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One more win

Chuck - Red's Army June 13, 2010 Uncategorized 59 Comments on One more win


The Celtics are one win away from Banner 18. One. Win. Away.

Tonight's 92-86 victory was a great TEAM effort. Kevin Garnett was an absolute monster: 18 points, 10 rebounds, 5 steals and 2 blocks. His defensive effort was incredible. I thought I was watching highlights from 2008.

Paul Pierce had his best offensive effort in weeks. 27 points. Same goes for Rondo: 18 points on 9-12 FG, 8 assists. (I'm ignoring the 7 TOs).

We've been hearing all series how Kobe was going to go off. Well, he did tonight. 38 points on 13-27 FG. He punched the Celtics in the face repeatedly. And they got up after each and every blow. 

Infrequent Redsarmy contributor Rob G. offered up this expert analysis: I will say that Kobe's explosion had the desired effect. Everyone receded into the background and now Kobe is pissed that he's getting no help.

Some key stats:

Points in the paint: Celtics 46 – Lakers 32

Assists: Celtics 21 – Lakers 12

Rebounds: Celtics 35 – Lakers 34

Fast break points: Celtics 14 – Lakers 3

This game was loaded with spectacular plays. Almost too many to remember. Here are my 3 favorite:

– Rajon Rondo's reverse lay-up with "english"

– Tony Allen's block on Pau Gasol

– Paul Pierce tough catch off the inbounds, pass to Rondo for the lay-in

Box score | Recap

"This team has lost more 4th quarter leads than any team in the NBA. They know how to lose. They are showing us." – Phil Jackson.

Hey Phil – Suck it.

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  • slimgoody

    Mark Jackson called Rondo “Grand Theft Rondo.” I thought that was awesome. That is all.

  • green8teen

    Jackson knew he was mic’ed up and they’d play that on tv. the best part is so does doc, who made the comment during halftime that they played about winning the game on Red’s principals. I LOVE DOC’S DEMEANOR!

  • Jake

    That comment by Jackson kinda shocked me, strange way to give your team motivation.

  • jared

    Suck it, Indeed!
    One more, come on you Celtics!

  • Shawn-cvd

    Mark Jackson or Doc’s bitch Phil?

  • PxFunk

    This is probably my favorite post in redsarmy history…Nicely played Chuck.
    Beat LA!

  • Rush

    there’s no “I” in team, ergo there’s no “TEAM” in kobe.
    what. a. fcuking. ballhog.

  • The Red comment gave me chills

  • Man for the first time the pressure is on the Laketards. We’ll see how they handle it. The good news for them is it’s at The Staples Celebrity photo-shoot center. But the pressure is all on them.
    1. Props or whatever to Kobe for keeeping his team alive in the third but if it’s Kobe on 5 I’ll take that all the time.
    2. It’s not like Boston played all that well tonight. Other than shooting they were kinda…scatter brained all night long. Absent KG and Paul Pierce who both were fantastic.

  • green8teen

    phil jackson that is, of course.

  • Mollysdaddy

    Did Ray’s shot hit the rim? I think as much as Ray hit Kobe the play before…

  • Jake

    Artest has become a huge liability on the laker’s offense.

  • I_Smell_Cigar_Smoke

    I’m so afraid that the Lakers are going to grab both of the games back in LA…
    I’m going to be nervous as hell for Game 6 on Tuesday!

  • “You can’t stop Kobe, how can you stop Kobe” – several random Lakers trolls.
    “We don’t have to when you can’t stop our TEAM.” – Me (and several other people on this blog)
    1 more win and Paul Pierce has beat the Lakers more times in the Finals than Larry Bird.

  • Yes just grazed it. from one replay you could see it.

  • finally got the team effort we were lookin for. still a damn close game and hell of an effort from kobe but 3-2 goin to LA is phenomenal! one more. get it done.

