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Rajon Rondo: Poetry in Slow Motion

This slow motion replay of Rajon Rondo's block of Derek Fisher from Game 2 is just spectacular.  It was emailed to me by a reader, Ian, with an analysis that I would love to steal for my own.

And while I contemplated making myself look good with someone else's words, I figured I'd just let Ian speak for himself:

of all the little story lines in these few moments of the game it is
what Rondo does that blows my mind.  If you watch closely when Rondo
goes for the Fishers pump fake, his face doesn't look like surprised at
all, he glances quickly to the shot clock at the other end of he floor,
see's that Fisher will have to shoot and is ready immediately once past
him to jump up to block Fisher's shot.  If I didn't know better I would
be tempted to say that Rondo intentionally bites on the shot fake, knowing
that fisher pulls his shot back far behind his head, putting him in the
perfect position for the block from behind.  All of this happened in
less then 30 seconds on a small play that helped turn the tide in a
close game that could be the momentum shift that leads to banner 18; 
all that in less then 30 seconds!

You can see Rondo's eyes in the 30 second mark looking up at the shot clock.  Just an absolutely incredible presence of mind to assess the situation in a split second and recognize what's gonna happen next.  He almost jumps before Fisher does to block that shot.

I mean, who even thinks, after getting burned like that, to look at the shot clock on the other end of the floor to anticipate the guy's next move?

It was an amazing play in regular speed.  In slow motion, it's a work
of art.

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  • Jake

    I’m tearing.

  • phil

    on the slow motion vid watch how pierce hits artest in the head haha artest looks shuck up

  • Orb

    That is gorgeous. So many little things, I could spend the 8 hours and watch a whole game at that speed. I love to see Thibs coaching the whole time, watch how fast he follows the ball compared to the ref. Artest telling Fish to shoot it, Rondo’s glance at the shot clock, Pierce’s face-rake of Artest, Nate screaming on/off the bench, and Nicholson watching Fisher blubber at his feet. Beautiful.

  • Like Dave Chappelle said…Everything looks much better in slow motion! Rondo is amazing and has stepped it up bigtime.

  • Rodger

    I don’t know what the nba finals record is for personal fouls but after 2 games were at 114 and tonight we got Dan Crawford Bill Kennedy Bennett Salvatore.

  • Ohio Celtics Fan

    Maybe not as impressive as Rondo…but that was an impressive play for PP too. He prevented the shot from Artest and then outhustled Artest to tip the ball back to Rondo.

  • Eli

    THAT needs to be an NBA commercial asap. Just run that through and end it with the logo.

  • GKenns

    BEST part: if you look behind the bench, theres Clifford Ray. No reaction. Just watchin like he knew thats EXACTLY what was going to happen…

  • G4L

    make it 114 more! I wish they would stay with the same Refs through out the entire Finals.

  • tonight we got Dan Crawford Bill Kennedy Bennett Salvatore.
    Oh shit!

  • Uncle Leo

    Actually, there was still plenty of time on the shot clock when rondo looked at it, around 5 seconds, for Derek to make a pass to kobe for the open shot. So Rondo deducing that shooting was the only option is wrong. He got caught on the fake and had the instinct to turn back and go for the block because he felt fish didn’t get enough spacing with his dribble.
    Great play you would expect out of any starter in the Finals, nothing mind blasting.