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Sad kobe

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On his way into the losing locker room, the most angry man in the Garden
was heard to bellow a spontaneous stream of curses into the ears of his Los Angeles Lakers. As the door slammed behind them, a witness heard Kobe Bryant
screaming that he needed some-bleeping-one to make a stand with him.


A little more than an hour after the 92-86 loss, the surliness was
gone, replaced with pursed lips and a glare gone to Game 6 now. Bryant
wore unlaced high-tops for an ankle that had been hurt again as he
walked to a waiting bus on the loading dock.

“We’ve regressed since Game 1,” Bryant confessed to Yahoo! Sports.
“Our defense belongs on milk cartons in the last two games.”

Adrian Wojnarowski – Lakers wither under Kobe's glare

I don't know how many times it's been said… but it was proven again last night:  Kobe can drop 40 points on you and you can still win if you hold the rest of his team to 40.  Last night he dropped 38 and the Lakers scored 86… so it was closed. 

Not only that, Kobe took 27 shots, the rest of the starters took 36. 

So the plan was to defend Kobe straight up with out trapping.  Control the rest of the team and withstand the storm when he goes off.  I said it before the series started:

Control the front
line. The Lakers are awesome when Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are doing
their thing. They’re damn near unbeatable when those guys are playing
well. But the Lakers are VERY pedestrian when those guys are invisible.
Keep those guys in check, and it won’t matter if Kobe goes for 40.

The more Kobe shoots,
the better it is for the C’s. The rest of that team sulks when he
doesn’t share. If Kobe really is pissed about losing in 2008, maybe
he’ll try to do too much and, in turn, alienate his team. And if you can
clog the lane and prevent him from getting to the rim for much of the
game, he’ll resort to jump shots… and that will give the C’s a major

Add to that the extra emotion of this series and you get the benefit of Kobe popping off and screaming at his fragile teammates when they're pushed to the brink.

So even though the Lakers came out strong and took game 1… and even though it looked like these guys were a tougher, improved Lakers team… it's starting to look like we're right back to where we thought we'd be:  Kobe jacking up shots, the rest of the team going into a shell, and the mentally tougher team taking advantage.

On Page 2: How a tough team responds to adversity

"Oh, it was nothing," Pierce said. "I told Rajon at halftime, I had a
couple buckets going and I wanted the ball, and he wanted to do
something different, and I was a little upset at that. Hey, he's our
point guard, and I trust him. He's made so many great plays for us
throughout the year and throughout the playoffs. It wasn't nothing. I
went and told him at halftime that it was nothing.

"We've got spats with our team all the time. We always have spats.
But the good thing about it, we always clean it right up. I was a little
mad, but I went in the locker room and told him don't sweat it, we're
in this to get a win. It isn't about who gets the last shot."

"I knew Paul had it going, and Luke
was really hard trying to deny him the ball, and I tried to
look him off knowing that I was going to Paul," Rondo said. "But it was
just communication, and I just wanted to make a play."

Added coach Doc Rivers: "Well, [Pierce] thought he was getting the
ball, didn't get it, so he was walking away. Then Rondo was going to
give him the ball and held it, so it was just a miscommunication. We
want the ball in Paul's hands at the end of the quarters, if we can do
it, because we haven't been very good ending quarters as of late. We
wanted a pick-and-roll with Paul and a big, and it just never happened."

ESPN Boston: Pierce, Rondo clear the air

This is how a team keeps it together.

I was pissed… PISSED… at Paul Pierce for turning and walking off during a play.  That was a complete bullshit move.

But then the C's got it together at halftime, and came out and played together (said in the Doc Rivers timeout voice). 

So one team faces adversity and some internal problems and withers… another faces adversity and some internal problems and comes out on a tear and extends a lead to an insurmountable level.


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  • thetitleisours

    Gasol and Kobe are not exactly “close”. From earlier this year they had issues.

  • Nora

    Not a shock. Kobe still does not get it

  • Jake

    Can you guys imagine how ridiculously hard it will be to win game 6 on the road. The Lakers are going to be playing desperately, not to mention that the officials will make it intolerable, and such a shame, after two well-officiated games. The league wants a game 7. It’s going to be fun.

  • Orb

    You know who else doesn’t get it? Phil Jackson. What the hell kind of coaching/motivation is he using. We can all hear Doc’s hoarse “TOGETHER” in our heads, and Jax’s response is to tell his team “Yeah, they suck.” I’d have to say Doc has been outcoaching him, just like ’08.

  • thetitleisours

    “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  • CFH

    What? You don’t admire Phil for his brilliant ability to have no plan to stop the Celtics since maybe they would stop themselves?
    I would love to see Phil and his chair lose this series.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Tuesday is going to be fun

  • GoWyo

    That picture is absolutely PRICELESS!

  • Orb

    Then, after the parade, maybe the RA community could chip in to buy Phil a book. Maybe Sun Tzu’s “Art of Losing to TEAM” or something.

  • Haha yeah that’s what I was talking about in my comment last night…
    Seriously, the guy has the worse alpha dog issues…he intimidates his teammates not to steal the spotlight then complains when they aren’t scoring because the ball is in his hands. He is an amazing player, one of the best ever but a total prima donna, completely lacking in the teamwork department.

  • kg

    Anyone notice Pierce seemed to hurt is right thumb/hand on the Artest free throw rebound he ripped away from Kobe? He was grimacing and grabbing it the rest of the game. Im surprised this has not gotten any coverage. Hopefully, it is nothing.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Favorite non game clinching moment last night was the WIDE OPEN path for a lay up by Nate at beginning of forth. Vujabitch and Odom looked dejected at each other and seamed to be arguing on who missed the assignment. Priceless.

  • No nickname for Lamar? I propose Scrodom, if no one else has yet

  • Shawn-cvd

    Zing! Phil always does this bullshit. Like his video packages he does…
    In the past, Jackson has shown clips of “Best in Show” to remind his players they’d be dogs if they lost early in the playoffs. He has also shown “Hustle & Flow” to underline the importance of effort in an underdog role. Three years ago, he spliced cuts of “Inside Man” into video sessions, hitting on the theme of getting the ball down low to Kwame Brown against the undersized Suns.
    Get it? Because the theme of that series against the under-sized Suns was to pound the ball inside. Inside to Kwame Brown. Because everyone knows that Kwame Brown is the “Inside Man”…Oh that’s witty AND inspiring!

  • Shawn-cvd

    LOL I originally wrote Odumb than changed it for no good reason other than Mr Kardashian has it bad enough…