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Doc Rivers takes a shot at Derek Fisher


Doc Rivers must be really pissed off. Here's what he had to say about Derek Fisher's defense on Ray Allen:

"Derek? What, besides flopping, he doesn't do a lot extra. He plays
hard. He's been in the game long enough to understand. I thought he
got away with a lot last night. I thought there was a lot of holding
going on and a lot of flopping going on, and finally he showed that last
one. But he's good at it, he's always been good at it. We knew that
going into the series. He's one of the best charge-takers in the game.
He's always been that. And some of them are charges and then some of
them are flops, but all of them are tough to call. It is a brutal call
to make, it really is a tough one."

The Globe has a slew of quotes from practice, including this beauty from Ron Artest:

"I don't know what people want from me sometimes. What do you want from
me, 20 points? I want to win. That's it. I think last night I played
great. I always think I play great, even in Game 2 when some people
were probably saying I had a bad game. I had a good game. I thought I
played great."

This series is starting to get on everyone's nerves.

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  • mikey

    Doc’s just jealous. Lakers rock.

  • SorryMan

    Disgusting… Give credit where credit is due

  • Uncle Leo

    That’s some pretty low class stuff from Doc. As for the fouls, I’m surprised he’s going overboard with his emotion over the calls this much. It’s the Finals – both teams are playing physical. What does he want/expect, every single call that somehow benefits the Celtics to be made every single time? I hope he stops panicking like the Ron Jeremy of Orlando.

  • G4L

    Wow, I guess Doc has really had it with Phil Jackson, he’s playing the game, But I did think Fisher was playing Great D, but who am I.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Who cares? Screw Fisher anyway, with his flailing flops, fake tears and shoulder charges.

  • matthew

    Wow, after Fisher’s fourth quarter you come out with this? Desperate.

  • 283802301
  • larry

    it’s cool when phil jackass complains about the officiating, but when doc does’s low class..amazing..

  • ncy

    yea, something seems off here. i do believe Fisher did an awesome job on offense, but i also do believe he flopped a helluva lot. not to the point where i’m annoyed as hell like with Varajao and Noah though.

  • larry

    that’s fishers thing though, he’s done it all his, in that regard he’s been consistent…ever since the miami heat-new york knicks series years ago the nba has changed for’s not as physical as it used to be..the suspensions and double techs have taken the fun out for me, i know it’s a business and people would rather see kobe score more than they want to see the celtics defense.!as far as i’m concerned stern has a huge credibility issue.!!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Well, Phil Jackson has always played mind games by hinting stuff to the media about officiating or other players, but I’m not sure if he’s ever went as far as submitting footage to the NBA about bad officiating like Rivers did recently. I don’t get it, though. Rivers preaches for his team to play physical and when they get called for contact, he complains. Or going as far as saying that the Lakers get away with illegal screens, when in reality, Boston gets away with it more, because they probably set more screens than anybody.
    All in all, there should be no complaints, because the officiating has been horrible on both ends of the floor. You’d understand if it was just for one game, but for this whole series, officiating has been a problem.

  • Uncle Leo

    It wasn’t the complaining I was talking about. It was him absolutely trashing fisher. To say that besides flopping he doesn’t do much extra after he had such a gutsy performance? Sad.

  • man get out doc
    you are just firing the lakers even moree
    didnt the fat dumbass pierce did the same thing at staples “i aint coming bak to la”
    just shut your mouth and deal with it

  • Tony

    Hey, every body, I’m celtics fan who live in LA. it is the american who’s live in Afghanistan. Because every time Laker win they drive by my house and yeild in front of my house by say “Boston suck”. why you don’t you close them up; specially, when you have home advange.
    As I remember in 2008, celtics have just 3 big great guys(allen, paul pirece, KG); that’s time celtics beat them easy just finish in game6 with 39 point.
    Now, you have 4 great guys(allen, paul pirece, KG, Rondo). So, if 4 of great player of celtics stand up and play the same time by move the ball qucik; the laker can not stop celtics and celtics will be champion. But if you guy(celtics), put just one or two guy work hard at time(as I see pass three games), laker would win by put two or three guy to block some one of celtics that want to play hard.
    Please, please, put that 4 guys hard and celtics will rock to the champion.
    Thank you.

  • NineSevenEight

    Well you must have just started watching the NBA two days ago if you think Doc is the only coach that’s submitted video tape to the league. Just because Jackson doesn’t come out and say it, doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing the same. And if he’s “playing mind games” with the referees, as he constantly is, you really think that’s his only tactic?
    I love the “Boston gets away with it more, because the PROBABLY set more screens than anybody.” I don’t know the facts, I’ll just say PROBABLY to support my argument. Rich stuff.

  • mollysdaddy

    I don’t get it. Fisher is a flopper on defense. Plain and simple. I don’t think anyone would argue he is a straight up solid defender. So what, Doc called it like it is. I didn’t read anything into those comments where Doc was minimizing what Fisher did on the offensive end. Just on defense he was pretty much flopping around and holding Ray.
    Nothing low class or desperate about it. It is what it is, and it is a commentary on how Fisher played defense on Tuesday.

  • Wah-Doh

    Who was the reporter asking Doc River the question about Fisher?

  • Lakers 24 7

    “Just because Jackson doesn’t come out and say it, doesn’t mean that he isn’t doing the same.” Yea, you should know, because you’re right there with him every step of the way, right?
    All I was saying is that Doc shouldn’t complain about foul calls or illegal screens, when Boston gets away with a lot of it, also. There’s an illegal screen set countless times in the game (by both teams), but it’s up to the refs to call them.
    And I never said Doc was the only coach to submit tapes to the league. My original comment was in response to Larry. It’s not like Phil Jackson always gets away with making complaints about officiating, because he gets fined as well.

  • NineSevenEight

    Again, when you’re a Laker fan, you really shouldn’t be calling out an opposing coach for calling out officiating. Look in your own backyard.
    Every team gets away with illegal screens. It’s a fact. Boston shouldn’t be targeted because they “Probably set more screens than anyone.” Bynum’s doing a friggin split on the floor with the moving screen he set on TA.
    Please, spare me for not believing that Phil Jackson is a deity and doesn’t try to gain a competitive advantage. But you would know because you’re “right there with them every step of the way.”
    v. OK: KD gets all the superstar calls
    v. PHX: Nash palms the ball
    v. BOS: I wasn’t happy with the officiating (In a game where his team went to the line 41 times to the Celtics 26)

  • Lakers 24 7

    I’m not saying Boston should be targeted just because they set more screens, what I meant was that, they’re gonna get called for it more often because they do set more screens, particularly for Ray Allen, so for them to get called for an illegal screen once or twice during the game is understandable. One other reason Boston gets called for it more is because of Derek Fisher, he’s good at selling the contact and fighting through the screens.
    As I said before, my original comment was in response to Larry. Didn’t mean for this to turn into a big debate of who’s coach should complain about what. He said that “it’s cool if PJ complains but when Doc does it, it’s low class..amazing” …It’s not low class to complain, it was just low class when Doc called Fisher a flopper after Fisher carried the Lakers in an emotional game.