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Rajon Rondo: Poetry in Slow Motion Part 2

Everything Rondo does should be in slow motion.

I'll tell you what.. I don't ever want to play pool against Rajon Rondo.  This guy has a ridiculous knowledge of angles.

How in the world do you put a floater like this up JUUUUUUST out of the reach of Andrew Bynum… and so perfectly up off almost the top of the backboard that it doesn't even touch the rim… all while you're moving?

Just amazing.

Thanks, Fitzy

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  • Scott

    Rondo’s nickname should be the Rainbow. Sure, it’s got certain connotation, but let’s get it back. Reclaim the Rainbow. (his game is flashy, anyway)
    Other than that – it sounds awesome. Rainbow Rondo. Then, he’s got a great floater (everything he throws up ends in a pot of gold). The way he’s playing it’s as if he’s in full color and everybody else is in black & white. Rajon Rondo… The Rainbow.

  • Robby C

    My pants just got tight watching this beautiful thing.

  • Jake
  • Jake

    That would be Ray Allen giving me an orgasm.

  • Tim (FD)

    Amazing. He travels though.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    It kinda does look like it, don’t it? But I would argue that he could have taken a dribble while taking that first step, as his hand was still on top of the ball. No?