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Kobe Goes All Bruce Lee On TA

Kobe Bryant can do many amazing things on a basketball court.  He’s one of the best clutch time performers in the NBA and has gone as far as giving himself the nicknameof: The Black Mamba.  Well in this clip he displays his Bruce Lee skills by kicking Tony Allen in the throat/neck area on the way down from the jumper.  Obviously it wasn’t intentional… right?

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  • Eighteen

    Not to mention the illegal screen by Bynum. Look how he is still moving and on top of that he spreads his legs and tries to trip allen and succeeds.
    Where is the call refs? Perk would have been called for that before it happen. That’s not right.

  • MiddleFingerExtended

    ron artest’s take down of pierce in game 1 and knee to the thigh of ray in game 3 were intentional… i dont think this was…

  • Yeah I was plenty upset on that play for the illegal screen right in front of the ref…but no call. I was seated behind the far end basket and could see Bynum’s leg extended (which is why he fell…if his legs are centered you maintain balance). That is what they call Perk & KG on constantly. Just another one of the inconsistencies with the calls.
    I didn’t learn til afterwards that TA was kicked in the neck and his lip got split. He was very pissed postgame.

  • Kyle

    Kobe didnt even touch him

  • 283802301

    more like allen fell onto bryants foot.
    in any case, u mad?

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Definitely intentional. That kicking motion is completely unnatural when doing a jumpshot. Kobe made the decision to kick TA in the head area instead of concentrating on his shot, which he missed by a fucking mile.
    Fuck Kobe, I hope he injures himself and has to sit, when he plays THAT dirty he deserves a massive dose of instant karma.

  • Kobe kicked his leg up because he knew TA was falling on him…TA was of course falling on him because of the moving screen…nothing to get too pissed about because you should be used to refs letting the Celts get hit while they call fouls on them on the other end for close to nothing…been happening all playoffs

  • SorryMan

    just like KG went bruce lee with his karate chops on Dwight

  • NBAfan23

    Hmm, kind of like how Kevin Garnett went all Bruce Lee on Dwight Howard? Intentional? I doubt it. It’s not like Bruce Bowen karate kick of Wally Sczerbiak. If you’ve ever watched Kobe play, you’d realize that that is his natural motion when he goes up for a jumpshot and needs extra lift. Check out video of the end of Game 6 in Phoenix, same shooting motion and kickout.

  • Dom1020

    The amount of butthurt in this thread is hysterical hahaha.

  • lainok

    Did you know that JFK is alive and well, chillin with 2Pac at Area 51, smoking fine alien weed waiting for the end of the world in 2012? I mean you are so into conspiracies, you must believe that too.

  • kray28

    That’s what you get for undercutting a shooter, something both Allens have been doing all series. Kobe’s trying to make the shot, not worrying about where the scrub’s head is when he’s falling under him.
    It wasn’t intentional in any case…he’s not worried about taking out your scrub. The feeling isn’t mutual I’d think though.

  • prefuse

    It should be a a 3 point free throw for Kobe. Kobe was shooting and Allen fell on his foot to screw up the shot.

  • I have never heard of a “3 point” free throw. I always thought a free throw was worth 1 point. That must be a new Kobe Rule his free throws are now worth 3 points.

  • prefuse

    LOL, how pathetic. Are you serious? What does it look like to you when someone says that? “‘3 point’ free throw” Are you still mad about yesterday? This is ridiculous,grow the fuck up boy.

  • prefuse

    So stupid.. Kobe’s shots are always like that. You wouldn’t know so quit assuming.

  • Mods you say not to engage the Laketards and that’s fime but are they allowed to use this kind of language?

  • xkenchy

    game over when TA the kobe stopper got out the game and off course doc with his i love my vets kept in on the bench the remainder of the game.

  • kray28

    You shoot three freethrows when you’re fouled on a three point shot. And yes, crashing into someone’e leg when they’re shooting a shot is a foul.

  • kray28

    The irony is also thick enough to cut with a Bowie knife when Boston fans start whining about moving screens.

  • shinobi


  • Ok so for kicking somebody in the neck Kobe should have gotten 3 free throws each worth 3 points.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    What the hell is this…Kareem’s Army?

  • prefuse

    Didn’t you used that kind of language yesterday on me, but times 2??

  • Mollysdaddy

    Looked to me like an extra kick out looking to get a call. I find it hard to believe a guy who locks in on the rim like Kobe was even aware what part of Tony’s body was there. Sure he kicked out, but I’d say to try to get a foul called, not to try to injure someone.

  • prefuse

    “Kobe should have gotten 3 free throws each worth 3 points. ” I don’t know why you have to say it worth 3 points. No shit it does. TA was stupid for falling on his feet too. He’s a shooter and he kicks out his leg when he shoots.

  • DTC

    After watching the clip a few times, I don’t think it was intentional – Kobe couldn’t have expected Allen to fall from behind, head down first. However, it’s also absolutely true that Bynum set a blatantly illegal screen. The right call would have been illegal screen, Celtics ball. Btw I’m a diehard Laker fan

  • PPsucks

    first of all he didnt give himself that nickname

  • The Truth is Here

    You lakers fans are a little ridiculous. Almost every boston fan is kidding when they say it was intentional, and that the real harm was the moving bynum screen.
    That is neither here nor there.
    My real question is, is that Tom Brady in the first row?

