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And the refs for Game 6 are….



Monty McCutchen, Joe DeRosa, and Ken Mauer are the officials assigned to
referee Game 6 of the NBA Finals Tuesday night at the Staples Center.

McCutchen and Mauer worked Boston's Game 2 victory that featured a
series-high 58 whistles, while DeRosa was part of the Game 1 crew that
called 54 infractions (and handed out three technical fouls) in a Lakers
triumph. Those two games left the referees under heavy scrutiny for
impacting the flow of the game.

I have faith the officiating will not be a factor in tonight's game.

The ticky-tack calls from Games 1 and 2 have faded away (except for the 4th quarter of Game 5).

The Lakers will get the typical home team treatment and nothing more.

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  • SorryMan

    I’m just curious, do most of you think that the Celtics will win tonight?

  • AMP

    Check out the poll to the right…I’d say we most definitely do!

  • mollysdaddy

    If Ray is hitting, then it’ll be an easy win. He will open up the floor for the other guys to get in closer (Rondo).
    If Ray is not hitting, then I think they should be able to grind out a win.
    Here’s the thing (and I sometimes think too much) The start of the fourth is crucial, in my opinion. If it starts close and we don’t make a run to put pressure on them it will be tough. Gotta play the fourth 5 on 1.

  • DRJ

    I think the refs are the only factor that swing this game LA’s way. And they might, if they’re still determined to extend this one to 7, which is possible. We’ll probably know within the first 3 minutes how it’s going to go.