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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc is pissed at Phil and the refs

RedsArmyAdmin June 9, 2010 Uncategorized 37 Comments

Kg refs

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“Every game so far we’ve had one of our top players in foul trouble,”
said the Celtics coach. “Maybe I should start complaining about fouls.
Maybe I can get a turnaround like it was turned around tonight. That was

Pierce played only 34 minutes, scoring 15 points with five fouls.
Rivers, though, already had built a head of steam before the game
even started, saying:

“I’m just miffed and amazed about how the other
team complained about the fouls, since we’ve been the team that’s been
in foul trouble for two games. Maybe they do different math there or
something. I don’t get that one.

Herald: Doc Rivers unhappy again with refs calls

Once again the officiating is a story line… ugh.

But Phil Jackson works the refs and he does it in a way that no one else can.  And it seems like it works.

So Doc is angry is about something his almost never angry about.  And he's letting everyone know about it.  If there's a fine involved, so be it. 

Doc knows, and he said so last night, that there are million other things that the Celtics could have done to beat LA last night.  But he's sick of Phil's game… so he's trying to do something about it while the Celtics have time to recover and win this series.

On Page 2: One of those million other things

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

“[He] won the game for them,” Doc Rivers said. “Derek Fisher was the
difference in the game.”

After the Lakers watched Rondo dominate the fourth quarter on Sunday
night, Fisher scored 11 points in the final 12 minutes of the Lakers
91-84 victory on Tuesday.

Fisher shot five-for-seven during that stretch, an instant
improvement from 5-for-16 shooting in the first two games. His late
burst included a 3-point play that put the Lakers up seven with less
than a minute to go.

“We let Derek Fisher dribble the ball all the way up the court,
unattended, get a 3-point play,” said Rivers. “If you get a stop there,
we had two timeouts left, three timeouts at the time, we had plenty of

WEEI: How Fisher 'Won the game for them'

Every series so far, Derek Fisher has been the "weak link" for the Lakers.  What no one is calling him is the stabilizing force for the Lakers.

The play of the game, the rebound, lay up, and foul shot with 48 seconds left was a smart play that took advantage of the Celtics getting lazy at a horrible time.

Ray missed a 3, and everyone either got dejected or distracted… because they start jogging.

It starts with Rondo, who was on top of Fisher at the basket, but slowly jogging and 3 steps behind half court as Fisher is driving past KG.

At the same time, Paul Pierce is slowly trotting back without looking at the play.  Ray is slowly back pedaling on the other side of the court, and even Baby is half-assing it and pointing over to say "Hey, someone get him."

At the :07 mark, Ray has an "oh shit" moment and he nearly knocks a surprised Pierce over as he tries to get to the hoop.  Baby realizes at the same time he's pointing at no one.  And KG just can't keep up… and they all bowl Fisher over.

4 point game, 48 seconds left… there's time to bear down, get a stop, and cut the lead to 2 (or 1, but not the way the C's were shooting).  It's a critical moment where there were no refs involved.  That's just the Celtics slacking off and letting it happen to them.

Kudos to Fisher for making it happen… shame on the Celtics and their "defense" for allowing it.

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  • Skeld

    I’ll be glad when these finals are over. This stuff is bad for my health.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah these games are absolutely killing me. Regardless of the outcomes they are becoming less and less enjoyable to watch. Even when we win I’m still griping about stuff. Doc has every right to blow a gasket about the refs they are having WAY to large an impact on these games. Never have I had more to say about officials in a series than the actual games being played. It’s maddening. Needles to say, game 4 is a must win. Still feel like we can win this series no doubt, just hope the Refs let them play or it’s not looking good. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, tightly called games favor the Lakers and their style.

  • Alex

    After this NBA Finals, I can definitely say that I’m not going to watch a single NBA game for the rest of my life. I’m done.
    The referees are just terrible and I’m not just saying solely for the Celtics. The Lakers also get some bad calls as well, but these foul calls is what causes momentum to change. Also, the fact that coaches like Phil Jackson complains about the refs in the media, doesn’t get fined, and gets his way the next game is pure bullshit. You can definitely tell that the refs agreed to officiate differently and allow Kobe play this time around.
    Unfortunately, they went ahead and started putting OUR star player into foul trouble and never get in rhythm. Fucking morons.
    Whatever, I’m done with this piece of shit league. I am going to miss my Celtics very dearly, but this sport is starting to effect my stress level to the point where it isn’t healthy for me anymore.

