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A waste of time

Chuck - Red's Army June 15, 2010 Uncategorized 42 Comments on A waste of time


Despite needing just one more win to capture Banner 18, the Celtics came out of the gate like a team full of 40-year-old men playing a pick-up game on a Sunday afternoon.

Missed dunks.
Missed lay-ups. Errant passes. Balls dribbled off knees and feet. No
box-outs. You name it, and the Celtics did it poorly. The Lakers out-hustled them in every facet of the game.

Will this craptastic effort have any bearing on Game 7?

Nope. That's gonna be a war.

Kendrick Perkins left the game in the 1st
quarter with a sprained knee. He did not return. He appeared to be in a
lot of pain and I doubt he will play in Game 7.

Box score | Recap

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  • Yup that sucked. Good luck with the Laketards tonight BTW. maybe I’ll check back tomorrow night after they’ve had their fun.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I donno why this game doesnt concern me all that much. Yeah they played horrible but you will not see that again. Game 7 cannot come soon enough!!

  • Jay Arr


  • Alex

    I doubt this performance will happen again.
    Reminded me of Game 1 of this series, and Game 3 of the Cavs series. The game after their crapfest, the C’s came out of the gates with guns firing.
    I hope I’m not jinxing it though.
    One more game. Let’s see who’s the best.

  • James

    This team will play better in game 7 i have no doubt. And i think they can win a game 7 on the road. But EVERYBODY has to bust their ass thursday night. Every loose ball. Defense has to swarm, MAKE YOUR GODDAMN LAYUPS AND DUNKS!!! I can’t wait til thursday night, bring it the f— on lakers.

  • baltimoresbest

    Here’s hoping that Perkins will play. I don’t want either team to be missing key players.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    The lakers bench came up huge tonight, outplayed our bench big time. The Perk injury is what really took this team out of the game. You cannot really prepare for that and once he went down we lost our composure a bit. If hes out in Game 7 then we can at least prepare for it before time. I think Game 7 is going to be epic as long as the Refs don’t blow this thing like we’ve seen before. Just go out and kill it this is the last hoorah we’ve seen these guys respond in a good way after a loss like this. I still love our chances

  • James

    This celtics team has to realize, too, that the lakers chances of being here a few years is much better. This is maybe/probably it for this core to win it all. Game 7 HAS to be looked at as their last title shot…go get it C’s.

  • NineSevenEight

    Disappointed in the vacant eyes I saw tonight. Definitely expected a better effort from the team. Maybe I was over confident in feeling that the Celtics were going to come in ready to take the Lakers’ best punch. To me, there’s nothing scarier than playing a Game 7 on the road against Kobe Bryant. Apparently, they seem to think otherwise.
    Random Thoughts…
    Seems like things became completely disjointed just before Perk went down and they could never recover. I expect him to man up and play Game 7. I don’t even want to think about him sitting out. C’s need his size.
    Did the bench even score 10 points tonight? They certainly let every guy and their moms on the Lakers bench get off tonight.
    At times it looked like the Celtics were expecting calls to go their way. Not going to work on the road. I hate when they absorb contact, expect and call, and stop playing. It’s a pet peeve.
    I thought the wrong people were taking shots for most of the night as well.
    Rondo, the last TWO games, has made me cringe at some of his decision making. He’s being extremely careless with the ball, passing it in traffic, putting unnecessary “english” on the ball on open lay ups. His freethrow shooting is completely mental at this point. Seriously, it’s 25%.
    I don’t know what else to say. I really thought tonight was the best opportunity for them to close it out. Game 7? I don’t know. This could be the series where they really could regret the opportunity that they let slip away. Same with Game 3.

  • Well the league wanted 7 games and they now have them…the real question is, do they want to immortalize Kobe like Jordan and make mad money off him after he retires? Provided they aren’t consciously doing that and provided the Cs show up, I think it will be banner 18.
    The refs would have been worse if they needed to be but The Celts came out pretty flat. I’m not big on complaining about refs but it’s true, Pierce was being hacked inside something horrible…either way I’ll stand by the Celtics til the end

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah I hate to say it but Rondo has been a real head scratcher lately. Glad to see someone else realized this. Rondo and Ray both need to bring it in Game 7 I mean this is it and It seems like KG and Paul are the only ones really locked in.

