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Watching this again might kill you

Via Henry Abbot of TrueHoop:

Boston was down 72-70 when this happened.

It’s unclear why Ron Artest got so stuck on Ray Allen’s pick — after the game he said he could remember the play, but not why he let Pierce get so open. Stop the play about nine seconds in. Pierce needs that ball, and Rajon Rondo completes far tougher passes every night. Listen to the crowd, begging for the pass to be completed! With a bucket there, the whole place would have erupted.

Instead of 18,624 people screaming, there was one guy clapping, out of resignation. (Watch Pierce, after the moment passes, smacking his hands together at the missed opportunity.)

Following Rondo’s missed shot, Derek Fisher nailed a 12-footer to put the Lakers up four. The Celtics never did tie the game and the locals went home crestfallen.


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  • Lorilei

    Why didn’t Rondo pass it to Pierce?

  • ncy

    yes, that is a very frustrating clip 🙁

  • Double P Reppin the B

    This is sort of what came up in the comment sections in the previous post. Rondo missed many opportunities last night to help his team win this game. Missed passes to Pierce where he was rather forcing it to Ray Allen, also not finding KG on the Block where he was dominating all night long. I know we are all pissed off, especially at Ray Allen and the referees but the way Rondo played last night cannot be overlooked. He played like crap. Rondo let Fisher own him in the final quarter playing lazy defense the whole time. Did a horrible job distributing the ball in crucial moments in the game. Just overall bad game by Rondo. I would have rather seen a pick n roll with Pierce and Garnett who were the only aggresors last night

  • 283802301

    How about the one where fisher went coast to coast and celtics didnt just stood there?

  • NineSevenEight

    I remember that play specifically because I woke everyone up in my house screaming, “HE’S OPEN UNDER THE BASKET!”
    Looking back at it, Rondo definitely missed a huge opportunity to get it to Pierce for the easiest shot in basketball. But you can also see Rondo backing up just as Pierce was cutting. He would have had to have thrown it flat footed to realistically even have a shot at that pass making it to Pierce before Artest recovered.
    It wasn’t one of Rondo’s shining moments and definitely a missed opportunity, but I won’t pin this loss on that one play. Plenty of missed opportunities, plenty of makes that were misses, plenty of other wide open opportunities.

  • Scott

    I remember this play clear as day. I don’t understand how Rondo, who sees lanes that we would never see in a million years, could miss that. Everyone in the world could see how open Pierce was.

  • mollysdaddy

    Lot’s of front-of-the-rim misses. Maybe instead of a shoot around tomorrow Doc should have a good old fashioned nap time?

  • I am starting to agree with DRJ. I am normally not a conspiracy theorist but something about this game smells.

  • Pierce and Rondo dont have the greatest chemistry..there were a few plays in this game where rondo looked to ray when pierce was wide open, and in this case just took it himself

  • *big fat yawn*
    pointing fingers at rondo should just stop, its crazy to see him not make the right play, especially in these playoffs…but uh, each game of this series one of the big have been completly invisible.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    You need to remove Rondo’s balls from your chin man. One of the big 3 have been in FOUL TROUBLE every game, resulting in a quiet night offensively. Rondo is human.. he can make mistakes and have bad games too.
    Anyone watching the play where Ray missed the 3 and Rondo slowly trotted back down the court in a tight game with 50 seconds left while Derek Fisher blows by him and everyone to hit that and 1 and essentially finish the game needs to understand that Rondo is easily the fastest player on the court, along with being the youngest and most likely highest stamina. If your not getting the hustle out of a guy like that, who is supposed to now be the leader, your not going to win.

  • Uncle Leo

    The play that changed the game was rondo hitting the side of the backboard on that corner three attempt. He played scared for the rest of the game after that, you could just tell it affected him immediately after he missed.