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C’s owner confronts Donald Sterns

That's esteemed Mayor Thomas Menino… continuing his hot streak of screwing up major names in pro sports. 

A few weeks ago he said Jason Varitek split the uprights for the Patriots… and now he called the NBA commish "Donald Sterns"… which got a laugh out of C's owner Steve Pagliuca and his main man Ahmad Rashad.

Meanwhile, another C's owner was talking to the ACTUAL commissioner about how embarrassed he should be about the officiating in this series.

A Celtics
minority owner could face a fine by the NBA after a verbal
confrontation with commissioner David Stern following the Celtics’ 91-84
Game 3 loss to the Lakers
Tuesday night at TD Garden.
According to multiple sources with knowledge
of the encounter, Jim Pallotta, angry at the officiating that included
three reviewed calls in the fourth quarter, confronted Stern and
apparently said the league should be embarrassed at the officiating in
the series.

Yeah, the link was in the AM dump, but it was too good not to highlight,
especially after the Menino stumble.  Plus, it's awesome that an owner would risk the eventual $100,000 fine to get his point across.

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  • GoWyo

    With all the talk about the horrible officiating I’m sure Stern is just itching to fine somebody (except Phil Jackson).

  • Rodger

    Not good in my opinion last time this happened in 87 red stormed refs locker room after game boston didnt make it to the finals again till after he died.
    Be careful stern will hold a grudge till he dies and we wont be back to the finals for another 20 years.

  • Brian

    Good for him. If I had that kinda money I’ll tell stern the same thing. Take a look at that guys house, it’s huge….

  • larry

    not that you guys need to be jacked up for tonight, but this ref crap has been going on for a while..

  • Rodger

    Yes that ref should no longer be in the leauge but he is what a joke david stern and his refs are.

  • DRJ

    7 games is good for the everybody… the NBA, the teams, the economy, even the whole world. It creates new economic activity. It’s worth many millions of dollars, to a lot of people.
    Celtics are going to win today, no matter what they do. They will split games 5 and 6, and then there WILL be a game 7. There’s nothing anybody can do to change that (within reason).