  • Tough to complain about officiating when you play that bad.
    Maybe I am grasping for straws here but I actually thought the Celtics played well enough Defensively to win. Especially in the second half. But you will have trouble beating Cal Berkley scoring 67 points.

  • lainok

    now you guys know how us laker fans felt watching games 4 and 5 when you out passioned and hustled us. It sucks to lose, but it sucks to lose by not working as hard. I know your pain. We are on opposite sides of this war, but as fans of the greatest rivalry in the history of sports…good times on Thursday. It’s like christmas in June.

  • sev

    I hope perkins recovers to play for game 7,dont wanna see no excuses,eventhough in 2008 bynum and ariza were injured,and no one felt bad for US…lolll 🙂 LETS GO LAKERSSSS!!!! 😀 game 7 gonna be epic!!!

  • You know, this has been the Celtics style much of the postseason. I really didn’t expect THIS bad of an ass-kicking, but this has been the 2009-10 Celtics. Remember that beating we took vs Cleveland? The worst home playoff loss in Green history? We came back after that and dominated. So we’ll see. The best could be yet to come. Game 7 folks. Get your helmet, shield and sword-this will be an epic battle. Fucking A.

  • Rodger

    Move over Rick Mahorn Paul Gasol is now the best flopper in the leauge hes spent more time on the floor this series then anybody.

  • NineSevenEight

    Honest Question: Why did everyone feel like it was going seven games even before game six? Like it was some law of averages that there would be no way the Lakers could lose three in a row. Obviously, after tonight, that might be true.
    Am I the only one who really thought that the C’s best opportunity for 18 would be tonight? I feel like everyone is more confident for the next game than they were for this one. I dunno, weird. Game 7 bothers me.

  • This team also seems to play awful the day after a long flight.

  • DRJ

    Folks… it is NOT POSSIBLE for the Celtics to have the fire and TOTAL dedication they had two days ago, and theyn have them come out with THIS effort tonight. It’s just not possible, without invoking an ulterior element.
    The fix was in from day one. This was always going to be a 7-game series. And this time, it was the Celtics who made sure of it.
    You won’t like it. It’s sad. It’s hard to swallow. All that is true. But it is what it is. The truth.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    INJURY REPORT: Perk -> Sprained MCL and PCL. MRI is tomorrow morning. Exactly what I suspected, if the tendon is not a tear then he will most likely play, but if it’s a tear forget it they won’t play him most likely.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    So then if the fix is in, who wins Game 7? The best team? You really believe it’s impossible for a game 7 to come about other than a referee scandal? It’s not just a tough series between 2 evenly matched and great teams? How does the big conspiracy end then?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Going in I thought the Cs would win Game 6. They laid an egg. We all have seen how this team responds after they get outworked and their butts kicked… They will bring it for Game 7 and I’m excited because it’s going to be one hell of a game. This is what following a team is all about, enjoy the ride because you don’t get many situations like this!
    The end is near, the last game of the season, against the hated Lakers, both teams will have the champagne on ice in the locker rooms, who gets to pop it?? How can you not love this??

  • I thought Boston would win tonight. I think they’ll win Thursday. I’ve seen Boston win games that were much worse officiated than this one.

  • NineSevenEight

    Actually, I feel like I’m going to have a stroke having to wait for a Game 7. I think of all of the things that have gone wrong/could go wrong.
    I’m also not one to rely on history to back up the present (e.g. C’s always bounce back after being blown out) Nothing is guaranteed. Who knows what will happen? I just don’t want the Celtics to be on the bad side of it.
    Rasheed Wallace will be remembered for his Game 7 in these 2010 playoffs if Perkins can’t play, that’s about the only lock I can think of.

  • DRJ

    I think/hope/expect that game 7 will be for real, with the best team winning in most cases.
    The Celtics are the MUCH better team, so I expect them to win game 7. Possibly even with ease.
    But it’s certainly dangerous. Any team can win any single game. Anything can happen. But I expect the Cs to take it.
    (Which doesn’t help me re the fix to get it to 7. But at least the right team would get the prize at the end.)

