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Enemy Chatter: Gasol is a flamingo in a cement mixer


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters
and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics.
Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

The Lakers gave them hope. Goodness, they've messed up now.

Paul Pierce is bobbing his head and yakking again. Glen Davis is
shaking his butt and clowning again. Kevin Garnett is bending at the
knees and barking again.

The TD Garden is rocking again. The Celtics' cheerleading routine is
being drowned out by "Beat L.A." chants again. The Celtics are
improbably, but undoubtedly, championship contenders again.

A series that felt finished two nights ago is now alive and tied at two
games apiece after Boston outscored the Lakers by nine in the final
period and stole a 96-89 victory that felt like a doubleheader sweep.

LA Times (Plaschke) – Lakers turn Celtics back into contenders

There was nothing subtle about it. The Celtics were more physical and
played harder.

The Lakers went back into bug-on-the-Celtics-windshield mode.

With Bynum gone, Kendrick Perkins went back to pounding on Pau Gasol,
who went into flamingo-in-a-cement-mixer mode with Lamar Odom in
deer-in-headlights mode.

LA Times (Heisler) – With Bynum out, Celtics are drooling

Oh, those fickle LA Times columnists. One minute they are (prematurely) crowned champions, the next minute they are torn down and ridiculed.

On Page 2, praise for the Celtics defense and rebounding.

Over the past few games, it's become clear that the Celtics, for
stretches at least, can crank up their defensive pressure enough to
cause real problems for the Laker offense. Kobe at times has difficulty
with his handle against these guys, and Pau is showing a distressing
tendency to disappear in the post. (Sheed's defense is giving him
probs.) Offensive rebounds, moreover, are getting harder to come by.
After being dominated on the boards in Game One, the Celtics are
steadily seeing improvements in their defensive rebounding.

Silver Screen and Roll

Attention Lakers fans: This is what happens when you play teams not in OKC, Utah and Phoenix.

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  • thetitleisours

    Let’s hope us tough old guys beat up the young brittle ones
    Just call this team “THE SECONDHAND LIONS”! 😉

  • thetitleisours
  • mollysdaddy

    No way it would happen but…
    What if Tony Allen started in place of Ray? This is not intended to be a demotion for Ray, but a way to frustrate Kobe from the get go, and then maybe get Ray started on Lakers bench players. Tony has been very impressive (I think) on Bryant. I was amazed at how impotent Kobe looked when Tony was on him last night. And Ray struggled again, maybe a little break from guarding Kobe when he first gets in the game would do him good.
    Again I know this would never happen, just what if…

  • Wheelchair Pierce

    You guys got your wish. Bynum hardly played and was ineffective. Cool, you guys beat us without our starting center, because you know you can’t beat us with our squad at full health. You’re team captain is a piece of shit. He makes your team look stupid. “We ain’t coming back to LA” Well actually you fucking idiot, you are. KG or Ray Allen should be your teams captain. At least they don’t make your team look like a bunch of idiots running their mouths saying stupid shit that comes around to bite them in the ass. See you in LA, Pierce. Your wheelchair will be waiting.

  • FrankF

    Hey, where can I get a framed copy of that picture for my wall?

  • thetitleisours

    Yes a team of often injured 30+ year old guys should cry about brittle 20-year olds. KG is not even the same KG as a couple of years ago.
    You think our guys aren’t playing hurt??
    This is YOUR hero dude!! Keep him!!!

  • FrankF

    Why not? IMO the starters are wiped out and anything you can do to give them some rest will be an advantage.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    I hear what your saying, maybe he can come in earlier or when KoMe trys to take over and try to slow him down.
    Also, I love Rondo, but Nate needs to come in when our offense is stale and when free throws become important.

  • Danno

    Last time I checked, we won game 2, in YOUR gym, with Bynum playing his normal minutes.
    It’s not our fault your team is full of fragile, heartless pussies.

