Ray Allen painted his toe nails green? | Red's Army - The Voice of Boston Celtics Fans
Red's Army

Ray Allen painted his toe nails green?

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  • This is like gasoline on fire for the trolls. they wuill be all over this

  • Alex

    The reason for this is because Ray Allen’s family has been wearing ALL green during the NBA Finals and as a joke, Ray Allen agreed to get his toenails painted in green. 😉
    You can watch his explanation at NBA.com (Game 4 mini-movie).

  • PPsucks

    LMAOOOOO!!!you guys meake it too easy

  • PPsucks


  • MiddleFingerExtended

    i remember hearing something about him painting his toes earlier in his career… not that serious IHMO

  • MiddleFingerExtended


  • JD

    God damnit, good thing he has a wife and kids.

  • mollysdaddy

    I don’t care if he wears green lipstick and a pushup bra so long as he comes to play.

  • Wow

    That’s pretty gay..

  • RayIsGay


  • Sam

    lol true true @ John G. I bet his daughter painted his toenails…. who cares really. Ray Ray needs to have a gr8 game 2morrow!! BEAT LA!! (again)

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    This is both very gay stuff.. without any kind of disrespect, obvious. As long as Ray comes back dropping shots, he can paint whatever he likes, I just don’t care.
    Go C’s!!

  • nba101

    don’t even have to say anything. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!