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Watch out for fake tickets


I know everyone desperately wants to buy tickets for these next couple of games… but be careful.  There are a ton of assholes out there ready to take your money and pass you these fake tickets. 

Our boy KWAPT passed this photo along.  The key thing to look for is at the bottom left corner of the ticket where it says "30May10".  That's supposedly the "Sale Date"… but these tickets didn't go on sale until June. 

So if you're willing to shell out some cash for tickets… beware.  This thing is a fake.

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  • KWAPT… sick lookin out.

  • The Truth is Here

    not to mention, it says game 2 at the garden, which was in the staples center.

  • mollysdaddy

    Think that is game 2 for the home stand in the playoffs, though. So game 6 in the series will be game 3 at the Staples Center.
    I think.

  • The Truth is Here

    you’re right. good looking out.

  • Hope this helped someone. Hell, I don’t want to see ANYONE get ripped off for Finals tickets-Celtics or Lakers fans.


    I have 4 of these tickets dated May 30, 2010. So, they are definitely fake?

  • SpecialBobby

    no, they’re good. if the ticket guy at the garden gives you trouble, tell him to GFY and punch him in the dik

  • where did you get them?


    I got them yesterday (June 9th) from craigslist.


    This was the original ad:
    4 tickets
    section 143
    tickets are for game 4
    selling each ticket for $250
    seats are all side by side
    able to lower if buying the 4 seats
    email me if interested
    The ticket looks exactly like the one posted in the picture. $259.50 as well. After seeing your post, I don’t even think it’s worth the try.
    Seller’s email was

  • greenbeand

    use the ol’cigarette trick to check for paper burn

  • LisaBabyLisa

    Not to mention they spelt Los Angeles wrong…they have it spelt Los Angles. UNREAL!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Los Angles? Way too fake!

  • They are fakes. Man that sucks-sorry dude.

  • I got scammed today on 4 tickets…. wish i had seen this earlier.