  • thetitleisours

    Wasn’t Daniels supposed to play good defense on Kobe? But wait, he is injured…

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    That’s hilarious, but don’t expect LA to judge Kobe for it – these are the same idiots that set O.J. free.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah what the hell are you even talking about. We beat you in LA with Bynum posting a career playoff high…. Your argument is void.
    Not our fault your starting center is hurt. Our starting PF was hurt last year. No excuses.

  • Danno

    Doesn’t the lack of Bynum now cancel out the obvious officiating bias in favor of the Lakers?
    I’d say things are really even now.

  • Rodger

    Bostons has owned the 4th quarter every game but game 3.

  • I miss Danno.

  • thetitleisours

    They expect a team of oft-injured OLD guys to feel sympathy for YOUNG Bynum????
    If we had the same KG as two year ago, Wallace with a healthy back. Daniels to play D on Kobe…
    The injury lines are dubious because anyone can play “what if”
    If Powe was not injured we would have him, etc etc etc

  • Danno

    Sorry Fellas. Been busy at work lately.
    Great game last night. I was there. Last one I get to go to ’til next year. I don’t know what was more enjoyable:
    Winning and evening up the series.
    Watching Sheed tackle that fucking Llama to the floor.
    Reveling in Pierce’s sweet, sweet vengeance on Eddie Rush’s glass jaw.

  • MiddleFingerExtended

    best nickname for Glenn and Nate apart for shrek and donkey?? how bout “animation and activity”?

  • Danno

    I love the fact that since Bynum was out for most of the second half, Gasol went back to being soft as a that big faggoty cushion Phil Jackson sits on.

  • Champ

    Zing. Good one Danno! Let me know how that closet is once you come out.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This IS SO true. It’s so obvious that Bynum’s presence allows Gasol to try and be faux-physical and as soon as he’s out of the game Gasol is exposed for being soft and whiny. Lamar, well we all known he’s a softy, but now Gasol is shown to be soft as well when Bynum isn’t there to clog up the lane.
    I think the lakers are in BIG trouble. The fourth quarter stats are pretty staggering from each game. The Lakers not having any bench is catching up with them, where they are dead tired in the 4th and we just aren’t.

  • DRJ

    The ‘what if’ game is stupider than it looks. Point is, HEALTH IS PART OF THE CONTEST. This is a series to determine which is the toughest, best team… which INCLUDES who can keep going through pain better and WHO MANAGED THEIR REGULAR SEASON BETTER. In that last department, Phil Jackson utterly failed. As in letting Kobe play despite multiple potentially serious injuries (and for no good reason… just to win a few more regular season games). How his idiotic head-in-the-sand approach to health harmed the rest of his team I don’t know… Phil knows, though.

  • Schooley

    Shouldn’t it have been “flamanco dancer” rather than “flamingo dancer?” Just sayin’…

  • Schooley

    Just went back and re-read the story. It makes sense in the text. The word “dancer” should have been left out of the headline.

  • I see the Laketards are in full excuse mode.

  • Danno

    actually, it’s Flamenco.
    the original article just said “flamingo” like the bird though.
    Probably because Gasol looks like an ostrich raped a llama.

  • thetitleisours

    Well said +1

  • thetitleisours

    “Health is part of the contest”. That line gets even greater the more one contemplates it. Look at what Doc tried to do during the season to protect that health?? And he was willing to lose home court to do it.
    The “What-if” game is ludicrous

  • How silly of me. Thanks for pointing it out.


    It’s 2-2 guys not 4-2, this series is going in a rhythym. They win, we get pissed and win, they get pissed and win, we get real pissed and win.
    Game 5 – we better play harder…
    Bynum will play 20 minutes I reckon for not many pts (can’t jump) but he’ll be there for the exact reasons said above, to make them tougher and help Gasoft out.
    Sheed better straighten out his back/arse too. We need him if our bench is gonna wear down their starters even more. He stops Gasol 1-1….


    Flakers fans are still making wheelchair jokes? Hilarious.
    That’s cutting edge, brah. You hear about that battle of Hastings? The Norman conquest? You hear about that Big Bang? Now that’s some CUTTING EDGE SOCIAL COMMENTARY, BRAH!