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Your Morning Dump… Pierce hit by Ron Artest’s chinese death blow


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“I don’t really see anything he’s doing special that any other teams
haven’t done throughout the course of the playoffs,’’ Pierce said.
“That’s it.’’

“I’ve got to get better, obviously,’’ Artest said. “I’m not doing nothing,
obviously. Obviously, my defense, obviously it’s not affecting anybody,
obviously. So I’ve got to go out there and try to make it affect

“I’ve dominated a game defensively, but you really don’t see it,’’
Artest said. “It’s like that death blow, the Chinese blow, when you hit
but you don’t really feel it until it’s in you. Five seconds later, you
kind of die.’’

Globe – Pierce can't cash in

My fears about this match-up are coming to fruition. Ron Artest has the right blend of quickness and physicality to effectively guard Paul Pierce. The Celtics cannot hand Pierce the ball and expect him to be productive in 1-on-1 situations. While Doc Rivers says it's simply a matter of Pierce missing open shots, I'm not buying it.

I'm not surprised at Pierce's comments. The egos of NBA players don't permit them to admit someone is getting the best of them. Engaging Artest in a war of words might be a good tactic. We all know it won't take much to push Ron over the edge. 

On Page 2, proof the officiating hasn't changed much.

Despite all the wailing about how “the flow” of the first three games
has been disrupted, fouls in this year’s playoffs are up an average of
only one per game from a year ago, according to Stu Jackson, the NBA’s
vice president of basketball operations.

He did admit to
that there have been almost seven more foul shots taken per game
compared with last year’s Finals, but claimed that discrepancy is due to
the vagaries of when calls are made.

Herald – Referee complaints are a waste of time

I'm going to take Stu Jackson's stat and throw it right in the trash. Anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge realizes the referees are 1) over-officiating these Finals games and 2) making a ton of bad calls.

There's been a noticeable difference between the officiating in the previous three rounds and in the Finals. I don't give a crap about the average fouls from year to year.

To the growing number of media types who are suddenly patronizing the anti-referee contingent with their "stop your whining" columns, I'm not saying the officials are the reason the Celtics are trailing 2-1 in the series. I'm saying it sucks beyond usual. It's a valid discussion point.

UPDATE: Here are the officials for Game 4: Eddie F. Rush, Scott Foster and Greg Willard.

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  • NineSevenEight

    Tommy’s going to blow a gasket when he finds out Eddie F. Rush is officiating tonight. Ha.

  • Rodger

    Scott Foster Eddie F. Rush Greg Willard here’s the full crew.

  • No question Artest can guard PP in a 1 on 1. We need to free Ray and Paul up with movement. I think if the C’s take more of that approach that it’s better in the long run than counting on PP 1 on 1.
    We’re not whining about the officials, I’m just bored of the discussion about them. The discussion goes nowhere, there’s no conclusion like there is with the games where people win & lose. I’d rather talk about the players.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    We are going back to LA up 3-2!

  • NineSevenEight

    Perk has to be on his best behavior tonight for sure. He gives Eddie the side eye and he’ll be tossed immediately. Happened in Orlando, it can happen here.

  • Skeld

    I hope you’re right. Otherwise we are probably doomed.



  • larry

    to be honest, i don’t think these guy’s even care about the rivalry as much as us fans…how can you come out with a performance in game three like that.?the defensive effort has been awesome.!!but, the offense has been much as i want the c’s to win..but, i also have to be realistic..paul pierce is the leader of this team, he has to have a bird like performance for the c’s to win.!!up to now, i havn’t seen it…now is the time for celtics pride to show up.!!

  • nick

    R you guys fucking joking? Artest has not done shit in this series, Pierce is missing open shots like are u guys really series? Ron Artest is awfullll. Pierce will drop at least 25 tonight. All we have to do is set him a few picks, and stop running 49 picks for Ray Allen. Lets remember who the #1 Superstar ALPHA-DOG on this team is, its Pierce not Ray or K.G or Rondo. Lebron is a 62562571567 times better defender than Artest. The perfect blend of size and quickness????!! R u fucking kidding me.

  • larry

    couldn’t have said it better..i think pp goes for 36 tonight..

  • thebleeptruth

    If Celtics lose game 4, I’d say the series is over. C’s need to go back to what works and stop forcing other players to be the star.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Here, Here!! Preach it Nick cause I’m right there with ya. Still not convinced Artest can guard Paul at all, he has not shot the ball all that well but he’s not playing horrible basketball

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    I do not think they are going to lose tonight and the series is not over. The Lakers have won 2 games and the Celtics have not even really showed up yet. If we can get it going like we did against Cleveland, we can win this.

  • larry

    paul pierce has to take it over.!!he needs to put himself up there with the celtic greats.!!he needs a 30-15-10 game..he thinks he’s the best player out there.!well, prove it.!!give us a performance that we’ll talk about 20 years from now.