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Your Morning Dump… “Totally clean, reasonably physical and spectacularly Wallace”

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

TrueHoop's Kevin Arnovitz did a fantastic job assembling this video chronicling the Game 4 war between Pau Gasol and Rasheed Wallace.

They are relentless. Neither man gives the other a second to breathe. (I see the makings of a sitcom – "Sheed and the Spaniard?")

Can Gasol keep up this style of play? It will get harder if Bynum, who had his knee drained again after Game 4, can't go more than 10-12 minutes. The guys at ESPN LA take a look at trickle down effect Bynum's absence has on the entire team.

On Page 2, the Celtics defensive scheme vs Kobe.

The Celtics have tried to adhere to four central principles when
guarding Bryant: get the ball out of his hands as much as possible;
prevent him from operating out of the post where he can shoot his
turnaround jumper or make passes to cutting teammates; get physical with
him to close any gaps to the basket; and force him into a crowd of
defenders when he does try to attack.

“When he is driving, [Kendrick

and Kevin [Garnett] are going to step up, making him see defenders,” Rajon

said. “On the wing, guys like myself and Paul Pierce are going to
shrink the floor and make him see four guys on the gaps and the elbows.”

Yahoo Sports – Celtics keep guard up against Bryant

I haven't seen Kobe post up much in this series, have you?

He's averaging 30 points per game but shooting 40% in the process. There's a lot of talk that Kobe is due to have a go-off game. But history shows otherwise. Kobe didn't have that game in the 2008 Finals. He hasn't had that game in the regular season vs Boston.

As crazy as it sounds, I'm more worried about Gasol and Bynum that Kobe. Wait, did I actually type that?

The rest of the links:

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  • marron

    Post play really is one of the most physical positions. You gotta be mentally, and phsically strong . Sheed and Gasol are at par in this game, Gasol has really developed to be less intimidated.

  • I hope Sheex can stay out there and barrel his emotions. Perk has shown some great maturity not picking up a 7th tech, let’s hope to see that from Wallace.

  • idaho.jim

    I’m with you on the Bynum/Gasol factor more than Kobe. Kobe will always get his, so to speak. If we make it hard and he has to shoot 40% to get his, there’s less pie for his teammates. If Bynum and Gasol get going, Kobe will still get his and the Lakers will be more effiecent.
    I personally love it when Kobe takes it on himself to score every point. The other lakers go into watch Kobe more and start to check out. The other fakers go cold, more 50/50 balls for us.
    Between the US/England game and game 6, my liver and voice are going to have a rough weekend

  • DRJ

    “Errant foul” doesn’t begin to adequately describe the foul call at 1:38… it was totally BOGUS, a typical bad call by a ref who called the RESULTS of a play, because he didn’t friggin SEE the actual play.

  • SocalCelts

    They need to put sheed on Gasol more if he’s going to play that kind of defense on him. It will help KG stay out of foul trouble as well and get his offensive game going too.

  • 00dc2

    i love sheed.. he’s awesome! people only see the bad side of him…

  • thetitleisours

    For the Laker’s fans…
    The only reason we lost to the Laker’s in the 1980’s was because Bird and Mchale and Walter were never %100.
    If we lose to the Laker’s it is only because KG never fully recovered from his injury. With a full KG we are superior no matter who plays
    If we lost to the Laker’s it is becasue of Gasol injuring Wallace
    If we lose to the Laker’s it is becasue we lost Powe to injury
    How about if the Laker’s los it was because Doc was smarter about resting his injured players during the regular season.
    OR How about Celtics won with better coaching since the only way for the Laker’s to beat Boston is with Bynum. THEN REST BYNUM until you meet the Celtics, right????
    WE OUTCHOACHED YOU!!!!!!!!!!