  • Lakers4Life

    Typical Celtic fans Cant Take the Loss so they blame it on Kobe lol thats cool You guys Keep cheering for the Celtics Cause the Lakers Are going to bathing with Champagne and Gold Ball

  • machizmo_junkie@yahoo.com

    allen is dumb for getting in the way of kobe’s foot

  • celdicks for life!

    that’s what u get when u play defense with your face!

  • Jon with no H

    you don’t know what irony means, your situation would be hypocritical not ironic, if it was true of course, which it isn’t. We complain about all calls, not just moving screens so get a clue please

  • Jon with no H

    you’re even more clueless than kray28 because you endorsed his lack of vocab knowledge. on the other hand, you’re math skills seem to be operating at a 1st grade level so in that regards you’re ahead of most Laker fans

  • Celtics Girl

    Seriously, Laker fans? Get ****ing lives and go post on your own fan sites.
    Btw, the issue that Cs fans are ticked off about is the lack of consistency in the way the game is called. No one is saying, “Gee, the Celtics never commit fouls. Gee, KG never sets a moving screen.” We’re pissed ’cause KG gets called for them all the time and in this case Bynum didn’t (and it was pretty egregious).
    Have the Cs ever won a playoff game that Bennett Salvatore has called?

  • Laker trolls have way too much time on their hands to be on this blog. And way too little basketball knowledge to have a decent debate.
    It may or may not have been intentional, but the Bynum ‘screen’ is ridiculous. How can the players avoid foul trouble, (on both sides), if they don’t know what the refs are calling?

  • NineSevenEight

    Where’s Mark Jackson saying, “That was an illegal screen” Oh, I forgot, because it was a Laker doing it, it’s legal to Mark.

  • BigMck

    Istvan – the occasional use of profanity is permitted as long as its mixed in with an actual thought.
    Prefuse – I thought I banned you yesterday. Don’t give me a reason to correct my error.
    We actually enjoy banter with opposing fans.

  • mollysdaddy

    Oh no, we absolutely lost this game. But us losing doesn’t make the game play irrelevant and not open to discussion. In fact, several of us have only opened up comments about the deficiencies in the Celtics game which led to the loss.
    Oh and even if somehow the series had ended in a Lakers sweep, Kobe would still be a rapist douche bag and deserve all the criticism he gets. The guys is a better player than probably all of us combined, but that doesn’t make him any less joke fodder.

  • wbgk

    The referees definitely put their stamp on the finals.
    The outcome of game 1 and 2 also was influenced by the way the referees called the fouls.
    The call discussed here began with Kobe’s kick, but we all saw the illegal screen by Bynum. But they refs couldn’t undo the call.
    The play at the end of game 3 we had discussion over was the rebound Lamar Odom had but lost to Rondo. In replay you could see that Rondo pulled down on Odom’s arm. The ball went out of bounds and the refs called it. The watched the rerun to see whose ball it was. They couldn’t give the foul to Rondo (that moment had passed) and because Odom touched the ball last it was Celtics ball.
    This is just another example of a bad call.
    And there are bad calls on both sides but if only they were consistent. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.
    Let’s just hope that the next game won’t be as much influenced by the refs as the first 3.

  • greenlemon

    If the refs want anything it is for this series to go 7 games. Stern also thinks this is what the fans want. And deep down we do, but when you look at the officiating, any team that loses is going to be pissed.
    This is clearly a moving screen that turned the tide of the game because TA was not being a “scrub” as someone called him. He was shutting kobe down.
    You shouldn’t be allowed to set a screen with your legs that wide anyways, especially can’t trip a guy. He was right on Kobe playing great D, he was there for a contested shot. This is where the run stalled for us because the chemistry that happened with TA was gone.
    Not intentional, but definitely tried to draw contact. I guess we can be thankful that they didn’t give him free throws (which would have been utterly absurd)

  • Man up

    The one Laker fan who keeps changing his name on here and acting like it was Tony Allens fault that he got kicked in the kneck/face is a typical ignorant Laker fan.
    How do you not see that Bynum is still moving and keeps extending his leg to TRIP Allen which makes him fall? Bynum is the reason Allen fell. It’s right there in front of your face. Watch the slow mo.
    You are not allowed to put you legs farther out to around your shoulder width and that was not even close!! LOL!!! He almost did the splits and fell down trying to stop and trip Allen from getting around the screen so Kobe could shoot his jumper.
    Allen did not fall by choice at all. He was fouled and trip by an illegal screen that wasn’t even a questionable call.
    It will come back to bite them so no worries.

  • PPsucks

    Yeah thats him next to Jelly Bean

  • The Truth is Here


  • nba101

    yeah it was definitely intentional. kobe knew allen was going to fall down from that screen so he decided to kick his foot forward (like he always does) and hit allen.

  • Man up

    It’s just one laker fan changing his name posting like he knows what he’s talking about.