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Celtics may be better of without Perk?

While we are lamenting the loss of Kendrick Perkins in Game 7, ESPN.com's John Hollinger says there's a silver lining to Perkins knee injury:

However, if Boston's bigs can avoid the whistles early, we're
unlikely to find ourselves discussing Perkins' absence as much of a
factor. As important as he's been to Boston's suffocating defense the
past three seasons and as crucial as he was in the conference finals win
over Orlando in particular, he hasn't had as much of an impact in this
series, and Bynum's knee injury renders Perkins' biggest strength a

As a result, the Celtics might find themselves
better off in his absence than they were in his presence. No other
Celtic offers Perkins' physical presence, but between the shooting and
Gasol-stopping of Wallace, the production of Davis, and the tantalizing
possibility of wrong-footing L.A. by unleashing Tony Allen on Kobe and
playing small, Boston has landed in a peculiar one-game scenario in
which it might be better off without Perkins than with him.

This entire theory hinges on Rasheed Wallace's ability to stay out of foul trouble. Or… how tight will the referees be calling this game.

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  • I bleed green in L.A.

    the theory also hinges on Sheed not going 0-7 and Baby not going 0-3. I do like the going small theory for some periods of the game, and maybe throwing Marquis on KoMe for a while too.
    I still like the idea of Perk coming off the bench in the 1st quarter to give these guys a spark and remind them to suck it up and play tough. And then set a high pick and roll for Pierce, elbows up of course, and “inadvertantly” smash Ron’s chin, nose, mouth, eye, or throat and then fall down right onto Bynums knee. I think this can be coached and should be his sole mission for the Game 7 battle.

  • Magic Fan

    Sad how “I bleed green in LA” wants Kendrick Perkins to come back just to injure other players? No offense, but that’s a low comment. I wouldn’t object to Ron getting some elbow payback, but Andrew Bynum has been plagued with knee injuries. Hell, he’s even playing through one right now. To suggest that Perkins injure a guy who’s already hobbled seems like a desperate measure for a team on the rotten end of the Game 7 stick.
    Kendrick Perkins was your defensive monster who dominated Jermaine O’Neal, contained Shaquille O’Neal, limited Dwight Howard, and frustrated Pau Gasol. Without him, the Celtics are toast. Don’t try to put it any other way.
    Next year, Orlando Magic will be waiting for you Celtics.

  • hey Magic Fan I think I bleed green in LA may have had a little bit of jest in his commment about the whole smashing rons throat and landing on bynums knee…maybe im wrong but it seamed that way to me lol

  • DRJ

    You should correct the typo in the title: “Better off“, not “Better of”.
    Cs can win without Perk. He’s the 5th worst injury they could have. But I still believe he’ll be back, based on the video… though he might play limited minutes.

  • NineSevenEight

    Perk officially canned for Game 7. Was just interviewed and broadcast over 98.5. Torn MCL and PCL. Will most likely miss the beginning of the season.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Yeah, Greg, why are you even here. It’s not like your Center didn’t try to take out most of our players with his “inadvertant” elbows. Go fishing with your team, you know nothing of this rivalry.

  • LAL

    Nice to know what thought train you’re in when without a starter.

  • I bet the Celtics fans wish Perkins would have gotten a T in game 5… lol

  • John Hollinger’s perception is wrong.
    The Celtics will be incapable of outrebounding the Lakers in Game 7 without Perkins in the line-up at all.

  • 34AtTheBuzzer

    “Next year, Orlando Magic will be waiting for you Celtics.”
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me?! Your band of clowns couldn’t get the job done this year! How is next year going to be different? Over-paid, over-hyped roster that showed it’s true colors against a championship Lakers last year and a championship Celtics team this year. Deal with it. They wouldn’t have even made it to the finals last year if the Celtics were healthy!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  • Joel

    Yeah right the Lakers have been just playing with Boston. They will win by 12 tonite!

  • Well, obviously they aren’t better off without Perk. That’s a retarded statement to make, even if you try to back it up with convoluded stats