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Garnett, to Pierce, to Rondo FTW!

I don't think people give Rondo enough credit for the CATCH on this.  The whole play was nuts.  Pierce's catch, whirl and pass was sick.  Rondo's finish was unreal (though we should be used to it by now and even Rondo called it "easy").

But look at how far back Rondo has to reach back just to catch the pass.  He cupped that thing like his hand was a Jai alai cesta

Sick.  Just sick.

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  • Ace-One

    Whew! Great play there, but KG should have called timeout. Way too dicey of a pass to Pierce. And yes, Rondo made a hell of a catch and layup.
    Also, perhaps the unsung hero on this play is Rasheed. If you watch, he blocks out Odom, who had a real chance at maybe tipping the pass or at least trapping/defending Pierce along the sideline, which would have made his heave to Rondo much harder. But Sheed doesn’t let him. For all his exasperating qualities, Sheed makes a couple of these subtle but really intelligent contributions each game. Basketball IQ never gets out of shape.

  • Love the jai Alai reference

  • VinBakerRules

    Would have been a goaltend on Odom had he missed the layup in any event. Doc and Danny know all about that rule (From the Larry-Nique Showdown).