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Tonight’s the night

If the Celtics are going to win this thing, they're going to have to do something improbable.  Hell… it's damn near impossible.  Or so it seems.

They are either going to beat the Los Angeles Lakers in three straight games… or they'll beat Kobe, at home, in a Game 7.

The Lakers have only lost 3 games in a row once this year, and those were all road games (3/4 at Miami, 3/5 at Charlotte and 3/7 at Orlando).  BUT, the Celtics have won 3 straight games in each of their 3 series so far in this playoff run.  The Celtics have already won 6 of their 10 road playoff games and they've already won a game in LA.  And that game was when the Lakers were playing well.  

I know I've said momentum only lasts until the final buzzer.  And I stand by that.  But the Celtics and Lakers are in a different place.  Pau Gasol is Pau Gasoft again.  Lamar Odom has disappeared again.  Andrew Bynum is hurt… again.  The Celtics don't have momentum in this series, they have a clear advantage.  

Rajon Rondo is the NBA's version of a pool shark… lulling you in with straightforward stuff before burning you with some impossible bank shot when you bet against him. Paul Pierce is heating up, burying those elbow jumpers and bulling his way to the hoop like we all remember.  Kevin Garnett is once again Scorsese or Spielberg.  He should win a Best Director award for the way he make that Celtics defense work.  And the Celtics bench is getting contributions from a different player every night… forcing Phil Jackson to stick with his starters and run them into the ground.  

What happens when Ray finds his stroke again?

These are suddenly two teams headed in opposite directions.  It's entirely possible some home cooking can change the look of this Lakers team.  They seem to be a different team in the comfy confines of Southern California.  But I don't think home is enough for the Lakers to escape this time.

The Celtics know that tonight's the night.  They're in the Lakers's heads now.  Like a couple of dogs fighting, one has asserted its dominance.  The Rottweiler has found its way on top of the German Shepard.  

The Alpha Males are wearing green.  

This ends tonight.

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  • kg

    Let me tell you, watch Paul tonight. I am amazed this has not received any coverage. He hurt his right thumb or hand on the Artest rebound, when he stripped the ball from Kobe. He looked to be in a decent amount of pain and was grabbing at it the rest of the game. I know Pierce is tough, but that could really hurt his shooting. I hope I am wrong.

  • NineSevenEight

    No worries. Ray Allen went back to the Staples Center to retrieve his missing three point shot. He’ll pick up where he left off in Game 2 accordingly. Celtics!

  • nick

    I know this may seem like a miniscule thing to focus on seeing that tonight is a HUGEE game in this season, Celtics history, and in the history of the BIG 4 and Doc.. but I’de really really like to see Big Baby establish himself offensively and be super aggressive like he was in game 4, I felt like when he was smashing Kobe, Odom and Gasol around like rag-dolls that he intimidated L.A. I know he did actually, you could see it in their eyes. Big Baby needs to BEASTTTT.

  • Cs girl

    Let’s do this, Cs!!!
    I’m pumped for tonight’s game.

  • ferdinand

    I would like to see the finals end tonight. The only thing stopping the celtics will be foul trouble. hopefully they can find a way to play through like they did in game 2 and still play celtics basketball. kg was in foul trouble all game and still managed a victory on the road. Go Celtics!

  • DRJ

    If Ray starts hitting tonight, we could be looking at a blowout. If not, Cs still have a clear advantage, but it’ll be a scrap to the end. Watch the refs — it’s still possible they might have an interest in extending this series to 7. If so, they’re the one factor that can still stop the Cs now…. because the Cs now have LA’s number when playing defense… Celtics are the MUCH better team… and WILL win, if given a clean shot at it.

  • Danno

    Tonight We Dine IN HELL!!!!
    Cue the Motherfucking DUCKBOATS!!!
    Gino is on in 5… 4… 3… 2…

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  • Shawn-cvd

    This is gonna be crazy. Best of luck to the Celtics. Now if Flakers continue to play like they did in Boston they won’t need it….

  • Lorilei

    And I thought I was the only one who noticed that… I’m worried. I hope we’re all wrong about it too.


  • Fox

    Have to get it done tonight, I don’t like having to face a Game 7 against Kobe and the Staples-loving refs. The Lakers are going to come out the most energy we’ve seen all series tonight, so the bench is going to have to be ready to get called on and have a Game 4-reminiscent performance.
    “I know you all want to win, but you’ve gotta do it, TOGETHER!”