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Bynum’s knee is acting up

Via Mike Bresnahan of the LA Times:

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is experiencing swelling in his right knee
and might not play Thursday night, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said.

Bynum has been slowed by torn cartilage in the knee since April 30
after hyperextending it in the first round against Oklahoma City. He did
not take part in the team's Thursday shoot-around.

Will he play in Game 4 of the NBA finals?

"I'm not positive about that," Jackson said. "He had a little bit of a
struggle this morning. He's going to try it."

Bynum has been a defensive presence for the Lakers against the Boston
Celtics, averaging 13.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.7 blocked shots
through three games. The Lakers lead the best-of-seven series, 2-1.

Bynum was hopeful he would play after aggravating the knee in Game 3
while blocking the shot of Celtics center Kendrick Perkins.

"This close to the championship, I've got to play," Bynum said
Wednesday afternoon. He was not available for comment Thursday.

If Bynum can't play, Pau Gasol moves to center and Lamar Odom comes
off the bench to start at power forward, a lineup that didn't fare well
two years ago when the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the finals in six

Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I'm hoping Bynum can't go. He's been a major force in this series and his absence will certainly hurt the Lakers.

Look for the refs to slap Perk with a (suspension inducing) technical foul if Bynum sits out. It will be their way of evening things out. I kid… kinda.

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  • Have Nate crash an accidental elbow into his knee.
    He’s gotta play though. Until I see it I don’t put much into this.

  • PPsucks


  • truth in jest

  • UGuysArePussies

    typical boston fans. you guys know you cant beat us when we have our squad at full health. just like 2 years ago, had bynum played the outcome MIGHT have been different, theres really no telling. But comments like this one, “Deep down, in my heart of hearts, I’m hoping Bynum can’t go. He’s been a major force in this series and his absence will certainly hurt the Lakers.” YOU’RE A PUSSY!!

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    You are what you eat, which in your case explains why your a turd.
    I want Bynum to start, he slows their game down and is due to come back to earth.
    Celtics in 6

  • mollysdaddy

    Dude, relax. Deep down I am sure most Lakers fans would like it if Rondo couldn’t play in a game or two. Why wouldn’t the fan of any team “deep down” want a slightly easier path for their team. Deep down I hope he can’t play. Deep down I hope he can play so when the C’s win it all there are no roster excuses either way. Deep down I’d like someone to steal my car so insurance will help me buy a new one.
    Relax will ya.

  • You’re right. I should channel my inner LA fan and just write “Bynum sucks” in every post.

  • That wouldn’t be channeling your inner LA fan you spelled but Bynum and sucks correctly.

  • larry

    so much love here..

  • You point out that if Bynum played in ’08… “had bynum played the outcome MIGHT have been different”. So the C’s have a better chance of winning if he’s out.
    And in the same statement call us pussies for hoping he doesn’t play. You have a future in politics.
    Yes, we hope he doesn’t play, it gives the C’s a better chance at winning. Yes, we actually would like our team to have the best chance of winning, if it’s because of an injury so be it. Only LA remembers Bynum hurt in ’04, the rest of the world remembers an ass-kicking in Game 6, Sasha crying like a bitch and KG screaming.
    I might go with a Typical LA ‘fan’ with little much intelligence not knowing what the hell he is saying. I might go with Typical Laker fan, surely nothing better to do at 11:15 am than troll C’s blogs.
    If this makes me a pussy, guilty as charged.

  • It’s reached the point where I want to ban all Lakers fans. They offer very little constructive discussion. So much anger. They must be scarred from 2008.

  • baltimoresbest

    My God, chill out. You are making the rest of us Laker fans look stupid. Bynum has been a factor this series, but quit coming on here and bashing them for expressing opinions that I am sure we would have if we were in their situation. Try coming on here and understanding their side of the game; it will make you appreciate the NBA more when you get different angles of insight.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    Are you really an LA fan?

  • UGuysArePussies

    Bynum hurt in ’04? wtf are you talking about?? lmao you have a future in politics

  • UGuysArePussiesAndNotFunny

    Zing. u celtics fan are as funny as tyler perrys house of payne.

  • Yes. I made a typo. If that makes you “LMAO” you’re still a tool. How about responding to the fact you contradicted yourself?

  • UGuysArePussies

    Let me ask you something Mr. Bantam, and I would like an honest answer despite our differences. What do you think of Kobe Bryant as a player and a person?

  • You must be a transplant fan, ha.

  • UGuysArePussies

    Typical boston answer to my question: Kobes a douche of epic proportions and Kobe sucks. Our crowd chants Kobe SUCKS everytime he is at the free throw line. Kobe is a bitch and a crybaby. Bottom line is Kobe SUCKS.
    Contradiction much? LMAO you guys just got OWNED. You guys all have a future in politics as Mr. Bantam would say AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • sorry bantam and boston

    please read my above reply to your post Mr. Bantam. ahahahahahahahahahaha i cant stop laughing

  • As a player, one of the best in the game. He and DWayde are worth the price of admission every time. Doesn’t get enough credit for his ups, he’s explosive as hell. He gets too much credit for his defense.
    As a person? Wouldn’t really know, never met him. The media portrays him as a self-first guy. He’s a competitor, no question, which I love. He’s an adulterer which I don’t agree with.
    This has nothing to do with your reasoning for calling us Pussies for hoping one of your best players doesn’t play

  • wow. talk about proving a point
    “You are making the rest of us Laker fans look stupid”
    Even your own fans don’t want you reppin them.

  • Lakerhater(FD)

    After your reply to this meathead I would say you have more of a future as a pre school teacher than a politician. But as a celtic fan ya gotta know how to be patient.

  • well put.

  • Or, you can switch each name that comes in from a Lakers fan to ‘DOEP’, considering our friend feels we call Kobe a Douche Of Epic Proportions. has a nice ring to it.. ya friggin DOEP



  • I grew up in LA but I’m now in Boston for grad school (moving home the second I graduate), and I could sense the fear in this city all day yesterday and today. Hearing people talk about how the Celtics are down 2-1, Celtics fans are reduced to fear, desperation, and excuses. They HAVE to win tonight or they’re done. Even if they do win tonight, they’re most likely done since 2 of the 3 possible games left would be in the Staples Center. The Lakers are the better team assuming both teams are completely healthy, so of course the Celtics fans want one of our boys to get hurt. And the Celtics won’t have another chance to play for the trophy for a long time after this so they’re really desperate now… as for LA… we’ll be heading to the finals for the 4th straight year next year (3PEAT), guaran’sheed!

  • Guaransheed BAHAHAHA

    LMFAO!!!! I remember when these leprachauns at the beginning of the season said banner 18 is Guaransheed BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Rasheed SUX!!! As a laker fan I want the celtics to give to ball to rasheed. He’s worse than Luke Walton! BAHAHAHAHAHA