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Sheed’s back is a big problem

"We have to play him short minutes, short spurts,"
said Celtics coach Doc Rivers. "That's all you can do. It's not going to
get any better at this point."

The 6-foot-10 big man played
nearly 19 lackluster minutes in Tuesday's 91-84 Game Three loss, scoring
just two points on 1-for-5 shooting.

"He's struggling," Rivers
admitted. "His back is killing him, but he's just trying to do what he
does. We understand that."

CSNNE: Wallace's back injury becoming an issue

I don't know how many times I've called for Sheed to come in to face Gasol and provide the length the C's need to cover him effectively… but he just can't do it.

So doesn't it figure that after going all season without feeling like we needed Sheed in the lineup, his absence now could be a key factor that swings this series one way or other?

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  • Jared

    I am not sure if anyone has talked about this before – but could Ray’s bad night have anything to do with that foul Artest did on him in the 1st? Stuck his leg out so they hit knee to knee. He seemed to be in pain in the ground, and maybe everything was a half step slower in the game with not the same elevation – meaning in front rimmed the 3s that normally go in
    Sheed would have gotten entirely into Gasol’s head this series

  • G4L

    This puts alot of pressure on Perk. Not just on minutes, but on keeping his mouth shut in order not to pick up the 7th Tech.

  • Ed Teach

    Hopefully the 3 days off between game 4 and 5 will help Sheed’s back. We need to have him for the any games in LA.