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Legler: Kobe doesn’t trust teammates

(My favorite) ESPN analyst Tim Legler had this to say about Kobe:

“I think for Kobe Bryant, the problem right now is
as the game goes on and the Celtics make a run in the second half, Kobe
trusts his teammates less and less and less. And that’s a big problem
for the Lakers,” Legler said. “You can see the frustration in the body
language and the gestures he made towards some of his teammates and he
frustration he showed in a couple of those huddles late in that game. He
doesn’t necessarily feel he’s got the guys to with the intestinal
fortitude to withstand a team as tough mentally as the Boston Celtics.”

Paul Pierce, as he good as he individually one-on-one in those
situations, if he’s double-teamed or he’s having a tough time creating a
shot for himself, he has no issue whatsoever throwing the ball to Kevin
Garnett or [Rajon] Rondo or Ray Allen or Rasheed Wallace or Nate
Robinson, whoever’s out there. They trust each other completely. That to
me is one of the biggest differences between these two teams."

Role players generally play better at home. But does that apply to elimination games with the NBA championship on the line?

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