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Boston & That Sports Babe with KCAL’s Jim Hill at 7pm

RedsArmyAdmin June 15, 2010 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Jim hillWe're getting hyped for Game 6 with an LA flavor when we get KCAL/CBS 2 sports anchor Jim Hill on the show. 

We're going at 7pm so everyone can get out to wherever they're going and celebrate… you know… should there be a need to celebrate.

So head on over to our show page right at 7… click to listen and call in.

And by the way… should you be out somewhere and celebrating… be careful.  We don't want anyone getting hurt or arrested or anything.  Mainly because we don't want to lose any hits to the page.

Ok.. ok… we care about you as people.  I just wanted to maintain a gruff exterior to impress the cool kids.

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