  • I hate when Artest gets in foul trouble and he has to sit. The Lakers get better offensively.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Here’s my comments with some Laker Troll for after Game 4 on this here blog-
    “I also believe that if LA averages 90 points or less the rest of the series Boston will win it all. Lastly I believe PP will out duel Kobe in one of these games. Not that Truth will necessarily score more but that he’ll be with in 7 points of Bryant with a higher field goal percentage as well as the win. ”
    True I was off by four points but I’ll take it. So happy.
    Any one in LA should join me at Sunny McLeans for game 6. I got the day off so I’ll save you a seat should you reply with your intent to be there. The place was magical tonight and I promise it’s best place in LA to watch the C’s clinch this!!! RA LA Chapter needs to represent!

  • Robert

    Could someone please describe what Phil said in the locker room during halftime? I missed it and I am curious what caused so much controversy.

  • Shawn-cvd


  • You mean what he said during a timeout in the 4th? Its the quote in the post.

  • Just checked the Shout Box on The Lakers Nation. They are talking about who they need to add to next year’s roster. They’ve given up!!!

  • Shit they have 2 games at home. If we were down 3-2 and had both games in Bank North I’d be bummed but not ready to throw in the towel.

  • slimgoody

    No Mark Jackson said it after Rondo stole a pass.

  • TollboothWillie

    As a random Faker troll, I am offended that Paul Pierce once availed himself of a wheelchair. Fortunately, no Faker troll has ever mentioned this before.

  • Still got work to do. Let’s win this in 6. Perk really stepped it up on D. The box score doesn’t say much, but he was a presence. Pierce, KG and Rondo all did their parts, but Pierce was the biggest key-your captain and go-to-guy can’t go cold 3 games in a row. And I wasn’t lucky enough to be there tonight, but that crowd was AWESOME. They had that place rocking. Kobe did a nice job of completely showing his teammates he has no confidence in them also. Amazing scorer/player, but he just looked like the biggest kid on the rec league team who refused to pass the ball. But let’s not be stupid-the Lakers are going to come out guns-blazing and we still have to beat the defending champs one more time on their home floor. I really believe the key will be playing good D again, cutting down on those turnovers and good bench play. LET’S BRING THAT O’BRIEN TROPHY BACK TO BOSOTON. Your time borrowing it from us is UP.

  • ah kobe’s “not very confident at all” about winning back to back at home. cant wait for the celts to wipe that smirk off his face

  • I sure don’t expect it but a 39 point game win in Staples celebrity Photo-shoot center would be sweet. Hell and 1 point win would be just as sweet come to think of it.

  • Two areas the Celtics must improve. Turnovers (15 tonight) and 3 point shooting (3-12).
    And LA shot twice as many FTs as the Celtics tonight.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    And the defense. He can’t guard Pierce, Period.

  • Wasn’t there one point when Kobe broke a record and they interviewed Gasol and he sarcastically said he was glad that the record was reached so Kobe could start passing again…I dunno but the looks on some of the LA guys faces the last 2 games reminded me of that comment.
    Or maybe it’s the opposite, like they are scared of him, like it’s his game to win…the Boston Celtics vs the Kobe and his over-rated supporting cast…either way Jackson’s comments tonight just show how he is a D-bag who is insecure knowing that he doesn’t belong in the same breath as Red

  • Double P Reppin the B

    What a great game. Celtics showed tonight that they are clearly the better TEAM. We win together, and when the Lakers win, or are pressing to win, they turn to ONE guy. They fall apart we fall together.
    This thing is done Tuesday in Staples, the lakers look ready to quit and KoME is going to have a similar performance as tonight, completely lose all confidence in his teammates and lock in on his own perogative. This is exactly why you cannot compare Kobe to Jordan, period.

  • Jake

    When at least not anymore.

