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Tony Gaffney’s Celtics shrine

Henry Abbott of ESPN's True Hoop got a tour of Tony Gaffney's childhood home… and shrine to the Boston Celtics.

My favorite part of this video is him talking about being out in his driveway pretending to be Paul Pierce. 

It's funny to think that Tony Gaffney was 14 when Paul Pierce was a rookie.  So when he was in high school, Paul Pierce was just starting out his C's career. Now Tony is practicing with him. 

Must make Paul feel old.  It should.  It makes me feel old. 

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  • Very cool. What a down-to-earth and humble kid. I’ve seen him pregame at the Garden just walk right up into the stands and talk to his friends. Hope he gets that ring.

  • BRADinLA

    This is one of those “are you kidding me” situations. A kid actually gets to be on the team WITH the guys he idolized like Pierce and not only hang out with them but be there for a historic run at the championship. It’s just amazing. Wow.