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Closing down the closer

Chuck - Red's Army June 13, 2010 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Closing down the closer


Via Bill Plaschke of the LA Times:

"What's wrong with you?" I said. "You've been acting strange the entire
Finals. You look hurt. You look like you're not having any fun. And you
look like you can't close games."

"You know me better than to ask me those questions," he said.

"Is your knee bothering you again?"

"I swear, my knee is fine."

"So what's happening to you in the fourth quarter?"

"Haven't you seen them guarding me with four people?"

"The Lakers can't win unless you can close out these games."

"It worked the other night when Fish got off."

"It can't work like that consistently, and you know it."

"It will happen for me, other guys will start making their shots, I'll
get a little space, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure you're not wiped out?"

Bryant stopped, turned to me, eyes suddenly bright, smile suddenly
peeking out from underneath a 2-week-old mask.

"They think I can't do this for two more wins?"

Plaschke points out that in the fourth quarters of the last two games, Kobe is 3-12.

As for Kobe's demeanor, remember that everything Bryant does is orchestrated. His under bite scowl during games. His terse responses during post game media sessions. It's all part of Kobe's plan to show the world that he's just as intense (if not more intense) and desires to win more than Michael Jordan.

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  • larry

    so, whats the point of this post.?he’s just messin with c’s.?or is he really hurt or tired or both.?or is it the celtics defense.?

  • jared

    you are so right on in regards to his phony ass scowl and bullshit answers. Hes all show..fitting, considering hes a Laker.

  • Great celtics teamwork video on, don’t know if you all caught it but had to share it with the army.

  • Venus

    “They think I can’t do this for two more wins?”
    Can’t do what? Shoot 40% from the field like he averaged in 6 games against this defense the last time? Disappear in the 4th? Turn the ball over in the clutch to seal the loss?
    Dude get over yourself. I can’t figure out who is phonier him or the zen mistress.