  • Tim (FD)

    Haha I love the ‘Infrequent Redsarmy Contributor’
    good stuff Chuck

  • Thats the 2nd game in a row where Kobe dominated the third quarter and didnt seem like he would ever miss, only to come up pretty small in the fourth
    nobody wants to mention this in the media, but KG has dominated Pau in Boston; in fact you notice how much less effective he is when they arent calling an extremely tight game like they were in LA
    its a huge difference, games 1 and 2, pau dominated because the refs called a tight game and got are bigs in foul trouble and him to the free throw line allowing him to be the aggressor in both games; in boston they called a more physical style of play, the difference in our bigs play was very noticeable
    what im saying is pretty much i still think that pau is a softy that can only dominate the game when they call bull ticky tack fouls on kg sheed and perk
    by the way, the lakers have absolutely no bench, odom is terrible, and their next best player is farmer lol, thats the biggest reason they need bynum healthy, lakers fans cant use the excuse of bynum wasnt fully healthy again, because its their boy mitchs fault they dont have a backup for an extremely injury proned center
    maybe they should have gone after a backup post with their full mle and using ariza’s bird rights to bring him back huh?
    id like to also point out im glad the lakers sold their first rounder this past year instead of taking dejaun blair lol, im sure they are hurting for the money
    isnt it crazy that tony has virtually shut down kobe every time he is guarding him? the “best player in the world” is shooting like 29% against our little tony
    bold prediction – ray allan will make another three before this series is over

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I hope Ray isn’t having too many family issues at home and that they are alright, but he is not playing like himself, missing shots and getting to wrapped up with Fisher. I hope he can block that out and come turn in a 20+ point game out here in L.A.
    Chuck, was that you that beaned Lamar with that battery? I hope so, but you were probably aiming for Kobe, right?

  • NICK

    TONY ALLEN IS A FUCKING MONSTER!! TEAM D TEAM D TEAM D, ya we are a great defensive team, but Tony Allen is suffocating Kobe so much and the only way he knows how to react is to start shooting double-pump fade away jumpers and contester 3’s. The whole team has went into a shell, Kobe included. Lets put our foot on their throats and kill these bastards. Get T.A on that banner. This guy is a true Celtic and he has been for 6 years. For all the credit the big 3, perk rondo baby and nate are getting for this series. With out T.A i am scared to think about where we may b. He also mushed that ball against Pau an embarassed the shit outta him. Resign T.A because he dominates Wade and Kobe as much as they are humanly capable of being dominated.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Well put. Don’t worry the other Allen will be up there soon.

  • DRJ

    Jordan never had to face this kind of defense. Kobe’s absolutely a great player, in all facets of the game…. except one: ubuntu.

  • DRJ

    Good point, I bleed. He had to take off a practice the other day… personal reasons. Maybe that’s what’s been dragging him down ever since game 3….

  • That come from behind “I’m not going to quit” block on Gasol is the definition of Celtics basketball. And it came a t a huge time too.

  • Jake

    I am huge Rondo fan, but there was an insignificant play (At the end of the 1Q, I believe) in which he didn’t shoot the ball from 3/4 of the court = as the buzzer sounded. Now, I know rondo isn’t an egotistic player, but occasionally I get the feeling he’s playing for the numbers or the highlights. The kid has this unique ability to make the spectator gasp – both in amazement and in consternation. Other than that, I couldn’t stress more how much Iv’e come to love and respect his game, I mean he’s the engine behind the celtic juggernaut.


    Well I’ve calmed down after the win…awesome game from the starters – Even Ray Allen realised he still doesn’t have his shot – 10 pts on layups – that’ll do when you’re off. Props to KG – another big game from him WHERE THE FUCK IS TOTHERUINS U PUSSY???? WHERE’S THE TOSSER THAT SAID KG WOULDN’T HAVE 18 ONCE IN THE SERIES??? YOU’RE RIGHT – HE’S HAD IT TWICE AT LEAST. MAN UP BIATCHES!!
    Actually I haven’t calmed down…..
    Props to Pierce – he wasn’t even touching the sides tonight.
    As someone said if the refs let KG play in the post against Gasol (and remember they didn’t in the first 2 games) we’re a great chance. Gasol has been receeding in this series…
    SO if the refs crank up some home cooking for Gasoft it’s gonna be very tough to win in LA. Still I’ve called C’s in 6 right from the start and that’s what I think will happen.