  • Greg

    Looked like a German shepherd vs. a poodle. That’s OK the Rottweiler Magic will be back in 2011.
    Sorry, couldn’t resist…

  • NineSevenEight

    Celtics need to imitate the second half defense that got them back into the game for Thursday night. I just think that their plans each game have been thrown off due to at least one of the starters being in early foul trouble every night. They also need to convert their free throws, seriously.
    On the bright side:
    -Ray will not play any worse than he did last night. Not possible.
    -Pierce will see more of the floor, hopefully.
    -KG was more aggressive and willing to shoot. He did not look hesitant as he did in LA. I hope Doc ups his minutes because he was the horse that needed to be ridden last night. Thirty minutes in a Finals game is not enough for a guy that came out on fire and played consistent throughout.
    -Rondo will have bigger assist numbers because Ray will not squander the same passes as badly as he did last night.
    -The Celtics bench has outplayed the Lakers bench throughout the series thus far in my opinion. BBD is pure hustle and can be a spark. TA put up a good performance last night. Sheed is playing hurt so I can’t expect much, but he’s making little plays when he needs too. He got called for a terrible foul after some great defense on Gasol. Nate needs to realize the importance of the moment. I think he got carried away some last night by the energy of the crowd. But we all know that he’s capable of putting up points.

  • Josh

    there weren’t as many bad calls, but the bad ones that made it in there were momentum changers. Ray’s charge on fisher…questionable weather his feet were set. lost offensive possession (would have also been Fisher’s 4th foul)
    another Ray offensive foul when he was just breaking free. lost offensive possession.
    the fouls on Pierce….
    Rondo’s touch on Kobe’s elbow…i guess that was a foul?
    i still have hope. if ray could have hit 3 baskets, we win that game. anyway…i know my stress levels were off the charts during the 2nd half.

  • NineSevenEight

    I also thought TA played some great defense on Kobe. There were a few blips but, overall, his defense was solid. Too bad he got knocked out of the game.

  • Josh

    oh yeah…the Rasheed foul at the end of the game also. excellent D that would have been a stop and celtics ball…
    no foul at all on that play.

  • flynny

    refs didnt help our cause, fisher was a killer, both true.
    the celts comeback… they never got over the hump because they couldn’t get that last stop or hit the big shot (with ray struggling)… worst call of the night was the offensive on ray when were down 1 with the ball.
    the one thing i’d like to see is the CELTICS make an EFFORT to get Paul Pierce in rhythm at some point in this series… he drilled 3 three’s last night (when he didnt have to sit for fouls)… on a night when ray is 0-for-everything and Garnett and Pierce are playing well, I’d like to see the old Garnett-Pierce high screen run at least a couple times….

  • NineSevenEight

    Forgot to mention rebounding. REBOUNDS. I know Perk sat the whole fourth, but still, someone’s got to step up with two handed rebounds.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0115709edd57970b G4L

    Refs sucked but, The C’s missed shots point blank. YOu gotta give all the credit to Fisher, He played great, & I mean great Defense on Ray. Pierce has to come out hot next game.

  • Jake

    It’s not only the refs who are responsible for this mess – aka the NBA – but also, all those moronic interviews in the middle of games, painfully long commercials (featuring our league’s finest embarrass themselves), bizzare replay rules and what not. It’s just plain boring. Consider this: The most overly dissected NBA news item is Lebron’s impending free agency. It’s truly saddening to think, that the game and team I grew up loving – all those wonderful memories just poof… gone.

  • Alex

    Trust me Greg, your Orlando Magic would be getting shit on by the Los Angeles Lakers, so you can keep quiet and just enjoy the fact that your team had a chance to go to the NBA Finals last year (especially going Game 7 against the Boston Celtics without KG, lucky asshole).
    Oh, and it’s at least nice to have earned another Division banner in your stadium, no? Good for your team. Good for youuuuuu.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Still not worried. I knew the Fakers would get one, but we still need to go back to L.A. up 3-2. If not, then ill be worried. But with the “fix” in, Stern likely makes this go 7, then let the best team win-and that’s us. Well that’s us if atleast 2 of the Big 4 go off, so far thats only been in game 2. If Ray makes atleast 3 shots (not much to ask for) we would have won last night.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    The easiest call in basketball is posession when the ball goes out of bounds. But yet, we have had 4 reviews in 2 games. And that is in just 4 minutes of basketball. To me, it shows how difficult this sport is to officiate. If subjetivity is not your thing, nor should NBA baskebtall be.
    Because it is the NBA Finals, every call is so huge, so disappointment in the officiating is almost inevitable, especially in tight games.
    To me, the only obvious misses off the top of my head were the Wallace foul (no-foul) and the Bynum foul on Baby’s missed layup (no-foul). Everything else is really just subjectivity and must be lived with as fans of this sport.
    Also, the stress level, which I share, is not the fault of the officials. It is our fault for caring so much about the outcomes of athletic contests with subjetive officiating.

  • NineSevenEight

    Do you think it’s possible, the way the games have gone as such now, that the Celtics will be able to win two straight? Honest question. That’s what’s eating me-the pressure on the Celtics to win two straight as opposed to taking the first, dropping the second, and taking the third game.

