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Your Morning Dump… Where we’re like Shrek and Donkey

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
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Davis: "When you're in the moment, you're in the moment, now.  So if I slobber, snot, spit… please excuse me.  Kids don't do that.  Have manners and things like that.  So… sorry about that.  Did I catch you with some?"

Nichols: "No… and Nate, you jumping on his back at that moment as well.  That moment… for you guys to be able to share it…"

Davis: "You were on my back?"

Nate: "See… He didn't even notice"

Davis: "Daaaaang, didn't even feel that."

Nate: "We're like… we're like… we're like Shrek and Donkey.  Best friends."

Yeah, that quote is gonna be everywhere today, but that's only because that whole exchange was awesome. 

Did Baby really not feel Nate on his back?  He was on there pretty good.  He even tried to wipe some of that spit off his face.  I know Nate is small… but he's still a person that is on your back. 

I think we need to petition the NBA to have these two do every postgame.  That was a fun news conference to watch.  I love this exchange too… about playing so long in the 4th quarter.

Davis: I was really looking at the clock like, when is he
going to come get me?

Robinson: I was thinking the
same thing.

Davis: We're playing, but a timeout goes
by, [Rivers] doesn't sub. I was like, man, he's letting us roll.

It was fun. It was fun today.

Davis: I want to
give Doc a hug, man. I love Doc.

Robinson: Tell
him, 'Thank you.'

Davis: I sure appreciate it.

Baby said "You shouldn't have let us two get up here"… but I disagree, Glen.  We're bringing you up there all the time.

On Page 2, the Bynum excuses have begun

“We didn’t have that big presence in the middle, and Big Baby took
full advantage of it,” said Kobe Bryant. “He played extremely, extremely
well for them.”

Bynum, who had listed himself as “questionable” for Game 4 with the
knee injury, clearly labored during his short time on the floor
Thursday. He was far from the player that had averaged 13.3 points and
7.2 rebounds in Games 1-3. The Lakers were also not the same team with
Bynum as a non-factor.

“It bothered us in the second half not having Andrew be able to come
out and play the start of the second half,” said Phil Jackson. “He tried
for a couple of minutes, but it just wasn’t there for him. We’re glad
we have a couple of days off and we can kind of get him back hopefully
in position where he can help us out again.”

WEEI: Lakers lament loss of Bynum 

Alright… I know I took a jab at the Lakers 2008 excuses in the pre-jump tease… but this isn't 2008 in any way.  This is actually a big loss for the Lakers.  Kobe Bryant is right (ugh… painful to type).  Without Bynum, a smaller guy like Glen Davis can get in there and not only grab rebounds… but put them back without getting blocked.

So there, Lakers fans… that's me throwing you a bone.  Losing Bynum is a legit problem for you.  When you lose, you can complain about it.

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  • thetitleisours

    The “Messiah” is a 20+ injury prone player. And they want sympathy from a team of 30+ stars and a %50 playing KG?

  • Alex

    Is there a video out there that shows the full postgame conference with Big Baby and Nate. I missed it unfortunately. 🙁

  • Rodger

    Paul gasol is probaly the best flopper ive seen since rick mahorn.


    Bynum is the difference. Just changes what the celts can do.
    Sheed is banged up to. He has been very effective on Pau.
    Its part of the game deal with it. We didn’t have KG last year, how’d that work out for us?

  • Alex

    I guess no one can find it. Damn. I most likely missed the most entertaining Finals postgame conference of all time. lol

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Well let me just say this, if Bynum is limited to 12 minutes a night from here on out the Celtics win in 6. Which is exactly what my prediction was from the start. I’d be lying if I said he was not a big factor for the Lakers because those two 7 footers really make it hard on our team to finish layups and all that around the rim it was in their heads a bit I think. Once Bynum was limited we dominated the paint. But hey, we had to deal with injuries last year and the lakers won the title. So if they deal with injuries this year so be it!

  • Lorilei

    You should be able to find it in the video section of or the celtics video section of

  • mollysdaddy
  • JD

    Its true that the Lakers are hurt without Bynum, but the guy is injury prone. Ability to avoid injury is part of a player’s value. Andrew Bynum, while a good center, has been shown to be injury prone. Thus, his value is reduced as a player. And that reduces from the team. It has nothing to do with luck, or excuses…. its just that Bynum is injury prone. Its one of his weaknesses, like Rondo’s lack of an outside jumper is his main weakness. So there’s no point in saying “Well if Andrew Bynum wasn’t injured, blah blah blah” Thats the problem with Andrew Bynum: he’s always injured.

  • KY Celts fan

    I dunno, Derek Fisher is flopping like a fish out there. Wait a minute… fish… Fisher… whoa, mind just blown!

  • DRJ

    As I said in another post… they can complain about losing Bynum, but it’s not a legitimate excuse. Health does not = excuse, ever. This series is a contest to determine which is the better team RIGHT NOW. That INCLUDES all issues of health. As it should.
    The Celtics paid a heavy price in the regular season to keep our guys healthy and optimally ready for the playoffs. That was a SPECIFIC PLAN AND GOAL. The Lakers chose to, for example, let Kobe play through broken fingers, injured knees, back problems, etc., etc. Why they did that is anybody’s guess. It looked VERY stupid at the time. And it WAS very stupid. When you go all out to win regular season games, and get HCA as a result, you gotta pay the price down the line and shut up about it.
    The relative health of the two teams involved in this contest is PART OF THE CONTEST. Therefore, health cannot be used as a legitimate “excuse” for failure.

  • lakerman34

    I wanna see Baby slobber when Bynum is guarding him…..I think Baby might actually cry…..