt it funny that when you have nothing to say basketball related, you try to change the subject to grammar?? If you dont like the grammar then why are you still reading his post? You should stop worrying about other people and worry about yourself.

  • Wow

    It was unintentional..Get over it.
    And its funny and ironic when you call Lakers dirty players. I recall it as Pierce intentionally tripping Pau after he tripped on his own foot dribbling and trying to flop, and it was Rondo who straight up shoved Kobe for no reason right before Shannon Brown went for his first dunk.

  • Wow

    You could tell he was trying to box out.

  • dom1020

    Sure is butthurt celtic fans in here!

  • machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com

    well apparently pushing people is legal too.. (rondo pushed kobe when brown was dunking) so technically, karma is a bitch aint it???

  • machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com

    hahahahaha i love seeing rondo’s head going sideways! cant stop laughing!!!

  • machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com

    wow..you got their IQ just by reading their comments????? seriously???? damn your dumb……………………….

  • Nonetheless, even if inadvertent, a personal should have been called due to the fact that there WAS contact… no? I am quite sure that any contact with a player on such a drive while Artest’s body is clearly in motion is grounds for a personal foul (Two Free Throws.)
    Not saying the Celtics hadn’t underperformed during game six, (Which would be an awfully generous way of describing such a pathetic performance), but the call should have been made nonetheless. Definitely not to the degree of ejection (because the elbow seemed to be unintentional), but at least to the point of addressing the contact which was obviously initiated.
    Give credit where credit is due. The Lakers had a much more powerful first half, and the Celtics poor execution on offense throughout the game had attributed to their collapse more than any other aspect.
    PPSucks: You should really calm it down on the posts. It makes you seem very uneducated and ignorant when you respond to posts the way you have.
    machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com: Your comment on this board brings a lot of disrespect toward yourself as a fan of basketball. Way to laugh when a player gets hurt. I dislike a number of players in the NBA, but I personally don’t enjoy seeing the players get hurt… that’s just messed up.