  • celtified

    same here Jake. that was the first time i can ever remember rondo not trying to heave one up with sufficient time to get one off. he has his contract so i dunno why he didn’t…hope its not because of “the numbers”

  • DRJ

    It seems we have an explanation for Ray’s poor performances recently.
    Apparently his son has been seriously ill – eventually diagnosed with Type I diabetes – which is life-threatening. From the sound of it, it looks like Ray probably didn’t get much sleep in recent days. That and the stress had to have taken its toll.
    Best wishes, Ray.

  • “This team has lost more NBA Finals to the Celtics than any team in the NBA. They know how to lose them . They are showing us.”
    Doc Rivers, Game 6.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    He’s actually had diabetes for a couple of years now. Article reminds us that it’s been pretty much two years to the day.
    Glad to see the little guy is doing better. I’m really wondering why his diabetes has results in hospitalization so often. A lot of people are diabetic for decades before complications start popping up.

  • PeaceSignMoose

    *has resulted. Jeeze, what’s wrong with me this morning?

  • thetitleisours

    I am sure Doc is telling the team to not let LA get their confidence back in game six. If it gets to game seven it will be tough
    Win in six Green!!!!!

  • Celtics Girl

    “Hey Phil – Suck it.”
    Love it!

  • Danno

    It really made no sense. It was almost like telling them, don’t worry about it, we don’t have to win this game, they will lose it for us.
    Apparently, Phil Jackson hasn’t watched any Celtics 2010 playoffs tape. At all.

  • Holy crap. 1 to go. They take off for LA early afternoon right? Lot of work left to do, this will be the hardest game to win of the year. Stay off the feet, I wonder if the turnovers are a symptom of tired legs, who knows but have to correct that.
    Back and forth, both teams fighting hard.
    * Best to Walker Allen. Hang in there Ray.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    He has probably the best all around skill set and talent I’ve ever seen in a basketball player. I never said he didn’t, what I was speaking on was the fact that he still doesn’t understand how to win with his team and take his guys with him all the way when the going gets tough.

  • FrankF

    MHO about Ray-ray is that
    1. the same thing that happened to PP when he was guarding LBJ.
    2. He made a number of smart plays under the basket and moving w/o the ball. If the 3 isn’t falling for him he needs to do more of this.
    3. he hasn’t got many good looks since he had ‘the game’ needs to get open more

  • Shawn-cvd

    TTR use to constantly find the time to bag on KG and worship Rondo. Of late Rondo’s game has been suffering for sure. Not enough to cost us games though. It shows that Rondo is not quite there yet. Not that he should or needs to be he is still potentially the best player on the court each and every night. The great thing about the C’s is they have THREE more of those so Rondo doesn’t have to be the man – yet. So excited about how great he is now and he’s not even in his prime yet.

  • Shawn-cvd

    Favorite non game clinching moment last night was the WIDE OPEN path for a lay up by Nate at beginning of forth. Vujabitch and Odom looked dejected at each other and seamed to be arguing on who missed the assignment.

  • DRJ

    Yes, his problem started, as the article says, just before game 5 of the 2008 Finals. I remember that Ray had to stay over in LA, etc.
    His diabetes is Type I, the kind you’re born with. It’s much more severe and dangerous than Type II, the kind you get from eating too much ice cream while sitting on the couch watching basketball. Oh, wait……….


    Mine was Nate’s bullet pass to Ray for the layup. Perk set a great screen to free Allen up. Fisher was completely shut off. Ray went under the basket. Fish thought Odom had him covered so stood still and did nothing. Scrodom then watched Ray score!! Awesome defensive breakdown and fantastic screen by Perk….

  • Shawn-cvd

    Good point. What I remember of that play was thinking “isn’t that a three second violation on Ray?”. The defensive lapses by LA had been so prevalent that it seemed perfectly acceptable to me that Ray was just hanging out there under the basket.