  • thetitleisours

    Wish we had Eddie House these days

  • Frank

    OK, I didn’t see this game b/c of work and now don’t want to watch the tape I made but – Talking about aggressiveness, if the jump shot isn”t going in, or only occasionally going in, PP needs to drive more and pick up foul calls on whoever is in his way. Seems to me he isn’t doing nearly enough of that in this series

  • Lorilei

    Yeah, that would be nice…

  • Danno

    That’s because he, Ray, and Big Baby can’t buy a call from these refs in the paint, even when they get raped by 3 defenders at once. Any time one of these guys drives the lane, it’s either a no-call raping with tons of contact, or a phantom charge call. It’s complete bullshit.

  • mollysdaddy

    A while back I read somewhere on here, in the comments I think, about Rondo not passing the ball to Pierce as much as he should because of some sort of beef. I’m not suggesting he is doing it on purpose, but it sure stuck out to me last night how often he wasn’t passing him the ball. Look here… http://espn.go.com/blog/truehoop/post/_/id/16559/a-lost-moment-for-the-celtics
    I think he passed on Paul twice. Once for the early three and obviously on Paul’s cut. Seems that as much of an off night Ray had, Rondo was equally bad at distributing last night. Even Doc said in the presser that he thought KG needed the ball more.
    As Rondo goes, so goes the Celtics.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Fair enough, if the teams are going to go back and forth and not win 2 in a row, we still get to game 7. I think that’s what we are all hoping for now, just get it to game 7 and we have a chance to win the championship.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Touche Greg, Touche.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I agree man, I kept screaming at the TV for Rondo to STOP forcing the ball to Ray Allen and get it to Paul and KG who were the ONLY celtics who looked aggresive on offense last night. Very irritating

  • hoosier celtic fan

    I am not much of a conspiracy theorist but did you guys know that donaghy is 14-1 picking games against the spread that is rather telling dont you think

  • Lorilei

    I completely agree with this. My dad and I were like yelling at the tv for Rondo to get it to Paul and KG. Kinda drove me nuts there.

  • Josh

    can you point me to where you read that? I’m interested. thanks.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/the_bantam the_bantam

    I almost jumped out the window during that play. Doc has griped about it all season, a miss on offense doesn’t mean we can limp back on defense, and that play was the proverbial nail.
    The refs sucked, no question. I’m tired of talking about it. Let’s talk about how to combine the KG from game 3 with the D and penetration from game 2.

  • mollysdaddy

    Of course he can’t.


    Well I didn’t bother reading the 155 comments from yesterday after the game…sounds like a vent session…
    Lot’s to talk about. Fisher was the star no doubt. Props to him. Brickbats to a few Celtics. Doc – draw up a decent end of quarter play will u!!!!!

  • sameer 4rm chicago

    your simply retarded…the foul disparity is about 3 a game in favor of the lakers.. only threee if they were even it would be suspicious….lets not forget there were bad calls for the celtics….but the lakers got some bad calls 2. Allen would push fisher and fisher got the foul called on him. Then the replay gave you a break when Rondo fouled odom and the ball went off of him. The refs are controlling the game, but in the end, whoever makes the plays win the game. Game 1 Kobe Gasol. Game 2 basically Allen. Game 3 Fisher. Celts need Pierce to step up in 4. The fouls called on Kobe in game 2 were far worse than the ones on Pierce in 3.

  • sameer 4rm chicago

    your simply retarded…the foul disparity is about 3 a game in favor of the lakers.. only threee if they were even it would be suspicious….lets not forget there were bad calls for the celtics….but the lakers got some bad calls 2. Allen would push fisher and fisher got the foul called on him. Then the replay gave you a break when Rondo fouled odom and the ball went off of him. The refs are controlling the game, but in the end, whoever makes the plays win the game. Game 1 Kobe Gasol. Game 2 basically Allen. Game 3 Fisher. Celts need Pierce to step up in 4. The fouls called on Kobe in game 2 were far worse than the ones on Pierce in 3.

  • sameer 4rm chicago

    Dumbest trade ever. House was an emotional p[layer who saved the celts last year. and his replacement we dont even play

  • sameer 4rm chicago

    Dumbest trade ever. House was an emotional p[layer who saved the celts last year. and his replacement we dont even play

  • hoosier celtic

    i found it on pregame.com a sports handicapping site that I frequently visit I was incorrect on the exact stat he is actually 16-2 and he goes n dan lebetard’s show and picks games as well he says he can tell who will win by who refs. I think he is a snake but there is a reason the nba tries to belittle him every time he speaks

  • trevor

    yeah, I’ve heard him on other sports talk shows too, and he sure has been right an awful lot for someone who’s a cheat and liar…

  • big fan

    yes i so agree with the calling just foul but if doc runs that 2 3 zone he is surly to shut them down try it why don,t you i am praying that you celtics win the seris