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NBA Finals Game 4 open thread

Rondo kobe

Let's shut these Lakers trolls the hell up.

In addition to this open thread, if you want to hop on over to Comcast Sports Net's live chat, I'll be taking part in that.  You can also follow me or Chuck on Twitter for some in game discussion.


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  • idaho_jim

    No way we have 10 minutes of shite at the end of the 1st start of the 2nd
    No way Shuttlesworth goes 0’fer
    No way for the fakers to win

  • Celtics Girl

    Man, Mike Breen and Mark Jackson want to make sweet love to Kobe. Enough with the gushing. Man!

  • KG to PP

  • Rodger

    see how quick 6 and a half minutes go by when there arent as many fouls.

  • ssssshhhh

  • Rodger

    I spoke to soon terrible terrible call on wallace.

  • DRJ

    Horrible first half of shooting. Just horrible.
    Cs are going to win anyway.

  • Rodger

    Guess paul shouldnt have accidently punched rush in the face but tommy must of loved it.

  • Rodger

    I’ve been watching football hockey baseball nba all my life i cant name one nfl official one nhl official ok maybe 5 umps but why is it i know 20 names of referees in the nba because its all about look at me im the referee.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Ugh!! What is the matter with the Celts?? Ball goes into hoop!

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    MAKE LAYUPS!! Or atleast keeping punching the refs.

  • Rodger

    waht a fucking joke that was 3 second call

  • Frank

    can’t buy a basket lste in the 3rd

  • Frank

    anyone else wonder why PP hasn’t taken a shot this quarter?

  • LA – baby face
    Gotta be something there

  • QUIT WITH THE friggin techs

  • Dominick

    Does anyone have a Barf Bag I can borrow? I can’t take this!

  • Rodger

    love ya nate miss ya eddie & james

  • Rodger

    baby and nate.

  • what a horribly officiated game. Lakers got robbed and your entire red’s army knows it.

  • For all of the incoherent babbling from the illiterate Laketards this series is even. Damn they way they ran their mouths you would have thought it was 6-0 LA and they had a 9-2 overall advantage in finals.

  • Damn they way?
    I’ve been hanging around Laketards too much lately.

  • Green In Cleveland

    Mikey, you should thank the refs, they were the only thing keeping the Lakers in the game in the first half. Bust out your Tivo and watch a Pau Gasol flop with zero contact, followed minutes later by a clean block against Bryant: two fouls. How ’bout Kobe makin’ $50 bucks the hard way? That was the worst charge call I’ve ever seen!!!
    But, honestly, you’re right the refs did suck, neither team was happy with how the game was called.
    Nonetheless, in the end, GLEN “BIG BABY” DAVIS & NATE “THE GREAT” ROBINSON, OWNED the Lakers in the 4th. PERIOD.
    If your beloved fakers can’t handle them, good luck when the Big 4 return to form.
    Hate to all Lakers & Fakers,
    BANNER 18 ARISE!!!
    Green in Cleveland

  • I thought they waited until the Second half to keep LA around. BTW what does LA have to do to get a technical? Seeing as how we get them looking cross-eyed at each other.

  • Rodger

    best post game ever baby and nate im laughing im crying.

  • Rodger

    I dont want to say this but eddie rush is 10-0 in
    the playoffs no home team has lost.


    Posted this in the chat, but LOL @ you trying to be grammar nazi on the INTERNET.
    Anyway, Lakers completely let down in the 4th. Rather have injured bynum playing than odom anyday.
    Whatever, Lakers in 6.