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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo is the BP oil leak

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Outside the locker room after Sunday night's 103-94 Celtics win, they
were calling it "The Sequence." It began at the 5:58 mark in the fourth
quarter with the Lakers up by three. In a span of 1 minute and 48
seconds, Rondo turned what was well on its way to being a 53-minute
Finals classic into his personal layup drill. One uncontested layup.
Two. Then a third. Then the timeout. The Lakers were down by one.

never saw another lead. Game essentially over. The Sequence.

This is what changed the direction of the game, if not the series.
(Literally and figuratively.)

ESPN Boston – It's Rondo's world right now

Scoop Jackson has a great column on Rondo and the lack of respect the media has given the young point guard during the Finals… until now.

The Sequence has a great ring to it. Of course, it won't stick unless the Celtics grab that ring.

Here's more from Scoop:

He attacks the game with a beautiful awkwardness that is sometimes
harder to appreciate than Ghostface's lyrics. His stops and starts and
changes of direction can't be figured out even after hours of film

It sounds so simple, what the Lakers should do to
contain him: Just stay in front of him. But that's really about
as simple as stopping BP's oil leak.

Rondo gives teams
fits. That's what he does. And throughout Game 2, with Kobe defending
him for the most part, he irritated L.A.'s defensive schemes by making
it impossible for the Lakers to know what he was going to do next.
Impossible for them to come up with a way to stop his flow.

The Lakers "Rondo awareness level" will surely be af def-con 5 for Game 3 in Boston. But this is when the kid really excels. If off-the-ball defenders come flocking into the paint to help, Rondo will serve up dime after dime to his teammates.

On Page 2, Paging Lamar Odom, Mr. Lamar Odom…

So far in the Finals, he's been neither. So far, he's been less involved
than Dustin Hoffman. With the series tied at one game apiece, he's
averaging four points and five rebounds in an average of 18 foul-ridden
minutes per game.

From the moment one of Kobe Bryant's passes bounced oddly off his chest
in Game 1, Odom hasn't been able to match the moment. Is his cluttered
head there? Is his bruised body there? We know the Kardashian family is
there, and that's enough to make anyone lose his marbles.

The foul issue has hampered him — five in each game — but he didn't pick
up his fourth and fifth fouls until the final 27 seconds Sunday, so he
can't blame his play on the officials.

LA Times – Lakers need Lamar

This is a classic case of Lamar being Lamar. Right when the Lakers need him most, he checks out. On the flip side, Rasheed Wallace, Glen Davis and even Nate Robinson are playing effective minutes off the bench for the Celtics.

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  • Holy crap, saw ‘The Finals’ trucks outside the Garden. What’s with the 9pm starts!?!?!?!
    Green Hell Garden.

  • Shawn-cvd

    RE Lamar I posted this after game one that Lamar was gonna be a big time no show:
    “That said this was a lost opportunity when you consider how poorly Lamar played. But…what if that’s the trend? Lamar could lay a big time Jamison this series. Lamar could totally Rashoid this Finals. Suddenly their bench goes from dominant to pedestrian. Suddenly the Lakers are five deep instead of six.”
    This is why the C’s got this. Go Celtics.

  • Grown Up Boy

    i think its safe to say the best barometer for the celtics in terms how they play resulting in wins is transition offense. and no two players are better suited for the uptempo style than ray allen and of course R2, or “The Show” Rondo. If KG and paul play really well and score a combined 40-50 points, i don’t think that signifies a guaranteed win, where as if rondo and uncle ray ray drop a combined 50, i almost assure you we get the big fat W.
    also…i want sheed to get extended minutes. Perk needs to man up.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    After no real series definition in the 2 LA games, other than maybe Gasol’s play and the referees breathing hard into their sound devices, this game tonight will define the series, one way or another. One could make the argument it means more for Boston. I disagree. The first team to win 2 in a row almost always is the first to 4. Huge game. Like Game 1, but on steroids.