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Doc: “I’ve got to see [my kids] play at some point.

RedsArmyAdmin June 12, 2010 Uncategorized Comments Off on Doc: “I’ve got to see [my kids] play at some point.

Doc Rivers addressed his future today at practice.

"There's always a reason with the kids, so I don't give a timetable, No.
1," said Rivers. " I just kind of get away. I know one thing you can't
do is make a decision a week after a season. Whether you win or lose,
you can't. You just can't. So you know, usually after Summer League is
all over and a couple weeks after that, Danny [Ainge] and I sit down
and just do what we do. So far as work, I'm still here. But the kids
are always — that's the issue each year, do you want to see — I've
got to see them play at some point."

I don't want to read to much into the quote.  I want to take this at face value and say Doc will make his decision in about a month.

But his kids aren't getting any younger and I believe him when he says he wants to do family stuff. 

Speaking of family issues, Ray Allen may be dealing with some issues at home.  We know his son has diabetes, and he was excused from the media session today so he could go straight home after practice.

As always, we hope everything is ok at home.  We assume that since he was practicing, this isn't a serious problem.

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