  • DRJ

    Yeah, I watched it VERY carefully… no way it can be a tear. There just wasn’t enough lateral or unnatural motion for that.
    I agree… he will probably play.

  • NineSevenEight

    I don’t agree with DRJ’s “fix” theory. But I have to admit, DRJ has been a Celtics fan through and through even when things looked bleak mid season. The Celtics lost to the Nets, DRJ came back and said it wouldn’t matter when the C’s were in the finals. Credit to DRJ for truly believing and being a nerve calmer. True optomist.

  • NineSevenEight

    Listened to Toucher and Rich this morning on the way to work. One of them was convinced the C’s would lose because of the travel. Apparently Scal co-signed on air in a prior interview. Said that the travel really does take a lot out of the team and affects them more because of their age.
    Can’t use that excuse on Thursday.

  • James

    Bottom line: Celtics, you sucked ass tonight in an important game. The hustle was not there. Your heads were not there. Give the lakers credit, they played AMAZING. But the c’s really blew this after perk went out. That can’t happen in the nba finals. Now you’re in a do or die game 7 that you put yourselves in. Realize, this is likely the last run you have in you. GO GET IT!!! I fully expect diving for loose balls, defensive intensity, smarter offense (ahem, rondo) and a kill or be killed attitude, with or without perk.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    From the (978) area code? Me too! haha

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Let’s Hope. It’s this starting 5 thats undefeated… Don’t wanna change that now!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I do agree the Cs are the better team, but I don’t think it’s by that much. On the road against Kobe, its gonna be one hell of a fight. I feel like it’s a toss up and am just hoping we show up, rebound hard, play physical and the refs let us play some basketball.

  • DRJ

    Thanks, 978.
    But I’ve been too obsessed with the Celtics, for too long. On one level, this is good for me, personally speaking. This will cure me. I can’t continue to emotionally invest in what I know to be at least a partial scam.
    Still… this was an awesome season. And I still believe they’ll close it out the right way.

  • Ajay

    MUST POST ON REDSARMY Perkins most likely out for game 7 coming from a credible source from Yahoo!
    “Kendrick Perkins has sprained MCL and PCL ligaments, and source close to him says “looks like he’s out,” for Game 7. MRI on Wednesday.”

  • Ajay

    Also from ESPN which you guys left a link for
    “Perkins was hopeful, saying: “I’m going to try to give it a go [on Thursday].” But a team source told ESPN.com’s Chris Sheridan: “He’s done.”

  • DRJ

    Can’t believe anything you hear from now on. Each team is going to lie about their injuries. Like the story they put out prior to game 6 that Odom had the flu. Uh huh, sure he did.
    So don’t worry about you hear. I can tell you from what I SAW, though, that it did not LOOK very serious. He should be able to play, based on that, for what it’s worth.


    My Mom text me the result by mistake (all the games have been on in NZ while I’ve been working so i’ve been watching them delayed) – saved me 3 hours of my life….
    I still believe in this crew…looks like Gasol had an awesome game – props to him….jeez even Artest hit some shots!!!

  • Awful showing. Credit the Lake show, they made it look easy last night. Ray seemed to shake off a little rust last night, and if Perk is down we’re going to need every single point from each person on Thu.

  • Orb

    Thought of you last night when KG got fouled for the umpteenth time with no call. A chant of “F*ck Stern!” went up. Still think the effort is a result of sensitivity to the way the game was being called early (as opposed to the “ulterior element”), but man, everyone is getting what they wanted now.

  • Orb

    At least you had a good day of soccer down there.

  • mollysdaddy

    Dude, are you suggesting the Celtics threw this game? Seriously?

  • larry

    look c’s fans nothing to worry about..the c’s missed a lot of layups and alot of wide open shots.!!that happens..but the defense was there, they got the first stop..but the lakers hustled more to get the second chance points..it hurt when perk went down..he supplies defense and shot blocking and rebounding.!!i know the past is the past but the celtics have a made a living off of situations like this.!!i like our chances tomorrow night..the pressure is on the lakers now.!!if the c’s can just hang around for 3 quarters anything can happen.!